Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 623 - Player Unknown Battleground (5)

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Chapter 623: Player Unknown Battleground (5)

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Ming Shu’s words might have scared the clown. His funny expression changed into fear.

How can you survive if you don’t kill people here?

If it was their first city, a new player might be able to survive without killing people. However, once they arrived at their second city, almost everyone killed someone.

This was the rule here…

The clown saw that Ming Shu didn’t seem to be lying. He moved his lips and then dragged the person out.

A gunshot could be heard outside.

Ming Shu looked outside in deep thought.

Ming Shu waited for the clown to come in before asking him, “Are these weapons really useful?”

The clown laughed and said, “For a new player, they are really useful. However, for players like us, there is not much use.”

The clown gave Ming Shu a signal with his eyes.

For them, they had the items that they attained in the other cities so these normal guns were not of much use to them.

“What happens if you destroy a safe spot?” the clown suggested with shining eyes.

“Why would you want to destroy it?” Do I look like someone who doesn’t give any chances to other people?

“If we don’t destroy it, what do we do? Leave it to the other team?” The clown felt that this player, whose level was higher than his, was stupid.

Ming Shu smiled at the clown. The smile made the clown feel as if he was looking at himself.

He suddenly understood how people felt when they looked at him.

“Look over there, that place looked different.

Along the dilapidated street, the girl in a sports dress pointed to a building not far away. There was a red symbol on the building. The symbol was similar to the one on their arm. It seemed really striking in this dull city.

The five-man team had downsized to a four-man team. One of them was injured and was being held onto by someone.

“Shall we go over and take a look?” the guy in suggested.

“Will there be any danger?” Someone was hesitant.

“Such an obvious symbol… it could either be a safe spot, or…” A trap.

Hence, it was up to the team whether they wanted to go over there or not.

Du Mian knew that this was the symbol for a safe spot. She opened her mouth. “We can go over and take a look. However, we need to be careful. Even if it is a safe spot, other players might have reached it earlier than us so there might be an ambush.”

The man nodded. “I agree with Du Mian. What do you two think?”

The girl in a sports dress hesitated for a while. She swallowed. “Then… we can go over and take a look.”

Leaving the team now would be an even more dangerous option.

The four approached the safe spot carefully.

There were many bloodstains on the ground in front of the safe spot. Some of the blood had oxidized but some was fresh.

There were guns thrown on the ground. Bullet holes were on the ground and on the walls at the side.

“There should be people here…” The man arrived at a not-so-good conclusion.

“Could it be the three strange person we met just now?”

“Hard to say.”

“What should we do now then?”

Their weapons were all taken from the roadside. They managed to survive until now because of their luck. They didn’t meet anyone that was really powerful. If not, they would not be here now.

However, Du Mian knew that if she didn’t lead the way for them, these people would have died many times already.

She needed to find Qiu Yue quickly and get the item before her…


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The face of the girl in the sports dress suddenly froze. Before anyone could react, the girl’s head dropped and fresh blood gushed out.

Something is not right!

“Retreat!” One of the people gave an order immediately.

The other two had the same thought. Before that person finished his sentence, they turned around at the same time and ran.

“It is not polite to leave without giving a gift…”

The clown finished off the three men. Ming Shu stood at the door and watched them. The moment she appeared, Du Mian tensed up. Her instincts told her that this lady was really dangerous.

Ming Shu smiled at Du Mian.

There is no need to thank me, my snacks coupon. I am benevolent.

“Sigh, so boring.” The clown came back. When he pa.s.sed by the guy in and Du Mian, he said happily, “You two are really lucky.”

The clown went back to Ming Shu’s side. People started coming out of the door. There were actually more than ten people.

How long were they apart for?

How did she have so many people beside her now?

“Let’s go.” Ming Shu slowly walked down the steps. She stepped on the blood on the ground and led the group of more than ten away from the safe spot.

“Clouds are white, the sky is blue. Evil and kindness are just a thin line apart. A sea of blood, a mountain of corpses. Life and death are just a thin line apart. Destruction of G.o.ds, birth of a devil, white and black…” The clown hummed a strange tune and hopped in front of the group.

“Wait!” Du Mian suddenly shouted.

She knew that she was on the same side as the clown now so she was not afraid that he would kill her.

“Hehe, is it nice?”

“Where did this song come from?” Du Mian controlled her disgust and asked the clown this.

She heard this song many times in the past, but she only heard the first half of it. She never heard the rest of the song before…

Ming Shu heard the song before. She even knew the rest of the lyrics.

Destruction of G.o.ds, birth of a devil, white and black are limitless forever. The rebirth field, all bones, and survivors at an

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