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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 639 - Player Unknown Battleground (21)

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Chapter 639: Player Unknown Battleground (21)

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The 7th area kept failing their mission. This caused all the players in the main hall to give up their resting time as they waited outside the 7th area.

The time they spent in the game got shorter and shorter and they would be sent back very quickly. However, after a while, they were sent into the game again.

Every time they came back, Ming Shu would always be chased around. The scene was really funny.

They had been trying to survive in this game for a long time but they never saw someone playing the game like this.

After failing three times in a role, Ming Shu finally got the attention of the transmigration area. She was transported to a strange place.

It was pitch black. She couldn’t even see her fingers.

Ming Shu was really calmed as she was locked up in the small and dark room. If the transmigration area still didn’t notice her, it was not that impressive anymore.

Ming Shu tried walking forward. The road was really flat. After more than ten minutes, Ming Shu saw light.

As she approached the light, the darkness dispersed and voices floated over.

“New person?”

The light shone brightly in front of her. When she opened her eyes again, she was standing in a s.p.a.cious and bright main hall. A few tables and sofa were randomly placed in the main hall and there were some people scattered around the hall. There were more than 10 people.

Some people were sitting together while others sat by themselves. From the emblem, you tell who was on whose team.

There were four screens in the middle of the main hall. Only one of the screen was lited up. There were players carrying out their mission.

“It is a little girl… tsk, impressive.”

“Don’t read a book by its cover. Anyone that is able to come up is impressive.” A lady with golden wavy hair smiled seductively. “Don’t look down on woman. If not, you will suffer.”

No one approached her. They discussed about her blatantly and it seemed really lively. However, the truth was, every team was guarding against each other.

Ming Shu looked away from them and scanned her surroundings. The walled here were all made from gla.s.s and it was pitch black outside. Occasionally, you could see floating corpses.

The main hall was rectangle in shape. Besides the screens in the middle, the gla.s.s on the right was replaced by a screen too and a ranking was displayed on it.

Five-star transmigration area ranking

First place: Wu Gu

Second place: Fu Shen

Third place: Yin Luo

Fourth place: Ti Ya

Fifth place: Clown

Sixth place…

Everyone looked at the change in the ranking. Someone stood up and said in a strange tone, “Amazing, the new person surpa.s.sed Ti Ya and became the third in rank.”

Their tones were all really weird but no one questioned Ming Shu’s ability. The ranking of the transmigration area was real. There were evidences to back it up.

Ming Shu’s attention was not on the ranking. It was on the thing that was written beside it.

Transmigration compet.i.tion.

Rule: Players would form teams by themselves (min. three players, max. 10 players). Once you form a team, you could partic.i.p.ate and register for the compet.i.tion. Players without a team would be randomly added to a team.

This round… this means that the transmigration compet.i.tion didn’t just start recently. Clown lied.

Ming Shu was not surprised at all. She didn’t believe him anyway.

Partic.i.p.ants this round:

1. Wind team

2. Dusk

3. Pythin

4. Phantom


There were more than 10 teams partic.i.p.ating. There were still three more days before the registration ends.

At the end, Ming Shu saw the lyrics that were moving through the screen.

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Clouds are white, sky is blue. Evil and kindness is just a thin line of difference. A sea of blood, a moutain of corpse. Life and death is just a thin line of difference. Destruction of G.o.d, birth of devil, white and black are limitless forever. The rebirth field, all bones, and survivors in the The chaotic city, heaven and earth door, and the immortality is a dream. G.o.ds sigh at human’s plight, rethinking the memories on Naihe bridge. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The dawn come with the shadow.

Ming Shu: I don’t want to see these words.

Question system: I am sorry, we can’t fulfil your wish.

The other people in the main hall looked at Ming Shu as she stood in front of the question system. They didn’t know what she was doing.

However, a new person would have a lot of questions to ask so it is normal too.

Only Clown saw what Ming Shu was asking… it was really weird.

Ming Shu smiled. She put more force in her typing: What kind of pyramid scheme are you? You don’t even provide food? Let me tell you, if you all don’t provide food for me, I will contrinue to create trouble in the next city. If not, you all can just kill me.

Question system: …

Question system: Please wait for a moment.

This place was governed by rules. Ming Shu didn’t die in any mission and she didn’t break any rule either. She just used the loopholes so it was not illegal too. The transmigration area couldn’t kill her just like this.

After a few minutes later, Clown heard a machine sound from below the main hall. The floor opened and a rectangle table rose up from below. There were food placed on the table.

The food was still steaming hot and the fragrance immediately spread through the main hall. There were fresh fruits, milk, steak, barbecued duck, pig trotters…

Everyone: “…”

They had not seen such food for a long time. The moment they smelt the food, everyone started swallowing their salive. But, they were afraid that there was something amiss so no one moved.

Ming Shu stroked the question system: Good, remember to send in three meals a day.

Question system: …

Everyone looked at Ming Shu stangely. Was she the one that got all these?

Ming Shu left the question system and walked to the table. She sat down and started eating.

These things were much more deliciious than compressed biscuits.

This is how a human should be living!

Everyone’s gaze went pa.s.sed Ming Shu. Is she someone from the transmigration area?

Someone walked to the question system and saw the conversation on it. The person was speechless.

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