Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 625 - Player Unknown Battleground (7)

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Chapter 625: Player Unknown Battleground (7)

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The news about a strange group of players spread quickly.

Especially when the black team players heard that this group of players were from their side, they didn’t want to admit it. This group of people raised their Food Empire flag and s.n.a.t.c.hed supplies from other players all the time instead of killing people. They did not want to admit that they had such teammates. No way!

Ming Shu didn’t expand her team, but their numbers didn’t dwindle, either. They remained a 12-person team. Adding in Ming Shu, the clown, and Ti Ya, there were a total of 15 people.

With such a huge number in a team, they would be striking no matter where they went.

For example…

Ming Shu held the big flag and appeared in the middle of an intersection. The two parties that were fighting immediately stopped at the same time.

The words on the flag were blood-red. They could tell that it was written in blood. However, that ball that they couldn’t make out… what was it?

“Please continue, don’t worry about me.” Ming Shu stabbed the flag into the ground and said with a smile, “I will act only after you two have finished your fight. I am a reasonable person.”

The people opposite her: “…” OMG, we met an evil clan!

It was not scary to meet an evil clan. It was scary to meet an evil clan that was educated and knew how to take advantage of the situation. What the h.e.l.l are we fighting for? Run!

The people scattered and ran away, disappearing into the buildings.

Ming Shu realized that these old players were really interesting. They would run away the moment they felt that they couldn’t win against the other party. There was no dignity at all.

“Why are you all running away so quickly? I’m not going to eat you.” Ming Shu lifted the flag and walked toward the safe spot.

This bunch of people must be fighting outside the safe spot so that they could get what was inside it.

Ming Shu brought her team over and wiped all the safe spots clean. In the end, Ti Ya gave a cold face and didn’t give her any more locations for the safe spots.

Ming Shu had stored up many compressed biscuits so… they could maybe last for the remaining days?

What should she do now?

Find the fake female protagonist for a date?

I don’t know where the fake female protagonist is so how do I date her? Am I supposed to shout in the world chat?

It was the fifth day now. The number of people in the two teams had decreased by more than half.

(Black) 693 : 732 (White)

The team that lost would be wiped out.

“Come, let’s go for a fight.” Ming Shu waved her flag and walked toward the area on the map where most of the dots were at.

“Hmm?” The clown was curious. “Have you straightened out your thoughts?”

“I just felt that they might have supplies on them,” Ming Shu said with an honest face.

“What are you collecting so many supplies for? We will go back five days from now.” The clown was certain that they would lose the mission.

“Besides eating, what else can I do with it? Wholesale?” Ming Shu smiled.

“Why do you eat so much? These are compressed biscuits. One person just needs to eat one a day.” The clown smiled. “Are you pregnant with little monsters?”

Ming Shu waved the flag at the clown. The clown dodged from side to side and the rest of the team silently moved away from them.


The loud sound of an explosion came from the building beside the clown. Many chunks of brick fell from the sky.

Everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect an explosion to occur above them. They scattered and dodged the falling bricks.

Ming Shu lifted the flag and rushed to the side too. The clown was the most unlucky person. He was standing right under the explosion and immediately got buried by the things that fell down.

Dust floated in the air. Sharp weapons broke through the air and flew toward Ming Shu from her left side.

Ming Shu swung the flag and rolled up the hidden weapons. She threw them to the side.

A number of sharp and small knives embedded themselves into the concrete wall beside her.

Ming Shu quickly stepped on the structures beside her and climbed to higher ground. Dust filled up the entire lower level and her vision was impaired. She couldn’t see what attacked her.

Standing at a higher position, Ming Shu looked in the direction where the hidden weapons came from and saw a man over there. He had a black scarf tied around his head.

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The man in the scarf noticed Ming Shu too and threw his hidden weapons again.

“Yi…” The clown suddenly leaned over and took out something from the messy pile of items with his b.l.o.o.d.y hand. “Isn’t this a key? This little n.o.body is quite lucky. However, we are the lucky ones now, hehe.”

There would be keys scattered within the different cities. When you opened a location with this key, there would be items that you could bring along with you to other cities in this location.

There was only one key in this city. The female protagonist’s gold finger was acquired through this location.


This key should belong to the fake female protagonist. According to the storyline that she saw, this key should have been s.n.a.t.c.hed by the fake female protagonist. Why did it appear here?

Ming Shu took the key. The clown’s gaze followed the key. “Are you interested in it too? We can go and take a look. There might be good stuff.”

“Don’t you think that this thing appeared in a strange manner?” Ming Shu smiled.

“That is because we are lucky,” the clown said. “Are you going?”

Ming Shu rejected him. “Nope.”

The clown was slightly disappointed. “The items from a two-star city should not be too good anyway.”

Ming Shu asked again, “Do you lack items?”

“Hehe, why would I lack items?”

“Then I will take the key.” Ming Shu put away the key.

“Why are you keeping it when you are not going to use it?”

Ming Shu gave a mysterious and gentle smile. “Token of love.”

The clown: ???

Ming Shu inspected the person’s body again. Besides those things, there was nothing special about him.

“Next time, when you kill someone, can you not make it so gory?” Ming Shu suddenly twisted her head and looked at the clown. “It will affect my appet.i.te.”

“Hehe, I like to use my hands…”

Before the clown could say even more disgusting words, Ming Shu stopped him impolitely. “Shut up! You psychopath!”

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