Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 626 - Player Unknown Battleground (8)

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Chapter 626: Player Unknown Battleground (8)

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Three days before the end of the mission.

On a street in the city, the clown changed his sitting position ten times in a minute. He was like someone with ADHD.

He looked at the person who was sitting beside him, drinking water and eating compressed biscuit. He asked, “Why are we ambushing people here?”

“What ambush?” Ming Shu put down her drink. “We are sitting blatantly in the middle of the road, okay?”

The clown looked at their sitting location. It was in the middle of the road…

He changed his question. “What are we doing here? The mission would end in three days. Can’t we go and kill people?”

“You need to have some aspirations.”

“My aspiration is to kill people.”

“Think about it then.”


The bored team members sat on the ground and played chinese poker. “One versus two!”

“Four K!”


The clown looked at Ti Ya. She was looking straight in a certain direction. After then days, most of them had gotten dirty and messy. Only Ti Ya was clean. It was as though she bathed everyday.”

“They are coming.” Ming Shu looked at the street. A group of people were walking over.

The members that were playing chinese poker cleared up their game and stood up from the ground. They picked up the flag that was thrown to one side and waved it, looking really fierce.

The clown: “…” If he didn’t see them playing chinese poker, he would have believed them.

You all have changed!

The clown felt that he was the one who made people speechless last time. However, now, his perspective of the world was renewed everyday. There were surprised everyday.

Ming Shu pa.s.sed the key to one of the members and asked him to give it to Du Mian who was opposite.

Since they were on the same side, the other party just kept their guard and didn’t make a move.

“Is Du Mian here?” The team member shouted.

Du Mian saw Ming Shu. Now that her name was called, she felt her heart dropped.

The leader of the team looked at Du Mian.

Du Mian could only walk up.

The member pa.s.sed the key to Du Mian. “Our boss give this to you.”

After he finished his sentence, he rushed back.

“What is this?” Someone in the team asked Du Mian. “Is this the famous food empire team? Why did their boss give you this? Du Mian, do you know them?”

This was the key that Du Mian was looking for. She didn’t find it on Qiu Yue but the key was supposed to be on Qiu Yue.

Who knew that the key would appear suddenly in the hands of the girl?

And she is giving it to her?

Du Mian was stunned.

“This is the key. There are items to get.” The man summarized and explained. “That person is called Yin Luo. She is a really famous person in the Transmigration area. Du Mian, how do you know her?”

“I don’t.” Du Mian shook her head. “Last time, I…”

Du Mian told the man what happened last time. She was just someone who got bullied. How would she know what that woman was thinking?

The man frowned after listening to her. He knew that Du Mian was a new player. A new player… how did she provoke someone like Yin Luo?

If Du Mian didn’t lie, then there was something interesting going on.

“Leader Song, could this be a scheme?” Du Mian said, “She will not just give me something so important. She is not so nice.”

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“The items of a two-star city is not attractive to players like her anymore.” Song Ye a.n.a.lyzed the situation from a third party point of view.

She didn’t see what was thing thing that slammed into her but it was not a human… because when the thing slammed into her, she didn’t feel any warmth coming from it. It seemed like an object.

However, because of this, she took the box without thinking carefully and it casued the… explosion.

Yes, explosion.

Her ears were filled with the sound of the explosion. Even her mind was full of the sound.

“I have no grudge against you.” Ming Shu said, “I just want you to hate me. Isn’t that simple?”

Du Mian didn’t hear her clearly. “What did you say?”

“I say that you look really cute now.” Ming Shu smiled. She pried apaprt Du Mian’s hands and took the box. “I like it when you are angry.”

Du Mian was stunned. She wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the box back but the moment she moved, her body hurt tremendously.

“Give it back to me.” That thing belonged to her. She risked her life to get it. “Give it back to me!!”

Ming Shu took two steps back. “But I saved you. You should thank me. This will be the gift of appreciation.”

“If it was not for you, why would I go in there!” Du Mian gritted her teeth. “I took it. What right do you have to s.n.a.t.c.h it from me?”

“You wanted the key so I gave it to you. However, it was your own decision whether you want to go in or not. That has nothing to do with me.” Ming Shu smiled brightly. “I didn’t force you to go in with a gun right? Be reasonable.”

Du Mian: “…”

“Why don’t you just kill me!” Du Mian didn’t understand. If she had a grudge against her, she could just kill her.

Why didn’t she kill her?

Why did she find ways to… torture her?

“I can’t kill you.” Ming Shu’s voice was gentle as if she was consoling her. “Don’t worry, you will not die. See you next time, baby.”

I hope that when I see you again, you will hate me even more.

“Come back!”

Ming Shu waved at her and disappeared gradually into the night sky.

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