Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 64 - Gorgeous Doctor (11)

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Chapter 64: Gorgeous Doctor (11)

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Feng Cheng turned his sights to Xiao Rufeng.

Since Xiao Ruofei was still in a coma, Xiao Rufeng was now the only miss with the last name of Xiao. Everyone followed Feng Cheng’s gaze; Xiao Rufeng suddenly became the focus of the present, while the serpent, as well as Bai Yanran who it had “kidnapped,” were ignored.

Xiao Rufeng put her hands in her sleeves, cleared her throat, and said, her voice neither humble nor self-important, “Miss, what do you mean? I was standing the furthest away, how could I have disturbed it?”

Before, when Bai Yanran bullied her, this woman was always an accomplice. Although she didn’t know how they’d fallen out, she still held a grudge for the original Xiao Rufeng.

“Help…” Bai Yanran was in despair. She was in this situation, how could these people turn to that woman? Couldn’t they save her first?

But no one noticed her.

“Xiao Rufeng, why did you disturb the serpent?” Someone who disliked Xiao Rufeng immediately grasped this chance.

Xiao Rufeng sneered. “Didn’t you bring your brains with you?”

The others were about to talk back, but the woman’s voice carried over to stop them.

“I also think they didn’t bring their brains with them.” Ming Shu shoved a fruit into her mouth. “Why are you looking at me? Miss Xiao said it, I just echoed it. Hers was the original sin.”


“Xiao Rufeng, I knew you were planning some evil things. Are you going to put us to death!”

“Xiao Rufeng is a total disaster, we shouldn’t travel with her.”

Ming Shu meant to arouse conflict between Bai Yanran and the others. But at this time, the silly miss was not here, so these people were more willing to argue with Xiao Rufeng.

Ming Shu pondered for a moment. She realized it wasn’t because Bai Yanran had no bone to pick with them, but because Xiao Rufeng was the fake protagonist.

With the protagonist aura, it was like being equipped with an attention-grabbing apparatus.

Xiao Rufeng became a little angry, but she couldn’t show it on her face. She had to suppress her desire to quarrel with these people.

“Help…” Bai Yanran’s face turned pale, her voice getting weaker and weaker.

The serpent hadn’t encountered such a situation before. Apparently it had “kidnapped” an unimportant person.

These hateful humans dared ignore it.

The serpent shook its tail and threw Bai Yanran away. Then, almost at the same time, its golden tail flew toward Xiao Rufeng, curled around her ankle, and fiercely dragged her toward it.

Xiao Rufeng was dragged on the ground, instantly sliding a few meters. But she calmed down quickly and gathered a ball of light made of spirit force to hit the serpent in the tail.

The Serpent hissed angrily in pain. But it didn’t release Xiao Rufeng; instead, it sped up to drag her to its side.

Its huge body wrapped around Xiao Rufeng in continuous spirals.

The tail tip, as sharp as a sword, was pointing at Xiao Rufeng’s neck. Only a little strength was needed to pierce through her whole neck.

This all happened in a few seconds; everyone had yet to recover from arguing with Xiao Rufeng, but already Xiao Rufeng had been seized by the serpent.

“Human, get out of here.” The serpent stared at Feng Cheng with a pair of golden eyes. “Otherwise I’ll kill her first, then kill all of you.”

The atmosphere quieted down strangely.

Even Xiao Rufeng gently took a breath, her eyes flashing with joy.

“It can speak.” Ming Shu looked back to Hui Xue. “Is it a saint beast or a divine beast?”

The higher a spirit beast’s level was, the smarter it would be, and it might even understand human language. But to speak human words, it had to be a saint or divine beast.

“Miss, shh.” Hui Xue shook her head at Ming Shu.

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Liu Feng jumped down from the tree as well, staring at the serpent over there with a cold face. He tightened the muscles throughout his whole body, getting ready to fight.

Feng Cheng frowned and turned to look at Ming Shu. Both this woman and the serpent were hard to deal with.

If he hadn’t been injured before, they might have had a chance if they fought the serpent…

“Zhi Po, hand that useless egg over! I don’t want to stay here, I want to get out.”

“Miss Zhi Po, give it what it wants. This is a saint beast, not a common spirit beast.”

Before Feng Cheng opened his mouth, the others couldn’t help speaking one after another.

The first reaction of these people upon seeing the saint beast was to run rather than seize it. It could be said that a saint beast was almost impossible to defeat.

“Ao wu!” The thunder cat stopped Ming Shu with its head against Ming Shu’s flank, eyes imploring. You can’t give it the egg. It will eat it.

“The egg is really edible?” Ming Shu’s eyes brightened.

“Ao wu.” No no no, it isn’t.

If the thunder cat could cry, it might have cried aloud right then. It went a long way to bring the egg back, but the egg was dying. Now the egg finally recovered a little, yet was discovered by the serpent. Apart from the serpent, even the woman here wanted to eat the egg.

It really couldn’t be eaten!

“Miss Zhi Po, the egg can save our lives. Could you give it to the serpent?” Although they didn’t know what kind of egg it was, if it was desired by a spirit beast, it must be a valuable egg.

But now it was difficult to protect themselves, let alone an egg.

Ming Shu smiled with curved eyes and eyebrows. Under the gaze of the thunder cat and the serpent, she slowly loosened her fingers.

The colorful egg dropped from her hands. The thunder cat and the serpent took action at the same time, but the former was near Ming Shu, so it grabbed the egg with its mouth quickly and twisted around, leaping into the jungle behind it.

The serpent chased after it swiftly, Xiao Rufeng still wrapped in its tail. The leaved were dragged along by the snake’s body. The crowd now discovered that what they just saw was only the tail and head of the serpent. The middle portion of its body was completely hidden under the leaves.

The fierce wind produced by the serpent’s movement knocked the others off-kilter. Some were disoriented by the huge body.

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