Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 643 - Player Unknown Battleground (25)

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Chapter 643: Player Unknown Battleground (25)

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“Even if… someone led the guards over, but why would that person kill us in this way?”

The number of players killed by the guards wouldn’t be included in the points. That person did so, it was gain outweighs loss undoubtedly.

One of the team members had a sudden enlightenment. “Was it to get rid of a tough compet.i.tor?”

It couldn’t earn points, but it would eliminate the opponent, and that left one less compet.i.tor.

Ming Shu said, “You guys are so optimistic.”

“Isn’t it? That’s all I can think of, boss. What else can you think of?”

Ming Shu smiled. “Maybe they’re just trying to kill us.”

So many people want me to die.

But I won’t allow that to happen.

I must live well.


On second thought, the team members didn’t feel strange, though. There were so many weird people in this world.

Or it was just they had bad luck?

“We have to find this person,” Clown said, “otherwise we will be in the pa.s.sive all the time.”

Everybody agreed.

Ming Shu suddenly proposed, “What about we plan something big?”

The girl smiled, and it seemed her eyes were filled with sly lights.

Everyone: “…”

What do you want to do?

At somewhere in the maze.

Three teams of players were herded into one street from three different directions, and three guards approached them from different directions.

There was despair on their faces, reluctance, and more was irritation.

The players rose up, but only to be killed by the guards.

They could join hands and killed one guard, but three guards… They couldn’t beat them.

It was not just these three teams that were in this situation, all the players found that they encountered guards more often. No matter it was a dead end or not, the guards may appear.

But the rules of the game didn’t say that guards must only appear in the dead end.

This harmed a lot of players, who at first thought that guards would only appear in dead ends.

After a b.l.o.o.d.y killing, the guards fold up their heavy weapons. Two of them left, leaving only one standing at the same place.

His tall body was like a giant, and he looked down at the flag that came out of the corner.

Ming Shu and her team members of Food Empire leaned against the wall. When the guard came over, she smiled. “See, I didn’t lie to you. Is it a lot faster?”

The guard grunted. “What’s next?”

The guards’ mission was to kill these players, and the more they killed, the stronger they would become. But the guards were stupid. They didn’t think and just killed players when they met them.


The Food Empire’s players sat aside and began to play cards. They were just here to get some soy sauce, and there was no need for them to throw their weight around.

Playing cards.

Ming Shu told the guard what to do next. When she turned around, she saw a group of people playing cards – Denounce the landlord. She couldn’t help but twitch her mouth corners.

I wasted snacks and worked out ideas, but these idiots were actually playing cards behind me! Did I take you here to do that?!

Clown and Ti Ya stood aside, who were probably frightened by Ming Shu’s operation.

They had entered the transmigration compet.i.tion twice, but never met anyone operating like this.

Before somebody used guards to kill her, but she wasn’t cowardly, and she directly went to cooperate with the guards. The rule said guards would kill players, but it didn’t say players couldn’t cooperate with guards.

Perhaps this time… Even if they couldn’t get a slot, they would still get out of here alive.

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Because this mission was very likely to fail.

“Give me six heads.” Ming Shu looked at the player with a smile.

The player: “…” WTF?

What did he see?

A player and a guard communicated in peace? She asked for human heads from the guard? Am I in a dream today?

What happened next made him more feel like he was in a dream.

The guard pondered for a while and agreed. He reached out and grabbed the player by the throat and pa.s.sed him to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu ordered her people to gather the heads.

With the help of the guard, six heads were soon collected.

[Team Food Empire gets a hundred points, enters the next round.]

[The remaining places for now: 4.]

As the voice fell, the vision darkened before Ming Shu. When the light came, the surrounding buildings were still the maze city, but seemed somewhat different.

Now the ground was no longer ordinary ground, but bones.

Countless bones.

They stood on the bones, in a large oval, accompanied by many other players.

Under the bones flowed red liquid that looked like blood but without blood smell.

The oval bones were connected only by one bones road. As far as their eyes could see, there was no end to the bones road.

“They are Food Empire?”

“F*ck, it’s them.”

“s.h.i.t. If I hadn’t run so fast, I’d be dead now.”

As soon as they appeared, the players stared at them fiercely.

Apparently, Ming Shu had worked with the guards to kill them before, which impressed them deeply.

But the latter’s attention was not on them. Ming Shu kicked the bones under her foot and muttered. “This stuff is not edible.”

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