Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 613 - What A Messy Circle (36)

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Chapter 613: What A Messy Circle (36)

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Huo Ting asked Xia Lian to get some rest first and ordered people to buy new clothes for her. The size of the clothes was really accurate.

If Huo Ting didn’t resist touching her, Xia Lian would have thought that he was still the same Huo Ting as before.

However, her instinct told her that Huo Ting had changed.

Huo Ting didn’t chase Xia Lian away so she stayed at his apartment. She wanted to return to the entertainment industry but Huo Ting said that she had changed too much. If she wanted to go back, she could not use the ident.i.ty of Xia Lian anymore.

But, she still looked similar to Xia Lian. He asked Xia Lian to wait for a while and let him settle everything first.

Huo Ting didn’t spend much time at the apartment. Even if he came back, he would not tell Xia Lian what he had been doing.

Xia Lian didn’t show it on her face, but she would notice the hints on Huo Ting’s body and even followed him secretly sometimes.

In the end, Xia Lian was certain that Huo Ting and the woman, although they were not at that stage yet, were dating each other.

When he sent her overseas, he promised that he would not betray her no matter how she changed.

How about now?

It had only been a month and he was already dating someone.


The sound of a phone caused Xia Lian to snap out of her thoughts. She looked at the phone on the table. She didn’t want to look at it at first, but when she saw the name of the sender, she changed her mind.

Xia Lian looked at the stairs. Huo Ting went up to get some materials so he shouldn’t be coming back so soon.

She took the phone. Huo Ting just left so his screen was not locked. Xia Lian managed to access his phone easily.

There were two messages. One picture and one paragraph of words.

It was a picture of a necklace.

—Thanks for your birthday present Mister Huo. I like it very much. Sorry to make you spend so much money on it. Do you have time tomorrow night?

Xia Lian looked at the paragraph with hatred in her eyes.

Shameless woman.

She wanted to reply, but footsteps sounded above her. Xia Lian quickly put the phone back and opened a magazine at the side.

Huo Ting came down and continued working. He didn’t seem to realize that his phone had been touched.

Xia Lian held the magazine and asked curiously, “Huo Ting, is this an artist from Zhishang Entertainment?”

Huo Ting looked up at the artist Xia Lian was pointing at and nodded his head. “Yes.”

“She seems really popular recently,” Xia Lian said. “She is able to achieve such results even after Xu Bei’s doings. Zhishang Entertainment must have put much effort into her, right?”

Huo Ting kept quiet for a while. He put down the doc.u.ments in his hand. “I know that you want to go back, but I have to plan everything for you too. You need to wait patiently.”

Xia Lian suddenly raised her voice. “Until when do you want me to wait? Until you two get married?”

Huo Ting immediately frowned. He scolded her unhappily, “Xia Lian, what are you saying?”

“Do you not know what I am saying?” Xia Lian threw the magazine at Huo Ting. “The things that you said to me before, it was all a lie. You’re just a liar.”

Xia Lian cried as she ran out of the apartment.

Huo Ting didn’t chase after her. He didn’t even call her. Xia Lian laughed and cried at the same time.

She put in so much effort to tear Xu Bei and him apart but in the end, someone else claimed the reward. She was not convinced!

Xia Lian didn’t know where she should go.

The Xia family…

Yes, she could go home.

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She didn’t tell the Xia family that she was disfigured. When she left, she only told them that she was going to attend training and she would not be back so soon. She would call them every month.

Xia Lian went to look for Huo Ting at his apartment. After exchanging a few sentences, they started quarrelling again.

Huo Ting seemed to have used up all his patience for Xia Lian. He gave her a sum of money and an agent and never looked for her again.

Xia Lian tried to see him many times, but she was always stopped by his a.s.sistant.

Xia Lian didn’t give up. She waited at Huo Ting’s apartment, but Huo Ting didn’t go back there anymore. She finally managed to find his other apartment, but all she saw was Huo Ting and that woman hugging and kissing each other at the door.

Xia Lian rushed up without thinking and slapped the woman on the face.

“Xia Lian, what are you doing!” Huo Ting grabbed Xia Lian’s hand and embraced the woman.

“Huo Ting, you like me.” Xia Lian’s voice was shrill. “Why are you with her? You should be with me.”

“Stop being unreasonable!” Huo Ting scolded.

“Me? Unreasonable?” Xia Lian looked as though she’d heard a joke. “How am I unreasonable? When you slept with me that time, why didn’t you say that I was unreasonable? Do you not like me because of how I look now? You were the one who said that I would be fine. You said it!”

Huo Ting let go of the woman. “Go inside first.”

The woman placed her hand on the part of the face that was slapped. She felt wronged. She looked back and forth between the two of them and entered the apartment without saying anything.

Huo Ting pulled the slightly crazed Xia Lian and threw her into the car. He only stopped driving after they arrived at a deserted area.

“Huo Ting, how can you do this to me?” Xia Lian was still crying.

Huo Ting grabbed her hand irritatedly and pushed her against the seat. His face was cold. “Xia Lian, you asked someone to kidnap Lu Zhuo, right?”

Xia Lian froze.

He… how did he know?

“How do I know?” Huo Ting seemed to understand the emotions in her eyes. “Xu Bei told me.”

Xia Lian screamed, “You believed what she said?!”

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