Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 634 - Player Unknown Battleground (16)

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Chapter 634: Player Unknown Battleground (16)

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“So after speaking for so long, what is your intention?” Ming Shu bit her compressed biscuit. “Tell me why you look for me!”

“…” I was just worried that you would not be able to understand everything?!

Clown couldn’t help it and rolled his eyes. His tone became slightly serious. “We need teammates.”

“Not long ago, the transmigration area announced a new method of playing the game. We need players to form a team with us.”

“Why me?”

“Xixi, you are really popular below. We even heard about you at the top.” Clown said righteously. “We will defintely look for teammates that can help us win the game easily.”

Ming Shu: “…” Is the Host so famous?

Ming Shu thought for a while. “You didn’t talk about four-star cities. Also, can you just come down like this?”

“The four-star citiy is a transition between three-star and five-star cities. The transmigration area is different too. Players could stay in the four-star transmigration area or go down. There is no specific requirements. However, most four-star players would choose to stay in the four-star transmigration area to level up. Almost everyone does that so other people just followed too. As for someone like you… who came down, it is very rare.”

“As for level five players, when they come down, their level will be suppress and there is not other problems about it. However, there would rarely be anyone that comes down, with a few exceptions like Ti Ya and me.” Clown didn’t continue but they must have came down for a reason.

“We are indeed different.” Ming Shu didn’t probe further. She just smiled. “We don’t follow the norm.”

“Xixi, so, you can consider if you want to form a team with us. Ti Ya and I are in the top 10 of the ranking.”

Ming Shu asked, “Why do we need to form a team?”

Clown said, “Because the new game requires us to form a team.”

“If you don’t form a team, you can’t play?”

Clown, “Yes.”

“But I already have a team.”

“This new method… there is no level restriction. Hence, you can just directly bring your team up. Ti Ya and I are too lazy to form another team.” Clown tilted his head. “If not, why would Ti Ya and I join your team?”

He, so this is why you all join my team!

“Let them go and die?” As the leader of the team, she knew clearly what the levels of her members were. They were all level three players and the lowest level was a level two.

Asking a level three player to complete a five-star mission was like asking him to go and die.

“There will always be people that got sacrifice in a game. Xixi.”

“Why don’t you go an sacrifice yourself then?”


The clown’s face seemed to be saying ‘how can someone like me be sacrificed?’.

He saw that Ming Shu didn’t want to go and continued, “Do you know what is the reward for winning the game?”

“Complete Manchu-Han banquet?” Ming Shu blinked. “If it is a complete Manchu-Han banquet, I will go!”

I will only bow down to food!

Don’t try to tempt me with any other little demons!

If the clown’s face was not covered in a thick layer of makeup, his expression now should be quite interesting.

“That is your wish?” Clown spoke in a firmer tone. “Don’t you want to leave this d.a.m.n place?”

Ming Shu understood it. The prize of this new game should have something to do with leaving this world and returning back to reality.

However, will they really be able to go back to reality once they win the game?

This is jut one of the questions.

Ming Shu clicked her tongue. “I thought that you like this world.”

Survival of the fittest. Not needing to be responsible for anyone’s death.

“I don’t like this world.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “If you really leave this world and return back to reality, can you still go around and anyhow kill people?”

The clown became silent.

They will never be able to become a normal person when they leave this killing world and go back to the normal world.

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Even if they did manage to go back, people that lack the self-restraint would not have a good ending too.

Let go of my snacks coupon!!

Fu Shen had already pressed the trigger. The bullet shot out. He didn’t expect Ming Shu to suddenly appear and blocked the bullet.

His heart jumped. He felt as though his heart was going to come out.

Du Mian looked at Ming Shu in shock as she kicked him away. The bullet was about to hit Ming Shu’s body.

At this moment, the bullet suddenly changed direction and flew pa.s.sed her cheek. It hit the dying big white bug. Its strong scales were very weak now and the bullet got through it easily. The big white bug died instantly.

“Are you crazy!”

Fu Shen’s angry shout came from the side.

He walked over in a few steps and grabbed Ming Shu’s elbow. His face was filled with anger. “Do you want to die?”

The sound of points being deducted in his brain caused him to calm down a little.

Ming Shu lifted her hand and wiped the wound that the bullet caused. She smiled. “If you didn’t try to kill her, I will not rush up too.”

The anger on Fu Shen’s face disappeared suddenly and he resumed his poker face. There was contempt in his eyes. “You didn’t have a good relationship with her before. Why are you acting like a kind person now?”

“Having a bad relationship doesn’t mean that I want her to die.” Ming Shu spoke gently, “Isn’t there this phrase… hatred caused by love?”

Fu Shen: “???” Hatred caused by love? Did I hear wrongly? Du Mian and her? Do you know your own s.e.x?

What’s my mission again?

Fu Shen recalled his mission carefully and confirmed that he didn’t see the wrong mission.

But this person is gay. Are you telling me to make her straight?

F**k, are you serious?

“Stop acting like a kind person.” Du Mian stood up too. She looked at Ming Shu and Fu Shen with vigilance. “You wanted to kill me before and now you are saying this. Don’t you find it funny?”

Ming Shu smiled. “The person that wants you alive the most in this world is me.”

Du Mian: “…” As if I believe you.

Fu Shen: “…” Crazy!

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