Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 633 - Player Unknown Battleground (15)

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Chapter 633: Player Unknown Battleground (15)

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Everyone: “…”

What the f**k, don’t say such things out.

Du Mian was really quite pretty and her figure was especially good. There were not many female playes who managed to survive in the game. Their life was already very stifled. Hence, if they saw a smart and not troublesome female player, most people would be willing to bring her along.

“He, man.” Ming Shu shook her head.

“He, man.” Clown followed her and shook his head.

“Aren’t you a man too?” Ming Shu looked at Clown weirdly.

“Xixi, I am still a little boy.” The clown’s funny face turned embarra.s.sed. However, it just looked really sinister.

Ti Ya couldn’t bear to look at him. She shifted her cold gaze away and looked at Ming Shu. The two ladies understood what each other was trying to say.

But, the clown’s height was really not that tall. His voice sounded young too. He was not like an adult but his actions… no comments.

“This little bug is really ugly. Why not you just kill it?” Clown gave his opinion.

The minute he finished speaking, the two bugs became agitated. They let out a low and angry roar. They seemed to be threatening them. If they dared to kill this ‘silkworm’, they would take their lifes.

Ming Shu looked at the angry and isolated Du Mian and smiled lightly.

Hatred shot out of Du Mian’s eyes. She wanted to tear her apart!!

“Yes yes yes, maintain this emtion! Miss Du, this is it!” Ming Shu’s eyes sparkled and her smile got brighter. “Being angry can make you feel better and younger. Keep this going. You can do it!”

Du Mian was stunned. What is happening?

What crazy things was she saying?

Being angry can make you feel better and young? Why don’t you be angry then?

The audience was as stunned as Du Mian. They didn’t know what kind of weird action this was.

Ming Shu pinched the scaled down version of the bug. There seemed to be something hard inside its soft body. Ming Shu felt about for a while and thought that it should be a key.

You could get quite good items using the key of a three-star city. It made sense that Du Mian would steal it. She probably just didn’t expect the two big bugs to care about this little bug so much that they would kept chasing her. She also didn’t know that they were so powerful too.

Ming Shu looked at the people present. “This is a good thing. There is a key inside it. Who wants it?”

Food empire: “…” Is it alright for you to say this in front of its parents?! Are you not afraid that its parents would bite you to death!

Oh my G.o.d!

Look at its parents. They are staring at you until their eyes almost popped out.

So scary!

The players of the food empire had no intention of taking the key at all. They just wanted to stay alive.

It was already difficult for them to follow an evil clan. Please treat them nicely. They were just law-abiding people who were get rid of an evil for the people.

The people beside them seemed more excited.

The city key!!

The first wish when they entered this city was to get out of it alive. The second wish was to find the key and get an item which they could bring out.

With this item, they would be in an advantageous position for their future missions and it would be easier for them to survive.

However, there was a limited number of city keys. Among the players, those that had items were either super lucky or super powerful.

But, the players woke up very quickly. So what if they have the key? Can they fight the two bugs?”

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“Come, let me give it to you all.”

It was not a coincidence that Clown and Ti Ya found her.

“But, why is he partic.i.p.ating in these kind of city missions? Could it be…” Clown paused and a hint of sinister flashed pa.s.sed his funny-looking face. “Why didn’t you level up?”

“Why didn’t you level up? Ming Shu smiled and asked him back.

Clown inspected Ming Shu and then looked at Ti Ya.

Ti Ya gave a slight nod.

Ming Shu secretly sized Ti Ya up. Clown would always ask Ti Ya for her opinion. She could see that among the two of them, little girl Ti Ya was the one in-charged.

Young girl, you have a bright future ahead!

Clown got Ti Ya’s answer and turned back his head. He and said, “You must listen carefully to what I will be telling you.”

“Please start your performance.” Ming Shu looked as though she was ready to listen to a story.

Clown: “…” I am not telling you a story. The things I say is a matter of life and death.

It would be impossible for Ti Ya to open her mouth so Clown took a deep breath.

“Do you know why there is no five-star city players in the transmigration area?”

“Aren’t they all dead?”

Clown looked at her with contempt. “No, that is a rumour.”


Thinking about it, if there really are five-star cities, with so many players around, there should be someone present.

“The transmigration area for five-star cities is at the 100th floor.” Clown said. “The players there are the real gurus.”

“Even if you don’t level up, you would be force to partic.i.p.ate in a five-star city mission too. I don’t know if you partic.i.p.ated in one before but I think that you had and you barely managed to survive. That is why you chose not to level up. If you don’t level up, you would only be force to take part in the city mission once every three months.”

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