Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 628 - Player Unknown Battleground (10)

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Chapter 628: Player Unknown Battleground (10)

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Transmigration area.

Although they called it the transmigration area, it was just a really huge hotel. No one knew how many stories there were. The level that each player could enter was different too.

Outside the hotel… it was pitch black. Some people left the hotel before but once they stepped out, they dropped into nothingness. After a shrill scream, their corpse would slowly float up.

If one stood at the window, they could see the corpses floating around in the air outside.

The players who came back from the two-star city were standing int he main hall now.

Once they returned to the hotel, all the injuries that they got in the city would heal completely. Even if you were at your last breath, you would be alive and kicking once you returned to the hotel.

“F**k, I am not dead!”

“I actually came back…”

“I am not dead too. Hahahaha, I am not dead too.”

There was a huge screen in front of them. The final score was flashed on the screem

169 : 0

Everyone: “…”

What’s the situation?

Song Ye looked pa.s.sed the crowd and saw the the bunch of people holding the flag and crowding around the team application screen in the main hall.

“Boss, please consider it carefully. Are we really going to use this name?”

“Boss, this would affect our reputation in the future. Please consider it carefully.”

Ming Shu looked at the crowd gently. “You all don’t like the name?”

“Yes yes.”

The name was really weird and it didn’t sound fierce at all.

Ming Shu gave the final word. “We will use this name then.”


So, why did she even ask them? Why!!

Mister submitted the application. Just nice, the maximum capacity for a team was 15.

The clown and Ti Ya didn’t leave too. They seemed fixed that they would follow her. Ming Shu suspected that they had other intentions but since they were obedient, didn’t create trouble, and even found food for her… she would not make a fuss about it.

As long as there are food, anything can be discused.

Ming Shu submitted her application and the screen accepted her application really quickly.

[Please choose the team emblem.]

Huh? There is such a thing?

Ming Shu looked at the images shown on the screen. There was a graphics tablet at the side too. You can draw the emblem yourself too?

The clown rolled up his sleeve and prepared to act. “Let me draw it. I am really good at drawing.”

Everyone glanced at the ghost-like drawing on the flag – we will not say anything. Just make yourself happy.

Ming Shu pulled the clown away and chose a similar looking image on the screen… an image of a crayfish. After that, she submitted the request. Everything was done smoothly and quickly.

The clown, who didn’t have the chance to showcase his ghost-like drawing skills: “…”

The platform at the bottom of the screen made some noises. Ming Shu took out the team emblem from the platform and distributed it to everyone.

Crayfish × Food empire

This sounds reasonable.

Once they formed the team, everyone turned around and prepared to return to their level to take a rest while they wait for their next mission.

However, when they turned around, they saw a bunch of people staring at them.

“Woah!” Ming Shu took a step back. “What are you all doing? Trying to rob us!”

Someone asked weakly, “The score…” Why is it 169 : 0?

The clown and came forward. “Are you all surprised?”

“How did you all do it?”

The clown placed a finger on his lip and said purely and innocently, “Secret. I can’t tell you, Xixi.”

Ming Shu disappeared in the last two days because she was out catching people.

No one had done this kind of missions before but the Host and the clown did. They knew about that rule at the end.

Hence, in the last two days, Ming Shu secretly went out to catch people. She was only in charge of catching people and the rest of the things were done by the clown.

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Ming Shu was not sure how the clown would let these people disappear from the map before the numbers went below 200 but they all had their secret items. The clown seemed to have many secret items too.

Ming Shu smiled and walked forward. Her gaze went pa.s.sed Du Mian and landed on a pet.i.te and delicate girl. Her face was calmed. “Miss Qiu Yue, after seeing you today, I feel that your bone structure is really unique. Hence, I have a gift for you specially.”

“Me?” Qiu Yue didn’t expect herself to be called. She pointed at herself and frowned slightly. “Do I know you?”

“That is not important. What is important is…” Ming Shu pa.s.sed the item that looked like an egg over. “This is yours.”

Du Mian stopped breathing for her moment. Hatred and anger filled up her heart. She is actually giving this thing to Qiu Yue!

Qiu Yue looked at the egg but didn’t take it. “This is not mind.”

“Okay then, take it as my gift for meeting you.”

“I do not know you. I will not accept things that I didn’t work for. I can’t take it.”

“We know each other now. My name is Yin Luo.”


Qiu Yue still didn’t accept the gift. A strange person giving her a gift at such a place? It just seemed weird. It was better to be more careful.

Ming Shu waved her hand. “Do you believe that I will hit you?”


“Qiu Yue, take it.” Song Ye suddenly said.

Qiu Yue: “…” It is really not mine.

Under Song Ye’s gaze, Qiu Yue accepted the egg unwillingly. Du Mian was almost going to explode from anger at the side. Ming Shu glanced at her. “Miss Du Mian, are you angry?”

Du Mian grabbed her clothes. Her nails sank into her clothes and dug into her flesh.

How can she not be angry! She had already gotten the thing but she took it from her and now, she is giving it to Qiu Yue right in front of her…

Could it be that as long as it belonged to Qiu Yue, it would return to her no matter what happened? Is there no way for her to change this?

Song Ye didn’t understand what grudge Ming Shu had against Du Mian. He looked at Du Mian silently. She didn’t manage to retract her expression and Song Ye saw it.

Song Ye frowned and gave an order, “Let’s go.”

Song Ye left with his men. The rest of the people still wanted to ask her questions but because of the crazy clown by her side, they decided to disperse too.

The people from the other side looked over and started pointing at them. They might have recognized the iconic clown. After that, they went up too.

The main hall quietened down quickly. Only the poor, lost and super lucky new players were left.

That’s right. Even in the scary three-star city, there would be new players too.

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