Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 609 - What A Messy Circle (32)

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Chapter 609: What A Messy Circle (32)

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On a remote road, a car’s lights were flashing. The sounds of bone malposition came from the bushes nearby.

Several minutes later, a black shadow came out of the bushes. He took off his blood stained coat and smashed it directly onto the car.

Lu Zhuo supported on the bonnet, panting. The blood beads were forming in the two blood stains on his face.

After a short rest, Lu Zhuo went back into the bushes again. There on the ground lay a man, panting but unable to move.

Seeing Lu Zhuo come back, the man’s eyes were filled with horror.

Lu Zhuo took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket and chose one. As the lighter lit it up, the flame illuminated all around.

The man saw the coldness on Lu Zhuo’s face. His eyes were deep and calm, which gave him a feeling of extreme depression.

He looked like a total different person from the super star before.

The flame went out, and all around it was dark again, except for the glints of light.

The light began to move toward him, and Lu Zhuo searched out the phone from him. He focused on it, then pointed it at the man and asked in a low voice. “Pa.s.sword.”

The phone was very close to him, and the light on the screen made his eyes hurt.

The man who held the phone was hidden in the dark, like a grumpy beast waiting to tear up his prey.

The man shivered. “202734”.

Lu Zhuo opened the phone and checked the address list. There was only one contact recorded and two read messages.

The man heard Lu Zhuo say in a calm, indifferent voice. “Killing in self-defense shouldn’t be against the law.”

“No… don’t kill me, I don’t know anything. I’m just an errand boy.” The man shook his head in panic. “Don’t kill me. I don’t know anything. I just acted on phone calls and texts, please, I’m not the one who wants to hurt you.”


A strange number came in.

Lu Zhuo didn’t answer it. It was not until he had finished a cigarette that he picked the man up. “If you don’t want to die, just listen to me carefully.”

“Yes… okay okay okay. I’ll cooperate and I’ll listen to you on everything.”

Lu Zhuo’s car was equipped with a position tracker and Lu Zhuo himself didn’t know it. Lin Wenyue didn’t know why Ming Shu set the position tracker on Lu Zhuo’s each car.

But now he knew the reason.

A star was a public figure who looked glamorous, but suffered from something many times the amount of ordinary people.

Lin Wenyue looked at the dots on the map. The view outside the window flew by, and the noisy city disappeared, leaving only silence.

Lin Wenyue couldn’t help but ask, “Boss Xu, how much on earth have you considered for Lu Zhuo?”

“What’s the use of so much consideration? He was kidnapped still.” Sitting on the pa.s.senger seat, Ming Shu held a box of yogurt and looked ahead blankly.

“Boss Xu, why don’t you be with Lu Zhuo since you like him?”

“Is that something you as an agent should say?”

Lin Wenyue was silent for a few seconds. “Probably we’ve been through a lot.”

The most forbidden words for the artists were falling in love. Even they had developed a relationship, they had to keep it secret. For many stars, their children were in primary school but no one outside knew that they were married.

This was the price stars had to pay for standing in the spotlight.

Lin Wenyue continued, “Lu Zhuo didn’t like the industry. He took it seriously, but he was not enthusiastic. He was just doing his job. But the way he looked at Boss Xu… was different, his eyes blazing.”

He had seen it in another man.

“Boss Xu, sometimes, missed is missed and you can’t go back… Don’t let yourself regret it.”


I have nothing to regret.

I won’t confess. I don’t want to lose face!

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Ming Shu remained unmoved on the surface, as if she didn’t hear what Lin Wenyue just said. “What we should do now is get him back. If you continue delaying, he’ll probably be ripped apart and we’ll have to collect the body.”

The most important thing was, even if he was killed, he would come alive in the next game.

Ming Shu: Why don’t you talk? Have a chat with me!

Ming Shu: It’s such a long night, why don’t we talk about life, the ideal…

Ming Shu tried to dial the number but it was turned off. Probably they were afraid of being positioned.


Such a long journey is boring. I don’t even have anyone to chat with me.

Ming Shu swept a gaze over the map. The dot on it was still moving.

“The moon is full today.”

Lin Wenyue looked outside and twitched the corner of his mouth. At this time, she had the mood to care about the moon?

“It’ll be beautiful to kill under the moonlight.”

“Boss Xu, please be normal.” Lin Wenyue had goose b.u.mps appear all over his body. He began to worry that Boss Xu would go crazy first before they got Lu Zhuo back.

Ming Shu supported her chin with one hand and smiled slightly at Lin Wenyue. She said with a tender tone, “Relax, I don’t kill people.”

Lin Wenyue: “…” I’m even more scared when you say that!

I shouldn’t have gotten myself involved in this.

But now it was too late to look back. Lin Wenyue could only continue driving. They were getting closer and closer to the dot on the map.

In the end, the dot stopped.

Lin Wenyue couldn’t help getting nervous and sped up. It must not be something bad happening…

“Boss Xu…”

Before Lin Wenyue said anything, Ming Shu interrupted him. “If we wait for the police, what we’ll face must be Lu Zhuo’s cold body.”

Lin Wenyue: “…” Boss Xu seemed so afraid that he wouldn’t die that she kept talking about the body.

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