Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 621 - Player Unknown Battleground (3)

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Chapter 621: Player Unknown Battleground (3)

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“Why are you following me?”

The clown had been following Ming Shu for some time now. He leaped and jumped as he walked and really looked liked a funny clown.

“You don’t have a team. I don’t have a team, either.”


“We can form a team,” the clown said happily.

Ming Shu smiled and rejected him. “I don’t want to form a team with you.”

The clown continued to smile. “Why not? I am very powerful.”

Ming Shu laughed. “You are too ugly.”

It will lower my status.

If I walk together with such a psychopath, I will be taken as a psychopath too.

The clown looked down at himself and then raised his head after a while. “Don’t you feel that this is like a fairytale?”

“A dark fairytale?” F**k, a psychopath is talking to me about dark fairytales.

The clown: “…”

Ming Shu checked the map. There were many black and white dots meeting each other around her. Occasionally, the dots would shimmer and then disappear.

She was in the north of the city now. According to the experience of the Host, the safe spots should be at…

No idea.

The safe spots were randomly placed. There was no pattern to it. It all boiled down to one’s luck.

“You want to find the safe spots so badly?” the clown suddenly said. “Form a team with me and I can take you to a person. It will make finding safe spots much easier.”

Ming Shu tilted her head. Why do you want to form a team with me? Do you know which side I am on?”

“Because you are powerful.” The clown was very practical. “You are on the same side as me.”

The smile in her eyes spread. “How do you know?”

The clown’s level was not as high as hers. How did he know?

The clown made a funny face. “I have my secret weapon. Have you made your decision?”

“Lead the way.”

For snacks!

For the sake of justice!

Even if I have to go to heaven, I will do it.

This was a very tall building. It was covered in a thick layer of dust too and there were pits on the ground. Blood stained the ground.

Corpses would disappear in the city, but the blood would not.

The city would be used many times too so some of this blood was left from the past. After some time pa.s.sed, this was what they came to look like.

The clown jumped to the entrance of the building and invited Ming Shu excitedly. “Come on, we will arrive soon.”

Ming Shu didn’t move.

The clown tilted his head and looked at her. The next second, something flew out from behind him, aiming directly at the back of his head.

The clown dodged to the side immediately. When he moved, Ming Shu saw that it was a plum blossom dart. However, it was much bigger than a normal plum blossom dart. It was the size of a basin.

The plum blossom dart didn’t hit the clown so it continued moving forward and spun quickly toward Ming Shu.


The plum blossom dart knocked into something and slowed down.

After a few seconds, the plum blossom dart fell to the ground.

Ming Shu threw away the metal bar that was already deformed and glanced at the direction the clown was in.

The clown was clapping. He seemed to be cheering for Ming Shu’s performance just now.

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Ming Shu: “…” F**k, crazy.

“Ti Ya.” The clown greeted the little girl enthusiastically.

The little girl called Ti Ya had a cold face and stared at them coldly. Besides this, they couldn’t tell if she welcomed them or hated their approach.

The clown’s relationship with Ti Ya seemed to be really good. He moved forward and talked to her.

Ti Ya didn’t say anything at all. When the clown told her about the safe spots, Ti Ya glanced at Ming Shu coldly. Ming Shu was leaning against the door.

She didn’t say anything and stared at Ming Shu for two whole minutes. Then, she lifted her hand at the clown.

The clown held onto Ti Ya’s hand as they jumped down from the rooftop.

They looked like a queen and her eunuch…

Ming Shu couldn’t see Ti Ya’s level. She was either higher than her… or they were on the same level.

In the Host’s memory, she never met any level-five players before. Hence, Ti Ya should be at the same level as her.

For such a little girl to reach level four, she must be quite powerful.

“Hu hu hu…”

Heavy panting came from behind them. The five people had caught up with them.

The guy that called them took two deep breaths and quickly came forward. He held onto his black-framed “h.e.l.lo, we should be on the same side. I just want to ask you a few questions.”

The people they met before this were either new players who didn’t know anything, either…

Or people who were not new but didn’t talk to them at all.

As for the white team, they would attack them the minute they saw each other so they couldn’t have a conversation with them at all.

Although this clown looked weird, Ming Shu looked normal. Hence, he decided to catch up with them and try his luck.

It was difficult to find someone who was not a newbie and looked normal… in this place.

The clown smiled and said, “This is not a school. We are not obligated to answer your questions.”

“We are humans and we are on the same side. There is no loss for you even if you help us.”

“Xi xi…”

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