Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 629 - Player Unknown Battleground (11)

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Chapter 629: Player Unknown Battleground (11)

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There was no b.u.t.ton in the lift of the hotel. When you enter, just scanned the tattoo on our arm and the screen would reflect the level you were at.

According to what they say, the highest level now was level 76.

However, the player that could go to level 76 hadn’t appear in a long time.

Ming Shu’s level was three levels below level 76. She was at level 73.

She remembered that the Host was at level 72 last time… did she went up to 73 because her abilities increased?

The clown and Ti Ya were at level 65.

The rest of the members of food empire were scattered between level 30 and level 60. Some people changed levels while others remained the same. This was like collating experience points. Some people leveled up while others were still lacking a bit.

After sending off her teammates, Ming Shu arrived at level 73 all by herself. The lift was right at the end of the corridor. Once you stepped out, you would see a very long corridor which you couldn’t see the end of it. Doors were scattered along the corridor.

Ming Shu walked along the corridor and arrived at the door with her name after walking for quite a while.

She stepped back and glanced at the door opposite and beside her. There was nothing on the door. Only the owner of the door could see the name written on it.

Ming Shu pushed the door opened and the lights in the room lit up automatically. The room was the same as any other hotels.

However, the things in the room… was in the same position as how the Host placed them last time.

It was as though the room at level 72 was moved up to level 73.

You couldn’t use science to explain this world… what should she eat!

Ming Shu searched the room for a long time and only found a packet compressed biscuits in the drawer.

I’m doomed to die here!

The hotel did not provide any food. This was because from the time they came out of one city to the time they entered the next one, they only had 12 hours to rest.

Ming Shu felt depressed as she changed into a clean set of clothes. Then, she started to munch on the compressed biscuits slowly. Even in Doomsday, she was not so tight on food!

The next morning, Ming Shu packed up her things and went down. If she didn’t go down now, she would appear in the city once the time was up too.

The difference between transporting from the main hall and transporting from the room was, in summary, it was safer to be transported from the main hall as compared to the room.


Ming Shu turned around and saw someone approaching from diagonally opposite her.

It was the man she saw yesterday. He had changed into a set of clean sportswear and his hair was washed too. As he walked, the loose strands of hair flew up.

He kept his hands in his pocket and walked forward as he looked down. He was totally not interested in the person standing along the corridor and sizing him up blatantly. Or rather, he just ignored her.

Ming Shu waited for him to pa.s.s before walking over slowly but they still took the same lift.

In the small s.p.a.ce, no one spoke. The man raised his head for the first time when they reached level 30. He glanced at the level with a strand of contempt in his eyes and then looked away. He continued to stare at the floor that was so clean, it could almost be a mirror.

The second time he looked up, it was at level 1. The door of the lift opened and he glanced up quickly. Before Ming Shu could see the emotions in his eyes, he had lifted his legs and walked out.



Sigh, so hungry! Why doesn’t this place provide breakfast! This is inhumane!

There were more people in the main hall in the morning. They split into teams and stood in their own circle. Whispers circulated in the main hall.

When Ming Shu came down, it was neither early nor late. Some of the members of food empire had already came down. The clown and Ti Ya came after her.

Ming Shu stood in front of a screen and typed on it. The clown leaned over to take a look… his expression became weird.

If a player had any questions, they could enter it into the question system of the screen. The screen would answer them appropraitely and its tone would be really polite.

He had seen many people asking all sorts of weird questions but today…

This was the first time he saw this question: Why don’t you provide breakfast.

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The question system gave an honest answer: Because there is no need to. There won’t be any problems if you don’t eat for 12 hours and you could bring back supplies from the cities too.

Ming Shu rejected it.

[…] A student not worth teaching!

You think that everyone has no and no intergrity just like you? I am different from you.


Wait, If I destroy the city mission, doesn’t that means that I will fail the mission? I will die!!

[Act according to circ.u.mstances.]

“…” Act according to circ.u.mstances your head!

“Huh?” The clown’s voice pulled Ming Shu’s thought back to reality.

She looked at the screen. The system had given her a reply: We will consider your suggestion seriously.

Ming Shu kicked the screen. Consider your head!

I am starving to death!

Nothing happened to the screen. A loud sound rang through the main halland the players that were gathered in the main hall looked over.

This kind of tantrum normally happened on a new player.

Everyone heard of Yin Luo but most of them never saw her before. At this moment, they should be looking at her as though she was a stupid new player.


A familiar sound rang above them. Everyone retracted their gaze and looked at the screen in front of them.

The words on the screen flashed pa.s.sed really quickly. It showed the teams first followed by the sequence number. Different sequence number appeared on different screens.

After that, the screen showed the players who didn’t have a team. The players would find the screen that showed their number and stood in the area allocated to them.

The number for food empire was 7.

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