Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 641 - Player Unknown Battleground (23)

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Chapter 641: Player Unknown Battleground (23)

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Song Ye looked at the ranking for a long time before shifting his gaze to the transmigration compet.i.tion.

Du Mian stood in front of the moving lyrics. She frowned as she went into deep thought.

“What did you remember?”

Du Mian turned back. She thought that Song Ye was talking to her and wanted to reply him. The words reached her mouth and she heard Qiu Yue said, “There is not level restriction fpr this compet.i.tion.”

Du Mian’s face turned slightly hideous. She turned back angrily and continued staring at the lyrics.

“Yes.” Song Ye nodded his head. “But the team captain must be level five.”

“Why are we transported here? This is the five-star transmigration area. I am not a level five player.” Qiu Yue was puzzled.

“I don’t know…” Song Ye looked behind him. The new people were standing together and having conversations while the old players looked at them as though they were idiots. “The new people are all not level five. Be careful. This is not so simple.”

Qiu Yue nodded and turned to remind Du Mian. “Du Mian, don’t lose us.”

Du Mian acknowledged her.

More and more new people started coming. Ming Shu would appear promptly at the main hall during the three meal times.

Everyone start to realized the the food was not sent during a specific time but would appear after she came and stood in front of the question system for a while.

Some people thought that it was a coincidence. However, when Ming Shu didn’t appear, the food would not come too. This made them certain that she was the reason why there was food.

Once they realized this, no players dared to provoke Ming Shu anymore. They would wait for her to finish her food before going over to the table.

There were just nice, 100 new people who were not level five players.

This was the last day to register for the compet.i.tion.

During this two days, Clown tried to persuade Ming Shu but Ming Shu didn’t make any decision. Clown got a little agitated.

“Yin Luo.” Clown called Ming Shu along the corridor. He walked over with Ti Ya.” All the players would have to partic.i.p.ate in the transmigration compet.i.tion. Even if you don’t team up, you would be randomly placed in a team.”


“You have a higher chance of winning if you form a team with us.”

The light in the corridor was dim. It made Ming Shu’s smile seemed a little eerie. “You all don’t want to tell me anything but still want me to form a team with you? Are you all naive or am I naive?”

Even if they helped her find safe spots last time, it doesn’t mean that I will be so stupid and be their stepping stone.

People started coming up since two days ago. None of the old players that knew about the transmigration compet.i.tion talked about it. Even if someone asked, they would just ignored them.

The clown’s expression froze. Ti Ya, on the other hand, pa.s.sed Ming Shu a piece of paper.

It was not filled with unrecognizable drawings anymore. There were words written nicely on it — we will tell you once you join us.

Ming Shu pa.s.sed the piece of paper back. “I am sorry. I have no interest to play with you two.”

She didn’t want to play this game but her snacks coupon came. She needed to fight the last battle. As for how she would play this last game… she didn’t care.

Ming Shu walked towards her room. Clown and Ti Ya didn’t follow her.

She turned to look at them. The two of them were standing in the corridor. Under the lights, Ming Shu felt a string of hopelessness from their figures.

She was like their last string of hope and yet, they didn’t grabbed it…

Ming Shu smiled silently.

It was never a good plan to place your hope on other people.

I am your string of hope but who will be my hope?

Ming Shu turned back and left as though nothing had happened.

She walked to her room and lifted her hand to open her door. Someone approached her from behind. Ming Shu turned and spin kicked the person. The person dodged and moved behind her. He pressed against her legs and pushed opened the door, sending her inside.

The lights in the room turned on and Ming Shu saw who sneak attacked her.

She pulled her clothes and sneered. “Mister Fu, is it your hobby to sneak attack other people?”

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“Do you have teammates?” Fu Shen didn’t talk any nonsense and went straight to the point. “If you don’t have, you can form a team with me.”

“So, will you form a team with me?” Fu Shen said, “This is the first time you are partic.i.p.ating so even if you didn’t get the quota, it is okay too.”

“You really want to form a team with me?”

“If you don’t form a team now, you would be randomly allocated to a team once you enter the game. Rather than getting lousy teammates, isn’t it better to get a good teammate?” Only idiots would want to form a team with you. I am doing this for my task. My task!

“How confident are you about yourself?” Good teammate somemore.

Fu Shen gave a cold face.

Ming Shu smiled brightly. “I will not form a team with you.” Let me anger you to deaht.

Fu Shen continued giving a cold face.

Ming Shu suspected that he went crazy from anger but she couldn’t see anything from that face of his.

Fu Shen tok out a gun from his wrist.

Ming Shu stepped back immediately. “What, you do not have to kill me just because I don’t want to form a team with you. No killing is allowed in the transmigration area!”

Hoh hoh, I really want to shoot you.

Fu Shen held onto the gun and resisted the strong urge to pull the trigger. He took a deep breath and stuffed the gun to her. “The bullets in this gun would self-replenish. It can shoot through anything no matter how hard it is. No one knows what place we would be at and what we would be meeting after we go in so use this to protect yourself.”

The warm gun landed in Ming Shu’s hand.

The silver gun was really pretty and light too. It fit her hand perfectly.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” You appear so awkwardly everytime. Did this little demon learn the tips properly? I can’t even bear to look at him anymore.

“No reason.”

“There is no free lunch, you must be up to something.”

“I have no evil intentions towards you.” Fu Shen said, “If I have, I would have acted long ago.”

He turned and left th room.

He might really pull the trigger if he didn’t leave now.

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