Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 640 - Player Unknown Battleground (22)

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Chapter 640: Player Unknown Battleground (22)

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When Fu Shen returned to the transmigration area, the first thing he saw was Ming Shu sitting in front of a long table. There were empty plates in front of her. She was biting an apple and seemed to be in a good mood.

The rest of the people surrounded the table and looked at the food eagerly.

These food were brought over by Ming Shu. From the amount, it was enough for them to eat too… but they didn’t know much about her yet so no one dared to move.

However, they really want to eat it.

They hadn’t smell the fragrance of meat for ages…

This scene… was really rare.

“Mascot is back…” Someone said carefully.

The golden-haired woman immediately smiled seductively. She said, “Mascot is back. Is it fun downstairs?”

She didn’t hide the admiration in her eyes.

Fu Shen walked over. He ignored everyone and stopped beside Ming Shu. He looked down at her. “You got all these?”

Ming Shu lifted her chin. “If I didn’t get it, am I suppose to count on you?”

You only know how to kill my snacks coupon. What do I need you for!

Fu Shen said mysteriously, “You dare to eat it?”

“Why don’t I? I rather be a full ghost than be a hungry ghost.” And it is quite delicious too. I have good reviews for it.


“If anything happens to you…”

“I will take responsibility for myself.” Ming Shu smiled. “What does that have to do with you, Mister Fu?”

Fu Shen was stunned. RIght, they were only acquaintances now. There was no relationship between them.

Hoh hoh!

Do you think that I want to care about you? Eat your food!

“Be careful.” Fu Shen left her with these two words and left the main hall.

F**k, he can’t stop this crazy person if she wants to look for death!


It was the sound of a chair rubbing against the floor. Ming Shu turned her head and looked towards the source of the sound.

A child around ten years old climbed onto a chair and sat on it. He fixed his messy hair and said in a childish voice, “The transmigration area is really kind today. They even send us food. Did someone die?”

No one knew who he was asking. No one answered him either.

An evil smile appeared on the child’s face. The smile didn’t match with his age. “Why are you all so depressed?”

He finished speaking and reached out to take the drumstick in front of him. Ming Shu bent down and pulled the drumstick over and protected it.

The child didn’t get the food. He widened his eyes and looked at Ming Shu. “What are you doing?”

“Mine.” Ming Shu smiled.

There is even a kid here. They didn’t even let little kids off. b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

Transmigration area: “…”

“It belongs to the transmigration area. Why is it yours?” The child’s voice was clear. “Since it didn’t appear in your room, it means that these are for everyone.”

“If I say that it is mine, it is mine.” If it wasn’t for me, would the stingy transmigration area give you all food? In your dreams!

The child sized up Ming Shu. His big eyes were filled with evil. He spoke in a pure childish voice. “Are you a new person? Not cute at all.”

“Who is this stupid little kid?” Ming Shu looked at Clown.

Stupid… little kid…

Whoever that dares to call him a stupid little kid must be looking for death.

There was fear in Clown’s eyes. Or rather, besides Fu Shen and Ti Ya who was sitting at the side, the rest of the people all fear him.

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“Wu… Gu.”

Du Mian saw Ming Shu sitting on the chair and her expression changed. Her again!


More new people appeared in the main hall. They didn’t know what the transmigration area was trying to do but when the players in this transmigration area saw the newbies s.n.a.t.c.hing the food on the table, they couldn’t keep their composure anymore.

If this goes on, they would be be able to even get a mouth of the soup.

Thus, those players forgot about their ident.i.ty and started a s.n.a.t.c.hing-food war.

The food in front of Ming Shu was segregated from the other food. Someone couldn’t squueze in and aimed Ming Shu’s food. He reached out and wanted to take the barbecued duck.

Ming Shu slapped his hand. “This is mine.”

“Why is it yours? Is your name written on it?” The person was not convinced and still wanted to take the duck. “You took so much food for yourself… f**k! Are you crazy!”

“I said, these are mine.” Ming Shu grabbed the person’s wrist and said slowly as she smiled.

The person’s expression changed due to the pain. He gritted his teeth. “Why is it yours just because you said it?”

“Because you can’t win me in a fight.”


When he saw that no one planned to help him, he gave up. “Yours, they are all yours. Let me go!”

Ming Shu let him go. The person quickly ran to the other side.

Even the old players didn’t dare to s.n.a.t.c.h the food in front of her. These new players were really bold.

Once the table of food was finished, the new playes and old players split themselves and stood at the two sides of the table. Ming Shu sat in the middle and shook her leg.

The old players had no intention of helping them out so the new players could only observe their surroundings.

By the time they knew where they were at, the old players had dispersed themselves. They stood at their different areas and portrayed their superiority as an old player.

“The service of the five-star transmigration area is really good. There is even food here.” Once they knew that it was safe, everyone relaxed.

“Hoh.” Someone sneered.

The new person didn’t know what the other party was laughing at but since they were here longer, they knew more about this place. The new person didn’t dare to make a sound.

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