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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 618 - What A Messy Circle (Complete)

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Chapter 618: What A Messy Circle (Complete)

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Jiang Han smiled happily at the back. She knew that she had Zhao Yang in her hands.

Yangyang got even angrier. She pointed at Zhao Yang’s nose. “This is your family business, but Dai-er is my friend. You bully her and now you are asking me to leave? Why the h.e.l.l would I leave! Are you planning to protect her?”

Zhao Yang didn’t move.

Yangyang prepared to hit Zhao Yang but Fang Qi quickly pulled her back. “Calm down.”

Fang Qi let go of Yidai so Ming Shu caught her. Yidai’s body was cold and the blood in her face was gone.

Ming Shu ordered Lu Zhuo to carry a chair over. Lu Zhuo rolled his eyes secretly and pulled two chairs from the side. One for Yidai and one for his wife.


Ming Shu patted her hand. “Get a divorce. You have wasted so many years on him. He is already not worthy of you. You can still turn back now.”

Yidai’s hand shook. “But the child…”

The child was already five months old… the child had been in her stomach for so long. She couldn’t bear to part with it.

“You can give birth to the child. If your parents don’t want to raise him, the Xu family is rich enough to raise him.”

Yidai cried furiously and leaned against Ming Shu. “Beibei, I should have listened to you from the start.”

Lu Zhuo widened his eyes. Why are you hugging my wife!

Ah, you are even rubbing against her!

Lu Zhuo wanted to pull Yidai away. This is my wife!

F**k, let her go!

Yidai suddenly let go of Ming Shu. She wiped her tears. “I will listen to you. I will get a divorce.”

Yidai held onto the chair and got up. “Yangyang, Fang Qi.”

“What the h.e.l.l, why didn’t I realize that you were such a sc.u.mbag when we were young! If I knew it, I would not play with you.”

“Dai-er is calling you!” Fang Qi quickly dragged Yangyang back. Her eyes were red from her scolding.

Yidai smiled at Yangyang. She looked at Zhao Yang, who was protecting Jiang Han. “Zhao Yang, it was my mistake. I shouldn’t like you. I regret it now. Luckily, I still have the chance to turn back. So… let’s get a divorce.”

She should not feel lucky and thought that Zhao Yang had forgotten about Jiang Han.

Reality gave her a lesson. It was effective and painful.

She met Zhao Yang when she was young. Because of him, she met Yangyang and Fang Qi. She knew Beibei last. At the time, the circle was led by Yangyang and Beibei. She was not used to playing with them.

The things they did seemed a little crazy and difficult. Hence, every time they played, she would feel afraid.

However, Zhao Yang would always take her along and tell her the rules of the game. He would always bring her to the end.

She didn’t remember when she started to like Zhao Yang.

But she just liked him.

All the people around her knew that she liked him. Only he didn’t know.

She couldn’t remember all the things that she had given up for him, but she did it willingly. She liked him that much.

She liked him so much that she gave up the invitation from her dream school.

She liked him so much that she gave up her favorite hobby.

She liked him so much, until her world only consisted of him.

However, when Zhao Yang met Jiang Han, he changed. He was no longer the handsome and clean young man she knew… The vibrant painting started to turn yellow. She sealed it.

From today onwards, she would have to forget this person.

There were no tears in her eyes. She turned around firmly. Ming Shu held her. Before she left, she turned around and looked at Zhao Qian. She didn’t say anything and just left with Yidai.

Yangyang spat at Zhao Yang. “When the child comes, you should get a blood test and see if it’s really yours.”

Zhao Yang: “…”

Ming Shu sent Yidai back and left Yangyang to accompany her.

When they came down, Lu Zhuo walked out from the night scene. “Wife, are you cold?”

Ming Shu hugged him. She leaned against him and didn’t move. Instead, she asked, “Lu Zhuo, how big can a person’s heart be?”

“My heart is as big as you.”

It could only fit you.

“Are you a monster?” Ming Shu gestured with her hands. “I am so big. Is there such a s.p.a.ce in your body?”

“…” Hehe. Let’s just go back, wash up, and sleep. Why are you saying romantic things to her? You are causing anger for yourself.

Lu Zhuo dragged Ming Shu away. He didn’t see the bright smile that Ming Shu wore when she lowered her head.

Yidai and Zhao Yang’s divorce went smoothly. Ming Shu blacklisted Jiang Han. The entertainment industry was really peaceful recently so when Ming Shu suddenly blacklisted such an unpopular artist, it caught many people’s attention.

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After that, Jiang Han’s dark histories were dug out.

Be aware of fire. Be aware of thieves. Be aware of Guest.

After she finished pondering, Ming Shu waved her hand. “Bring in the dishes.”


The transparent cubicle opened and a young man leapt out easily. He looked at the mission progress bar at the side. After seeing that it was a failure again, he retracted his gaze and opened the door.

The corridor was filled with people.

He walked straight past the pa.s.sageway and summoned the elevator. He went up.

This was a really big office s.p.a.ce. The young man pushed away the robots blocking his path and went in directly.

The young man slammed his hands on the table. “What is the mission that you ask me to do?”

On the other side of the table, a chair slowly turned around. A golden-haired man opened his eyes. He looked at the young man indifferently. “You are getting more and more disrespectful.”

“Answer my question.”

The golden-haired man was not moved. “If you can’t do it, you can leave.”

The young man frowned and glared at the golden-haired man. After a while, he sneered. “There is nothing that I can’t do.”

He turned and left the room. At the door, he b.u.mped into someone. The young man’s mood got even worse. He said angrily, “What are you doing here?”

“Reporting for work. Are you going to ask about this too, Lord Nine?”

The young man scolded, “Birds of a feather.”

“Thanks for your compliment.” The person didn’t get angry and walked calmly into the room.

The young man scolded him again, “Evil people who collude together.”

The young man raised his head and looked at the wall beside him. There was a ranking shown on it.

First place: Luo Yan (Special Department)

Second place: Bai Shu (Conquest Department)

Third place: Xing Hun (Repair Department)

Fourth place…

50th place: Qi Yu.


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