Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 63 - Gorgeous Doctor (10)

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Chapter 63: Gorgeous Doctor (10)

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“Miss Bai, you really are thinking highly of yourself.” Ming Shu picked up a stick beside her, rising slowly. “But it seems there will be no such ‘even’ thing between you and me.”

Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are, a G.o.ddess?



With a fierce momentum, the stick whipped against Bai Yanran’s body, who started to scream in pain immediately. She tried to shield the injured part, but the stick fell on her body constantly, leaving no time for her to take action. There seemed to be spirit force behind every hit, for each time, Bai Yanran felt as if her skin was going to split.

Ming Shu wore a calm smile during the whole process. That deadwood had clearly changed into a powerful weapon in her rising and falling hands.

Bai Yanran tried to gather her spirit force to fight back. But each try ended in vain because Ming Shu just didn’t give her any chance!

“Zhi Po, are you crazy? Stop it!” Bai Yanran shouted in a broken voice. She finally got a chance to flee. Standing far from Ming Shu, arms around her shoulders, Bai Yanran stared at the crazy bully with angry red eyes.

This d.a.m.n woman, she dared beat me before so many people.

Ming Shu waved the stick in her hand and asked, “Still want the map?”

“…” Bai Yanran was breathing heavily due to fury, face flushed and eyes shining with billowy hatred. She gritted her teeth. “Zhi Po, you will pay for what you did today.”

She would let this woman know what’s worse than death.

Fiddling with the stick in her hand, Ming Shu smiled breezily and didn’t say a word.

But she looked more irritating that way than if she had rampantly retorted.

Bai Yanran stomped her feet angrily and turned around to run away. Someone tried to pay her some care, yet was ignored. Soon she ran out of everyone’s sights.

“Miss, Bai Yanran was infuriated by this…” Hui Xue said worriedly after Bai Yanran’s figure completely disappeared. “She is narrow-minded and likes to get up to little tricks, I’m afraid…”

As the saying goes, fair and honest revenge is better than intrigue and secret conspiracy. The latter just left you nowhere to hide.

“Hui Xue, this place is the Windy Mountain Range of Demons.”

“What’s wrong with the Windy Mountain Range of…” After pausing for a moment, Hui Xue understood Ming Shu’s words.

The Windy Mountain Range of Demons was thousands of miles away from the Bai family, and Bai Yanran’s followers either died or got separated. So it was not so easy for Bai Yanran to scheme something.

Ming Shu kept silent. What she was thinking was, Killing a person in the Windy Mountain Range of Demons is easy, and won’t draw much attention.

Clearly Hui Xue misunderstood her meaning, but Ming Shu didn’t intend to explain.

“Miss Zhi Po, what do we have to do to borrow your map?” The escort came to negotiate with Ming Shu under Feng Cheng’s order.

Ming Shu was now riding on the thunder cat with an extremely unrestrained and frank posture and was fiddling with that colorful egg. Hearing the question, she looked up slightly to sweep a glance over the escort. She said slowly, “You really want to know?”

The escort solemnly nodded. “As you just mentioned, if this place really is the Mountain of Dragon Bones, we are all in danger now. We’d better get out of here as soon as possible. You too, Miss Zhi Po.”

“But I have the map, I can leave on my own. Why should I lend it to you?”

“…” That’s why I asked you what do you want so as to share the map with us! If Miss Zhi Po has any demands, just tell us.”

“That’s simple.” Ming Shu jerked her chin toward Feng Cheng, saying smilingly, “I’ll lend you the map when your lord is dead.”

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“…” This is simple?

“I can’t do this, too hot and thirsty.”

“I’m so tired, I can’t walk any further. Can we just rest for a while?”

Complaints rose up in succession, and the ones at the front had to stop. Because of her obesity, Xiao Rufeng’s entire face was dripping with sweat, but her expression didn’t change much. Compared to those tired and gasping people, she was much hardier.

“It’s like a stove in here, d.a.m.n, what a h.e.l.l of a place this is. I don’t want to walk!” Bai Yanran lost her “Miss’s temper” and sat to the side right away, without considering the situation.

“Be careful!” an alarmed voice cried suddenly.

A snake’s head appeared behind Bai Yanran, flying above the ground of fallen leaves, and the snake’s tail swiftly slipped out from under them, wrapping around Bai Yanran’s body. Bai Yanran was frightened into screaming hysterically, yet completely forgot to counterattack.

By the time she remembered to fight back, her hands and legs were all wrapped tightly in the snake’s coils and couldn’t move at all. The snake squeezed tighter, and Bai Yanran felt as if her internal organs had been squished together and the air consistently pressed out of her. She had to open her mouth to breathe.

The snake’s body was a golden yellow, the scales dazzling in the sunlight. It was a huge snake; its length was unknown, because there was still a long section of it concealed by the leaves.

The eyes of the snake were also golden, without the slightest impurity.

“Help! Help me…” Bai Yanran shouted to the crowd in a quivering voice. “What are you thinking about! Help me! Lord Seven, help!”

“Ah.” A crisp sound rang out from a distance. “Miss Xiao, why did you disturb the snake? It was soundly asleep.”

Everyone looked to the speaker at the same time.

Including that huge golden serpent.

The woman was standing slightly above them, on a stone. Her red robe floated in the air in a natural arc, making the white dress underneath appear extremely holy. She held an unknown fruit, staring at it interestedly with a perfect smile. The maid stood below, but the escort was nowhere to be seen.

Hearing Ming Shu’s words, Xiao Rufeng narrowed her eyes a bit, but her facial expression remained unchanged.

No wonder the fake female protagonist was worthy of being a killer. Probably, her calm was much stronger than a normal, real female protagonist.

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