Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 636 - Player Unknown Battleground (18)

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Chapter 636: Player Unknown Battleground (18)

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Monsters were hard to fight, plus a lunatic who robbed the city stars behind them, the players were almost driven crazy.

Especially because the psychopath destroyed the stars of the city after she grabbed them.

Everything in each task was proportional. The task for this time was the star of the city.

So according to the number of players, each of them needed to get ten city stars. But spreading them out, each player should have only five stars of the city.

It meant that half of players would be eliminated at the very start.

For each task, they would face dangers from their own kind.

They didn’t know how many stars Ming Shu had destroyed. But judging from the miserable numbers left on the ranking list, it should be a lot.

How the h.e.l.l could they continue!

“d.a.m.n it , this safe spot is also empty.”

A man in a waistcoat came out of an iron door with curses, and he looked very unhappy. They had found three safe spots but they were all empty.

There wasn’t any sign of supplies or weapons.

“This is all we have left, and it can support us for today at the best,” another man next to him said.

“It must be Yin Luo who grabbed the supplies!” the man in waistcoat said ferociously. “I heard that she robbed others of supplies as well as the stars of the city. I’ve heard her name before, but how come I didn’t find her so vicious?”

Everyone: “…” They never played with someone like Yin Luo before.

What they heard was only hearsay, and whether it was true or not… No one knew.

After a long while, someone asked again, “What should we do? Do we need to continue looking for the safe spots?”

“What else can we do if we don’t do that, waiting to be starved to death?”

If they couldn’t guarantee their own physical strength, it would be difficult for them to run when meeting monsters, let alone killing the monsters and take the star of the city.

These men were not the only ones who were looking for supplies. Across the city, many players were all looking for safe spots.

But the results were a little irritating. All the safe spots they found were empty, without supplies and weapons.

Ming Shu didn’t take a fancy on weapons, but her team members did. Even if they couldn’t take the weapons themselves, they wouldn’t allow other players to take them and threaten them instead.

Leave a way out for the others?

You must be kidding. If they let others live, who would let them live?

“They’re up there.”

“s.h.i.t, let’s go up!”

The food empire’s team members suddenly came running from the edge. “Boss, there’s a group of people coming up.”

The clown was staggering acrobatically on the edge, while Ti Ya leaned aside and was looking down at the pattern on her skirt.

Hearing the report, they both looked up at the speaker.

But Ming Shu, lying on the edge, looked down into the street and didn’t seem to hear the team member.

Looking down along with Ming Shu’s gaze, you could see a man was fighting a monster of great size in the messy street.


The roof door was kicked open and the monster below fell to the ground at the same time.

Ming Shu drew back her body and looked at the one who kicked the door.

“Yin Luo, hand over the supplies!” The man walked over aggressively. “Why do you occupy so many supplies alone!”

“What alone, I have so many people here, can’t you see them?” Ming Shu pointed at her team members. “Don’t they need to eat?”

“Even so, you don’t need that many supplies!” The other party was very irritated. “Are you trying to starve us to death?”

“Alas, you found it out.” Ming Shu smiled.

Everyone: “…”

What a vicious woman!

“Hand over the supplies, or don’t blame us for being violent.”

“What do you want to do?”

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“Hmph, you took all the supplies by yourself, and now the other players were all short of supplies. Do you think they will leave you be? You only have a few members, do you think you can fight against all other players?”


When the conversation gets disagreeable, to say one word more is a waste of breath. So just fight.

Fu Shen solved the monster and then stood before it struggling for a while. He looked around. It seemed no one was nearby… If he dug for himself, would that be destroying the character profile?

Just as he was about to do it, the sounds of fighting suddenly came from the roof not far.

It didn’t sound like monsters, but more like humans…

Humans were fighting?

Fu Shen pondered for a while and decided that digging out the star of the city was more important. If someone came here later, he would have to keep the character profile and had no chance to dig.

Right, this body was a neat freak. Digging the star of the city out of a monster would absolutely destroy the character setting.

He dragged the monster to a corner like a thief, took out the knife, and cut open the monster’s hard scales easily.

After he took out the star of the city, the fighting noises over there were still ongoing.

He looked up and happened to see the flag flashing past.

It was a familiar flag. Isn’t it the flag of his mission target?

That psychopath was having a fight now? Well, it is no strange. She is a total troublemaker, and there’s really nothing to fuss about if she has a fight.

I should go give her a hand and be the hero! Perhaps she’ll see my heroic posture and suddenly fall in love with me!


Fu Shen reacted and walked over hurriedly. Just as he arrived under that building, something fell from above.

Fu Shen subconsciously moved aside. The body smashed beside him and was very horrifying.

He looked up and saw Ming Shu stand on the edge. She looked at him with eyes downcast, without a smile, just looked at him quietly.

There was a long distance between them, but he felt he could see her eyes.

Fu Shen felt his heartbeat speed up…

Putong putong putong…

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