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Chapter 619 - Player Unknown Battleground (1)

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Chapter 619: Player Unknown Battleground (1)

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#City Headlines: Yin Luo Blocks the Road and Robs Pa.s.sersby Whenever She Feels Like It#

When Ming Shu woke up, she was lying on a small and broken bunk bed. There were all sorts of packets thrown on the ground.

The walls and the ceiling were splattered with bloodstains. Some were new while others were old. The air smelled moldy and b.l.o.o.d.y.

The only source of light in this room came from a window. The scenery outside was gray and misty. Ming Shu could vaguely see buildings, but they were not clear.

She got down from the bunk bed. After ensuring that the surroundings were safe, she started downloading the storyline.

The background of this city was similar to a survival game.

In this game, areas were divided based on cities and each city was given a star ranking. The lowest was one star and the highest was five stars.

The humans that were chosen would be the players of the game.

The players that were chosen could enter a transmigration area. In this area, players could check their personal information, redeem items, rest, and even form a team.

But, new players did not have the chance to form a team.

This didn’t mean that the new player would get a one-star city for their first mission. They could be transported to a two-star, or if they were really unlucky, a three-star city.

If a new player survived in their first city, they would get the opportunity to form a team. As for which city they would be transported to, it was all up to the transmigration area.

Survival would be easier in lower star cities. If one got transported to a higher star city, they could only pray.

Hence, most people would choose to form a team once they completed their first mission. It was easier to survive as a team.

The fake female protagonist was called Du Mian, reborn.

Before she was reborn, she was jealous of the female protagonist. Although the female protagonist didn’t have many capabilities, there were always outstanding men around her. Even the man that she liked hovered around the female protagonist. Hence, she was green with envy and ended up digging her own grave.

After she was reborn, Du Mian s.n.a.t.c.hed the gold finger from the female protagonist. It was a magical s.p.a.ce. Not only could you store things inside, you could duplicate specific metal objects too.

For example, weapons… cars…

As long as you have the prototype, she could duplicate it for you.

With these two things, Du Mian led a really good life in this game and became a winner in life.

The Host was called Yin Luo. In the transmigration area, Yin Luo was a legend, and a weirdo.

She never formed a team with anyone but she could survive alone in a three-star city. No one had ever met a player that came back from four-star and five-star cities. It was rumored that no one could come back alive from a four-star or five-star city. Hence, there was no one who went to a four-star or five-star city in the transmigration area.

A three-star city was the highest level in the transmigration area.

Yin Luo met Du Mian in a three-star city.

The Host had a s.p.a.ce in her items pack too. Du Mian’s s.p.a.ce could only level up by swallowing other similar items, but s.p.a.ce-type items were hard to come by. Hence, when she met the Host, Du Mian tried all means to s.n.a.t.c.h the items in her hand.

The Host was powerful. Du Mian didn’t manage to succeed even after a few tries.

When doing a mission, the Host was stranded in an underground ruin along with the few of them. Because of special circ.u.mstances, the Host had no choice but to move together with them.

They met a formidable monster along the way. Du Mian used the Host as bait for the sake of her team and the Host lost an arm because of this.

The Host had been schemed against by the same person so many times and even lost an arm because of her. No matter how kind someone was, they would change in such a situation too.

From then on, the Host embarked on a path of no return.

In the end, the Host died at the hands of Du Mian. Her item was a bit special. It was hidden in her heart. Hence, Du Mian dug her heart out.

Now, this was a two-star city.

This was the first city in which Du Mian and the female protagonist encountered. The Host was here too, but her level was too high so they didn’t meet each other.

Ming Shu was in a daze after she downloaded the storyline.

The food supply in all the cities was limited. Here, you not had have to complete your mission, you also had to ensure that you would not die of hunger.


I hate this kind of city. I will starve to death!

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Shua shua shua—

Player items: Super poisonous needle, wind crack, invisible cloak, magic bean… rotating s.p.a.ce.

Player’s current city: Ruin City (two-star)

Rules of the game: The city is split in two. The players are split into the white and black teams. After ten days, the team that has more people in it will win.

Player’s team: Black

Ming Shu looked at the items bar. After counting them carefully, she realized that there were more than 20 types of items. However, most of them were still gray. This was because the level of the city was too low so the items couldn’t be used here.

The rotating s.p.a.ce was gray too. This rotating s.p.a.ce must the item that Du Mian wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h from her.

This thing was located in the heart…

What can such a s.p.a.ce store?

Ming Shu recalled that this s.p.a.ce didn’t seem to be used for storage purposes. It was used to kill people. Anything that got sucked into this s.p.a.ce would be shredded by the s.p.a.ce blades.

Killing and robbing, and disposing of the corpse. It was a must-have for such occasions.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t use it.

Besides these things, she could check the map too.

Every city had a different map. This time, the map was square-shaped and there was a star of the city in the middle giving out a golden glow.

At the top of the map, the two teams were shown, followed by a series of numbers.

Black Team: 2000

White Team: 2000

At this moment, the number of people in the White Team suddenly dropped from 2000 to 1999. In the blink of an eye, someone died.

The only way to survive in this game was—to kill.

However, to Ming Shu, the most important question was—what would she eat!

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