Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 644 - Player Unknown Battleground (26)

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Chapter 644: Player Unknown Battleground (26)

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Everyone moved back a certain distance, feeling creepy.

How could a pretty girl talk so horribly?

Ming Shu raised her head from the sadness, and her eyes swept over those present.

Most of them were players from the five-star transmigration area. They seemed to have little loss, stood in groups and looked indifferent.

Du Mian stood in the crowd, looking this way, with mixed emotions under her eyes.

Fu Shen still stood on the edge of the place, and two people stood next to him, who should be his randomly a.s.signed teammates.

Ming Shu took a look around and found the stupid little kid.

“Boss, what are you doing?”

Clown and Ti Ya were startled at the same time and looked at Ming Shu.

She was striding toward Wu Gu’s direction. The players around moved aside one after another and looked at her with interest.

Wu Gu stood straight his small body, waiting for Ming Shu at ease.

The distance between the two shortened to less than a meter, and the stupid little kid’s face revealed a wisp of evil smile. “Sister Yin Luo, you seem very angry?”

Ming Shu smiled. The next second, she suddenly grabbed the stupid little kid by the collar and lifted him up. Before he could react, she threw him toward under the bones.

There was a certain distance between the bones and the next building. Adults wouldn’t fall through it, but children would.

Wu Gu was thrown into the air, then dropped quickly and landed in the gap.

His small hand held a bone and stabilized his body narrowly, preventing himself from falling. Before the second attack from Ming Shu, Wu Gu quickly grabbed the bones next to him and brought himself up.

“Sister Yin Luo, you’re so enthusiastic as soon as we meet, but is it going a little fast between us?” Wu Gu patted off the nonexistent stain. “How do you have the heart to do this to me, I’m such a young kid.”

“How do you have the heart to do this to me, I’m such a beautiful girl?” Ming Shu talked back unfriendly.

“… What did I do to you, sister?” Wu Gu seemed confused and opened his big, watery eyes.

In response to Wu Gu was Ming Shu’s fists.

Wu Gu just stood there, not defending.

As soon as Ming Shu’s fists were about to swing on Wu Gu’s face, a translucent screen suddenly appeared between them. Ming Shu’s fists. .h.i.t the screen, and her body stepped back uncontrollably.

The next round of teams and rules were displayed quickly on the screen.

Wu Gu raised his eyebrows at Ming Shu, but before he could finish his expression, there came a strong wind behind him.

“Mister Fu, I didn’t seem to have offended you!” Wu Gu moved aside to avoid.

“Offending her is offending me.” Fu Shen attacked Wu Gu’s face with his bare hands.

“What does she have to do with you?” Wu Gu avoided the attack easily and his eyes were gathered with some exploration.

“What does she have to do with me? What does it have to do with you?”

“Just curious.” His childish voice was full of evil.

“Save your life so that you can keep the curiosity.”

The two had a fight before the screen and the others didn’t dare to go up and see the screen. Fu Shen was ranked under Wu Gu, but just as Clown said, they were equal in fighting ability, and the fight was not easy for both of them.


The bone was directly smashed out of a hole by Fu Shen. The red liquid stirred and splashed on the bones, making a sizzling sound.

A few drops of red liquid fell on Wu Gu’s clothes, causing them to corrode.

The liquid was corrosive?

But the bones was floating on the liquid, and they were intact, how the liquid splashing on clothes had such a big power?

They couldn’t help but move to the center, fearing that they would accidentally fall down.

[The game begins.]

“What? Begin? What’re the rules?”

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“I didn’t see clearly…”


The Food Empire’s members gathered around Ming Shu.

“You wait here.” Ming Shu rolled up her sleeves. “I’ll go beat up someone.”

“Boss, we should go there right away!” Some team members shouted.

Some players didn’t see the rules, and were still in the muddle. When they reacted, it would be a problem.

“Running ahead is not always possible to get the prize.” Ming Shu smiled. “We’ve been playing games for so long, don’t you know the transmigration area? Just play cards for a while, and don’t yell around.”

The Food Empire: “…”

Seeing the others run, those who didn’t see the rules also began to run.

Ming Shu went backwards and soon reached the back.

The place where Fu Shen and Wu Gu were standing had been eroded a lot by the liquid. Wu Gu had a gun in his hand. At this point, the muzzle of the gun was moving back and forth between them. No one had a chance to pull the trigger.

Ming Shu pinched her wrist, flexed her neck, and then rushed over with the momentum of a Mr. Big.

Wu Gu seemed to sense something, and he drew a distance from Fu Shen ahead of time.

Fu Shen frowned. “What are you doing here? Go back!”

“Of course I’m here to beat him up, or do you think I’m here to watch?” Ming Shu said. “Stand aside and get out of my way.”

“It’s not the time for play.” Fu Shen held Ming Shu, slightly exerting his strength, eyes staring at Ming Shu. “Go finish the task!”

“No, I will not.” Bite me!


“Are you two trying to show a friend in need?” Wu Gu held the gun and pointed it at them, laughing like a psychopath. “How about I help you?”


Wu Gu’s body slanted, blood oozing from his shoulder; the blood quickly dyed his clothes red.

Clown’s funny face appeared before his eyes. “Xi xi, let me help you first.”

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