Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 632 - Player Unknown Battleground (14)

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Chapter 632: Player Unknown Battleground (14)

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In a blink of an eye, the bug was in front of them. Ming Shu turned and ran. “What are you all looking at me for? Run!”


We are not fighting against it?!

Her teammates were a bit stunned but since Ming Shu ran away, they followed her.

Ming Shu found some time as she ran to look back. Fu Shen was still standing there. When you compared him to those players that were running frantically around him, he seemed to be at another level.

Ming Shu and her team just managed to run to the end of the street when another bunch of people came from the other side, running and cursing at the same time. A bug was behind them too.


Du Mian was among this group too. Ming Shu thought that she would not be in the same city as Du Mian since she didn’t see her in the main hall but in the end, she still came.

Du Mian was alone. There was no sign of Song Ye or Qiu Yue.

The bug moved towards them. The group of them had no choice but to ran back. In the end, they were trapped in a street by two bugs. Someone tried to break the gla.s.s of the stores surrounding them but the situation inside surprised them.

Behind the gla.s.s, it was a concrete wall.

Who the h.e.l.l designed this!

Why isn’t the designer dead!

Ming Shu took out a compressed biscuit calmly and found a place to sit down.

“You are not afraid?” The clown smiled. He didn’t look frightened too. “These two bugs are really powerful.”

Ming Shu “Can they be eaten?”

Clown: “… nope.”

What is the use of being so powerful if they can’t be eaten?

The teammate beside her shouted, “Boss, they are coming over!”

Ming Shu was really composed. “What are you anxious for? Stand in the middle. Even if they eat us, you will be eaten last. Aim to stay alive for a minute more.”

The teammate: “…”

Although he felt that there was something wrong with this sentence, he felt that it made sense too. What is this?

Ming Shu smiled gently and accepted her teammate’s gaze. Clown and Ti Ya should have the ablity to subdue these two bugs but they didn’t do anything. Even that crazy idiot Fu Shen was just standing at the side and looking at them.

These two bugs… can they really be eaten?

“Du Mian, how the h.e.l.l did you provoke these two things?”

The person beside Du Mian shouted angrily. When they first entered this world, they thought that it would be really simple. After all, it was filled with normal humans.

However, when the game started, they finally understood that that was not the case.

It was really hard to kill these monsters and there might not even be a star of the city inside them. But, if you didn’t kill them, you would not get any stars at all.

The rumours were true. It was difficult to survive in a three-star city.

“I don’t know, they just suddenly appeared.” Du Mian explained. She grabbed her pocket tightly. “These monsters would level up after eating us. It is normal for them to chase us.”

“If you didn’t lure them here, will we get chase?” Obviously, someone didn’t agree with what Du Mian said.

“How will I know that you all are here!” Du Mian got a little angry too.

Du Mian met these people on the streets. She needed them so she told them some useful information. Both parties were just usng each other. They had no relationship.

“Forget it. What is the use of saying this now? Will scolding each other solve the problem?”

The atmosphere turned awkward immediately.

After discussing for a while, they could only arrive at one solution. Run together and think of a way to escape.

Someone looked at the people that were behind them. “Yin Luo, Clown, are you two not going to help?”

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Ming Shu gave a perfect smile after she was called. “Nope, you all can die first.”

The lady was piching the soft white thingy. Her fingers had sunk into the ball and the ball was turning red.

The players were stunned. What is she holding? What cause the bugs to stop? Are they playing the same game?

“Miss Du, what is this thing that you stole?” Miss was really curious too. She turned and looked at Du Mian. “Can it be eaten?”

She was holding a scaled down version of the bug. Compared to its XL version, this scaled down version was much cuter. It was so soft like a silkworm.

“What do you mean by I stole it… I don’t know what that is…” Du Mian still felt guilty at the start but her voice grew louder. “Don’t accuse me. Isn’t that thing yours?”

“Is this mine?” Ming Shu asked Clown.

“Nope.” Clown smiled and looked at Du Mian. “It is yours. You are so bad.”

Du Mian clenched her fist. “You would definitely speak up for her since you two are in the same team. Did you all see it? Was I the one that threw it at her?”

Everyone was tense and didn’t reply her. The situation was so messy just now, who would have seen her throwing it?

“I didn’t say that you threw it to me.” Ming Shu smiled gently. “Why did you say that you threw it at me, Miss Du?”

Clown gave a funny face. “Xixi, there is punishment for lying.”

“I…” Du Mian’s face turned red. She couldn’t give a reasonable explanation at all.

Everyone started looking at Du Mian strangely.

Du Mian’s heart was dripping blood but she couldn’t come up with any reasons.

Did this woman come specially to go against her?

Everytime she meet her, something bad would happen to her!

“Du Mian, we brought you along because you are a new player. We didn’t know that you would be so vicious!”

“I must be blind.”

The angry players started scolding Du Mian.

Ming Shu smiled and added to the flame. “Are you all sure that it was not because she has a good figure??”

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