Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 611 - What A Messy Circle (34)

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Chapter 611: What A Messy Circle (34)

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“You dare to appear arrogant in front of me when that person is not even here?”

Ming Shu sat in the courtyard and peeled her nuts as she glanced at the groaning Brother Duan on the ground.

“Did I act for nothing?” I need to be paid in snacks for my appearance too!

Wasting my energy = wasting my snacks = wasting my life.

How can this happen!

“Hit him!”

Brother Duan shouted in pain again. The bodyguards didn’t care about whether they hit him in the face or not. They just hit him.

Ming Shu replenished her life points. When she saw that Brother Duan was almost dying, she asked the bodyguards to stop.

“Where did the person go?”

“I don’ know…” Brother Duan claimed that he didn’t know with a swollen tongue.

This was different from what he imagined! He should be the one with the upper hand. Why was she sitting in front of him and acting like a tyrant?

“Aren’t you the one that kidnapped him? How can you not know?!” Ming Shu moved the chair in front of him. “Are you an idiot or am I an idiot?”

“I rerry don’ know.” I really don’t know.

Ming Shu lifted her chin and the bodyguards came forward once again. “Hit him till he speaks.”

The bodyguards’ fists came down again. Brother Duan felt that he would be beaten to death but he didn’t want to die because of this. “I will tell you…”

Half an hour ago, Lu Zhuo was taken away by a man while he waited for Ming Shu here.

“What man?”

Brother Duan shook his head. He really didn’t know this. The man contacted him and he was wearing a ghost mask so he didn’t even know what the man looked like.

“You are really daring too. You work with a person that you don’t even know.” Ming Shu smiled sarcastically. “Where are they now?”

Brother Duan muttered for a long time before he finished explaining everything.

Ming Shu asked the bodyguards to tie these people up and dragged Brother Duan along to guide her.

The village was like a maze. Each household was very far apart from the other. Ming Shu felt that she walked for a long time before Brother Duan pointed to a building and said that this was it.

It was a small two-storey building which seemed really normal. It was not like the messy house that Brother Duan lived in.

Ming Shu stood a distance away from the building and sized it up.

The bodyguard said, “Boss Xu, the other party might have noticed us.”

The other party would have sent someone to keep an eye on the courtyard and they made such a huge commotion over there, it would be impossible if they weren’t noticed.

“So what if they noticed us? Will they set up a banquet and welcome us? If that is the case, I’m really excited.”

The bodyguards: “…” Why is Boss Xu’s thinking so weird?

If they were discovered, it meant that it would be more difficult for them to save the person!

“Let’s go.” Boss Xu waved her hand.

The bodyguards: “…” Are we going just like this?

Boss Xu, are you serious?

Before Ming Shu and her bodyguards went near the building, a loud peng sounded and a huge fireball shot up into the sky, lighting up the surroundings clearly.

“Boss Xu, don’t go over…”

“Boss Xu, danger!”

The building started burning after it exploded. Ming Shu didn’t look inside. She scanned the surroundings of the building.

Lu Zhuo ran out of the fire. The minute he saw Ming Shu, his heart jumped and he quickly messed up his appearance. Then, he ran two steps forward and fell on the ground—pretending that he was dead.

Lu Zhuo heard footsteps. She stopped and felt about his body with her warm hands.

Next, he felt his body being lifted up. Lu Zhuo continued to pretend he was dead and didn’t dare to give himself away.

The sound of the fire crackling behind them faded and he could only hear the faint sounds of wind in his ears.

At the hospital…

Lu Zhuo was pretending to sleep at first but he really fell asleep in the end. When he woke up at the hospital, he still had to act confused about his surroundings.

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Life is all about acting!

They can only get more vicious. There is never a limit to their viciousness!

Ming Shu was shocked. “Will you die from not eating a meal? Are you that pampered?”

“I am a sick person.”

“Sick people must be careful of what they eat. The doctor told me just now.”


Lu Zhuo was so angry he laid back on his bed and turned his head to the other side, ignoring Ming Shu.

Ming Shu was done with her provoking and went out to take some porridge.

“Get up and eat.” Ming Shu patted him with her hands.

“Let me starve to death. I will not eat.” Lu Zhuo had dignity.

“Stop acting like this. Hurry up and eat this.” Ming Shu lifted his blanket and dragged Lu Zhuo upright. “If you die in the hospital, the hospital might ask me for compensation. Die when you get out of the hospital.”

What happens if your target curse you to die whenever she feels like it!

You strangle her.

Lu Zhuo couldn’t fight against Ming Shu so he was forced to sit up. He lifted his head. “Feed me.”

Lu Zhuo gave a “I won’t eat if you don’t feed me” face.

Ming Shu smiled sweetly.

Lu Zhuo heard her saying in a gentle voice, “Don’t eat if you don’t want to.”

Ming Shu turned and sat on the chair beside her. She lifted her legs and started peeling oranges.

Lu Zhuo: “…” F**k.

Lu Zhuo would not torture his stomach so he drank two bowls of porridge.

“How did you find me?” Lu Zhuo asked her about the kidnapping.

Ming Shu was proud. “There is nothing a president can’t do.”

Lu Zhuo sneered. You are not a man.

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