Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 635 - Player Unknown Battleground (17)

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Chapter 635: Player Unknown Battleground (17)

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Fu Shen wanted to kill Du Mian, but Ming Shu didn’t allow him to do so. The two almost had a fight, but finally Fu Shen compromised. “If you don’t want me to kill her, you have to promise me one thing.”

“If you want me to go to some kind of five-star cities to do tasks, then don’t bother.”

“Hoh.” Fu Shen sneered with a low voice. His expressionless face suddenly came to life, and it seemed his appearance level had been raised by that change. But soon he held the emotion back. “One life for another. If you offer yourself, I can let her go.”

“Why don’t you take the wind and go straight up ninety thousand miles to the heaven?” I’m such a valuable person, do you think you can just get me by saying a few words?

Fu Shen remained his cold face and said, “That’s right what I want.”

Hoh hoh!

This little demon has evolved to be so shameless. Impressive!

“Let’s have a fight.” Ming Shu began to roll up her sleeves in an oversimplified and crude way. “Whoever wins will get the meat bun.”

Let’s just cut the c.r.a.p and do it.

Fu Shen: “??”

Du • Meat Bun • Mian: “…”

“You’re no match for me,” Fu Shen said. “Since you know about the five-star city, you should know where I come from. Fight me and you’ll only lose.”

“You haven’t even tried, so how do you know I’m going to lose? Cut the c.r.a.p, are you fighting or not?”

F**k. Fight your head!

If he fought against her, what could he do to conquer her then?

Fu Shen wandered his gaze over between Ming Shu and Du Mian for a while. In the end, he lowered his eyes and left.

I can’t afford to p.i.s.s her off but I can avoid it.

As for what he had just said?

Hoh hoh… did I say that? No! I didn’t say anything!

Ming Shu: “…” I took my pants off and you just left?!

What happened to the fumed little princess!

Hey, you’re breaking your character profile!

“You…” Du Mian bit her lips and stepped back.

“Relax, I said I won’t kill you, so I won’t. I’m a reasonable person.” Ming Shu smiled and reached out to pat Du Mian’s shoulder. “Live well baby, don’t die. I can save you this time, but it’s hard to say the next time. I’ll be vey pained.”

If you die, my snacks coupon will be gone, so you can’t die!

Under the dumbfounded gaze of Du Mian, Ming Shu left gracefully.

The noisy street suddenly became silent, leaving only a strong smell of blood. Du Mian clenched her own clothes.

Five-star city… did they say five-star city just now?

“Clouds are white, sky is blue. Evil and kindness is just a thin line of difference. A sea of blood, a mountain of corpse. Life and death is just a thin line of difference. Destruction of G.o.d, birth of devil, white and black are limitless forever. The rebirth field, all bones, and survivors in the The chaotic city, heaven and earth door, and the immortality is a dream…”

A strange tune came from somewhere, and Du Mian looked around with blood freezes. It was the same song, a few more words than last time when she heard it.

Ming Shu glanced at the humming clown.

The clown continued, “… immortals sigh and mortal scene.”

The clown stopped. Ming Shu looked at him. “It’s over?”

The clown blinked. “Did I sing it well?”

He avoided Ming Shu’s question.

Ming Shu didn’t care about that, though. She asked, “What does the song mean?”

“Xi xi, I don’t know.”

“…” You don’t know but you sang it so pa.s.sionately. “Very unpleasant to ears.”

The clown: “…”

Two days later, Ming Shu joined all the members of the food empire. These men had some real skills, and no one died except for a few injuries.

After the convergence, Ming Shu led them and began to grab supplies.

Their goal was to leave players without food.

The food empire’s players said they really had never met such vicious people.

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With the help of Ti Ya, the safe spot plug-in, Ming Shu didn’t have to worry about finding a safe spot.

Ming Shu didn’t know how many players there were at the start, but more than 1,300 were left now.

This is an excellent equipment!

A poor player is not troublesome, but a rich poor player is!

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to do the robbing!” Ming Shu waved the flag.

Everyone: “…” She’s getting more and more like a gangster.

The first to be robbed were two players traveling together.

Surrounded by all the members of food empire, the two were muddled. They shivered and asked, “What… what do you want?”

Ming Shu shouldered the banner, foot on the car roof. “Hand over your supplies.”

The game rules said city stars could be grabbed, so the two thought they were here to s.n.a.t.c.h the star of the city but didn’t expect they were here to grab the supplies.

The two didn’t hesitate, though. At this time, life was the most important.

They handed out all their supplies. “It’s… it’s all here, we don’t have anything else.”

There were only three compressed biscuits and four bottles of water.

“And the star of the city.” Ming Shu jumped down and walked over slowly. She smiled. “Cooperate with us and I won’t kill you.”

The girl before them had an extremely good-looking smile. It seemed the city’s filth couldn’t pollute it.

“Here you are…”

The red stars of the city were presented before Ming Shu. She took and examined them for a while, then threw them on the ground and crushed them in the face of the two.

“…” That is… the star of the city.

Is she crazy?

Not just the two players who were robbed were shocked, but the members of the food empire were also shocked. They didn’t understand why the leader of the evil clan would do that.


The girl turned around and the flag rose up. The blood-red words of Food Empire flaunted in the wind.

Following the dots on the map, Ming Shu swept over the city in circles. Whenever she met players with the stars of the city, she would s.n.a.t.c.hed and destroyed them.

Some players checked the ranking list to find that it shrank a lot. Some people even disappeared on it.

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