Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 608 - What A Messy Circle (31)

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Chapter 608: What A Messy Circle (31)

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“I haven’t eaten anything.”

Lu Zhuo looked at Ming Shu piteously.

The latter smiled. “Help yourself and you’ll want for nothing.”

Lu Zhuo almost rolled his eyes at her. He took out his phone and began to work on it. Ming Shu was lazy to care about him, so she went back to her room and changed into something comfortable after finishing the snacks.

During the process she answered a phone which lasted for nearly half an hour. When she walked out, the living room was in dark, and there were only candles burning in the dining room. The table was served with delicate food on it.

When the soft music sounded, Lu Zhuo came out from the dark. With a smile on his face, he kept one of his hands behind his back and reached the other hand in front of Ming Shu, bending slightly. “Miss Xu Bei, may I have the honor to invite you for dinner?”

In the candlelight, Lu Zhuo’s outline seemed to soften.

“If I say no, will you jump off a building?” Do you think you can bribe me with a meal? I am 100% loyal to Hatred Points!

Lu Zhuo kept smiling and squeezed a word out of his teeth. “Yes, I will.”

Ming Shu suggested: “The third floor is the highest here. Remember to find a good place when you jump, or you won’t die.”

Lu Zhuo resisted the impulse to choke her. “Will you eat or not? If you don’t eat, I’ll go throw them away, and then I’ll go to jump off a building.” I won’t leave you even if I become a ghost.

Ming Shu reached out her hand. “I’ll take it.”

Food shouldn’t be wasted.

Lu Zhuo led Ming Shu to the dinner table. If Ming Shu walked behind him, she would have seen a knife with a cold light in his hand.

These things were certainly not cooked by Lu Zhuo, which were ordered from the outside, but they tasted not bad, just a little cold.

The candlelight was ambiguous. Lu Zhuo didn’t eat much food, instead he looked at Ming Shu in a trance.

Even under the gaze, Ming Shu ate up all the food calmly.

“Looking at me can make you full stuffed?”

Lu Zhuo came back to himself. “You’re beautiful and I want to look at you more.”

Ming Shu nodded in approval. “Well, I also think so.”

Lu Zhuo: “…”

Crazy woman.

Lu Zhuo lowered his head and began to eat. When he finished the dinner, Ming Shu had left the dining room and went to the living room.


Such a person like her doesn’t deserve me!

Lu Zhuo poured himself a gla.s.s of wine and drank it up in one go.

He drank too fast and was choked to cough a lot. Even the wine is bullying me!

Lu Zhuo sat in the dining room alone and drank the wine. By the time Ming Shu went over, he had already finished a large bottle of wine.

Ming Shu walked up to take the gla.s.s from his hand. “What, do you want to die here?”

Lu Zhuo felt very dizzy and there were overlapped shadows in front of his eyes. He tried to grasp Ming Shu but caught nothing in hand. Ming Shu was afraid that he might hit onto the table so she went up to support him.

Lu Zhuo embraced Ming Shu’s waist and rubbed against it with his cheek. He murmured, “Xu Bei, I like you so much.”

His voice was like a whisper, falling into Ming Shu’s heart and giving birth to a strange softness that tickled her.

She reached out to touch Lu Zhuo’s head. “En.”

“Do you like me?”

Lu Zhuo didn’t get an answer. Ming Shu moved him onto the sofa, but Lu Zhuo asked again stubbornly. “Do you like me?”

“Stay still, don’t talk nonsense after drinking.”

“Why don’t you like me?”

“…” Look at you now. Even if I say I like you, you won’t remember when you are sober. So I’d better say nothing.

Lu Zhuo suddenly stood up with a rush and turned his head to look at Ming Shu. He blinked with his eyes filled with confusion. “Why don’t you like me…”

He looked like a small animal to be discarded and questioned his owner — Why don’t you want me.

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Ming Shu lifted her hand to cover his eyes, then leaned over and kissed him.

Nine tenth of Lu Zhuo’s fans disliked Ming Shu.

And the left one tenth just super disliked her.

“Boss Xu, I lost Mister Lu.”

Ming Shu paused. The word she was writing was destroyed and the pen point cut the paper. She asked, “What do you mean you lost him?”

The person on the other side was very nervous and he stuttered, “Just now on the way back from filming, Mister Lu asked me to buy some flowers. But when I came back, the car was gone and I couldn’t get through his phone. Boss Xu, could anything happen to Mr. Lu?”

Ming Shu hung up the phone and dialed another number.

“Where’s he?”

“Boss Xu? What’s wrong?” The other party didn’t seem to know what happened and didn’t answer immediately.

“Where’s Lu Zhuo’s car now?”

“It’s heading to the apartment.”

“Stop the car.” Ming Shu gave the order while standing up and walking outside.

When Ming Shu arrived, she saw a strange driver in the car. She bent down to look inside and found it was not right. It was not Lu Zhuo’s car.

It was just a car with the same type and license plate number as that of Lu Zhuo’s. This was definitely a plan beforehand…

The driver was a designated driver who was told to drive this car toward Lu Zhuo’s apartment. It was dark so the driver didn’t see what the man looked like. He thought the man was drunk and didn’t expect such a situation to happen.

Ming Shu asked the driver where he took the order.

The driver pointed at a road section where had the maximum traffic flow, and there was a pedestrian street nearby with many people come and go. If they were stopped by the red light, it would be difficult to trace the one they were following.

The bodyguards were quite nervous as they lost the target they were supposed to protect. “Boss Xu, do we need to call the police?”

Ming Shu moved uneasily with hands on hips. Hearing this, she pulled out a fake smile. “Call the police? Will you take responsibility if they kill him?”

Bodyguards: “…”

“Check the car’s position tracker,” Ming Shu suddenly said.

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