Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 624 - Player Unknown Battleground (6)

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Chapter 624: Player Unknown Battleground (6)

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“I don’t know,” the clown laughingly replied.

No one knew the origins of this song. It was pa.s.sed down by the players but most of them only knew the first half of the song. Only the high-level players knew the second half.

Ming Shu looked at Du Mian. She seemed to be really concerned about this song. Was there a special meaning behind it?

Forget it, it is none of my business.

Ming Shu suddenly said, “Pin her down!”

Du Mian: ???

“Let me do it, let me do it!” The clown smiled and volunteered himself.

Since they met, she could not let go of the chance to gain some Hatred Points. I have my minions now so I don’t need to waste my own energy.

“Don’t come closer…” Du Mian didn’t think that things would turn out this way just because she asked about the song. “We are on the same side. If you kill me, you all will be punished.”

“You are thinking too much. Who says that I want to kill you?” Ming Shu smiled gently. However, in this world filled with bloodshed, her smile seemed really eerie.

“Hehe, I can testify to that. She doesn’t kill people.” The clown was surprised. “Aren’t you a new player? You seem to know quite a lot of things.”

Du Mian: “…”

If the players were on the same side, they couldn’t kill each other. Once they killed each other, they would be punished. Although the punishment was not deadly, the players would never be able to leave this game and would return to the transmigration area.

“The two of you, beat her.” Ming Shu directly ordered two people. “Don’t hit her face.”

The two people that were called were hesitant. They were old players and had long forgotten how to beat people. They only knew how to kill.

However, Ming Shu was the leader now. They controlled their urge to kill Du Mian and beat her up.

“There are no grudges between us. Why are you doing this to me?” Du Mian stepped back.

“What reason should I give…” Ming Shu placed her hand on her chin and thought for a while. “You look as though you need a beating.”


This reason was very unique. Du Mian was speechless.

She didn’t know how she provoked this person.

“Why are you all bullying a girl?” The guy in, who was ignored until now, stood in front of Du Mian and protected her. “If we provoked you in any way, I will take responsibility.”

“Nope.” Ming Shu shook her head. Her principles were strong.

The guy in was stunned by the rejection. Why did she reject him so seriously? Based on the dialogue of a villain in a drama, this was not right…

“Hurry up and hit her. After you are done, we can go find some food.”

I can’t afford to waste any more time.

The clown was still very excited just now, but when he heard that Ming Shu just wanted to hit the girl, he lost interest. He didn’t fight with the rest and stood beside Queen Ti Ya. He looked at Du Mian happily as she got beaten.

Du Mian gritted her teeth and took the beating without making a sound.

It was a challenge for the people who were used to killing to beat someone. Du Mian felt that a few of her bones were broken.

d.a.m.n it…

She needed to become stronger quickly.

For players like Ming Shu and the clown, a two-star city was like a newbie ma.s.sacre ground for them. They didn’t know how this game was set up, but gurus ma.s.sacring newbies was a common thing.

The people following the gurus were happy that they could hide behind them and win the game too.


No one told them that their mission was s.n.a.t.c.hing things! Isn’t it supposed to be killing people!

If they were supposed to be s.n.a.t.c.hing items and weapons, that would still be fine. However, they were s.n.a.t.c.hing food.

Are you serious?

“Once we skip a meal, we will be really hungry. Hence, in order to not starve to death, your mission is to fight for food and starve others to death!” Ming Shu said blatantly.

Her teammates: “…” Hehe, is it still possible to drop out of the team now?

Ming Shu raised her chin and chewed the tasteless compressed biscuit. “I think that we should have a name for our team.”

“Slaughtering Team!” The clown raised his hand immediately. “Kill kill kill!”

Ming Shu glanced sideways at him. “Why are you talking about killing all the time. Learn from the little girl. Look at how obedient she is.”

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The little girl looked at Ming Shu coldly and made no comment.

May kind people be blessed with life-long peace.

True to what the clown said, if they wanted to go to the next safe spot, they would meet many players along the way.

Ming Shu sat at a high spot. She ate her biscuit as she watched her teammates killing other people.

Peaceful Shu does not kill people.

Amitabha, may you be blessed.

“Hey you, get the supplies from his body!” Ming Shu pointed at a teammate.

Her teammate rolled his eyes and picked up a piece of compressed biscuit from a dead player. The moment he picked it up, the corpse of the player disappeared.

After they confirmed that there were no more players on the battlefield, the team gathered around Ming Shu.

Ming Shu had taken a black flag from somewhere and the clown was painting on it using a red paint.

Where did the paint come from?

Everyone thought about it carefully. They all carried different expressions on their faces.

Although they knew that they had entered an evil clan, they only understood now that, when the evil clan decided to become really evil, they would be unable to handle it.

“Give me everything.” Ming Shu raised her hand.

The mouth corners of everyone twitched. They pa.s.sed their supplies to Ming Shu. Ming Shu took half of it and pa.s.sed the rest of it back to them.

Everyone: “…”

Forget it, although she was a bit weird, she treated her people nicely.

The clown finished drawing the flag quickly.

“I asked you to write a few words. What are you drawing?!” Ming Shu slapped the clown’s head.

The clown’s handwriting was not bad but the drawing… even a kindergartener drew better than him.

“This is me!” The clown pulled the flag and compared it to himself. “Is it similar?”

Ming Shu gave a fake smile. “Yes.”

The clown felt quite proud. Ti Ya looked away in shame. Ming Shu added, “It looks like a tortoise that had its head chopped off.”

The clown: “…”

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