Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 61 - Gorgeous Doctor (8)

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Chapter 61: Gorgeous Doctor (8)

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Ming Shu got ready to leave, angry. The thunder cat bit her clothes, howling, “Aoo…”

Ming Shu tried to pull her clothes free but failed, so she turned to look at the thunder cat with a sigh. Then she looked at the confused people standing away from her.

“Who took its egg? Just eat… no, give it back.” I wonder if the eggs of thunder cats are edible.

“What egg?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t take it.”

“I didn’t either. I didn’t see any eggs.”

“Does the thunder cat lay eggs?”

Once this remark was out the group suddenly fell quiet. They realized that the thunder cat seemed to have kittens instead of laying eggs. What kind of egg was it looking for?

“Okay, I asked, but it’s up to them whether or not to give back your egg. Now let go of me.” Ming Shu pulled at her clothes again.

The thunder cat purred, reluctant to open its mouth, then turned to the other side, roaring. It probably meant to say to return the egg and avoid dying.

Ming Shu really wanted to tell it that the novel’s hero and heroine as well as the fake protagonist were all here. Even if you had a tenth level spirit beast beside you, you wouldn’t be able to kill them. This is your fate! Probably your egg has been eaten.

[…] Do you think everyone is like you? Eat, eat, eat, what else do you know?

Although several thunder cats had left for the bear, the remaining ones still outnumbered the humans, thus no one dared to make any rash moves.

“Who took it?” Feng Cheng’s fierce gaze swept across the crowd. But most people were dazed, not knowing anything about the egg.

“Lord Seven, this must be Zhi Po’s conspiracy. She is trying to find an excuse to kill us. Apparently thunder cats don’t lay eggs.” Someone boldly put forward his personal opinion.

Feng Cheng glanced at the speaking person.

“I… I didn’t say anything wrong.” That man was a bit scared to look into the eyes of Feng Cheng, his voice almost unheard.

“Whoever took it, just hand it over quickly, or n.o.body can leave.” One of Feng Cheng’s escorts continued, “No matter what kind of egg, just take it out.”

Following the escort’s sentence, Feng Cheng pointed at a person and said in an a.s.sured tone, “Hand it over.”

That man flushed. “I… I didn’t take it.”

Feng Cheng slightly narrowed his eyes. The temperature seemed to have dropped several degrees. The man still tried to quibble, his body trembling. “I really didn’t take it.”

“Search him.”

Finally, the escort found an egg on that person. It was the size of a fist, the sh.e.l.l covered in colorful vertical stripes. No one present knew what animal would lay such an egg. Even Feng Cheng was confused.

The escort held the egg, carefully approaching the thunder cat. He put the egg on the ground, then returned to the crowd.

The thunder cat jumped out swiftly and picked up the egg in its mouth. It stared at the people over there for a while. Then, with a howling sound, all the thunder cats immediately scurried into the surrounding shrubs, disappearing without a trace.

“…” Ungrateful , Ming Shu thought.

The bear returned shortly after the thunder cats left. The group scattered everywhere in panic. They didn’t get rid of the bear until dawn.

For some unknown purpose, Xiao Rufeng didn’t take advantage of the chaos to escape.

“What is this place?” After a break, everyone suddenly found they had deviated from their mapped route. They totally had no idea where they were at this moment.

“Check the map.”

“It doesn’t work. It can’t tell where this place is…”

“It’s all Xiao Rufeng’s fault.”

With the quarreling going on in the front, Ming Shu walked slowly far behind them.

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Hui Xue was trying to figure out their location. Holding the map for a long time, she frowned and said worriedly, “Miss, we seem to be near the Mountain of Dragon Bones.”

“Miss zhi Po, just now this Miss said this is the Mountain of Dragon Bones.” The escort expressed his doubts. “Is it?”

“Really?” Ming Shu turned to ask Hui Xue.

Hui Xue covered her chest with her hands, face dark. How should I answer? Or should I shut up? If I say something wrong, Miss will be angry again.

The escort didn’t get the answer he wanted, but was driven away. He then returned to Feng Cheng helplessly.

“I’m so hungry. Liu Feng, go get some food.” Ming Shu chose a place to sit down, holding her chin. She watched Feng Cheng’s group from a distance. “What kind of place is the Mountain of Dragon Bones?”

“The Mountain of Dragon Bones is one of the most dangerous places in the Windy Mountain Range of Demons. It’s rumored that this place was buried beneath dragon bones. The resentment of the dead dragon has taken root here. Anyone who entered the Mountain wouldn’t be able to leave alive, so disciples of our Valley would walk around to avoid it,” Hui Xue answered quickly while muttering to herself, Doesn’t the Miss know this already?

“That’s awesome.”

“Miss, the point is we seem to be near the Mountain of Dragon Bones now.”


Hui Xue almost lost her mind. Miss, can’t you be a little more nervous?

“I heard her mention the Mountain of Dragon Bones,” the escort reported to Feng Cheng. “They seem to have a map, but I didn’t see it clearly. Who are they, Lord?”

Feng Cheng glanced at Ming Shu’s side. He also wanted to know who they were.

“Go and bring Bai Yanran here.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Bai Yanran thought Feng Cheng called her for some good reason. She came along with a happy and shy expression, but was only asked about the matter of Ming Shu.

Bai Yanran hated Ming Shu secretly in her heart, but she didn’t dare to show that resentment on her face. She belittled Ming Shu using both overt and covert words, exaggerating the facts at her own will.

“In the beginning, she offered her services. Now that I think about the whole thing, I have to say she must’ve hidden her evil purpose. Fortunately she exposed herself early, or I would still be in the dark.” Bai Yanran looked entirely miserable. “I was so kind to her but she used me. I’m sorry, Lord, it’s all because I trust people so easily.”

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