Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 607 - What A Messy Circle (30)

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Chapter 607: What A Messy Circle (30)

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Netizens had just woken up from the shock of Ming Shu’s incredible operation, and then they were shocked by another thing after a one-night sleep.

Lu Zhuo’s former agent should sent a long micro blog to apologize to Lu Zhuo, and he clarified that he said Lu Zhuo was mentally ill because Beichen Entertainment fired him and he was very p.i.s.sed off.

At the end he made a profound self-examination and apologized to Lu Zhuo.

Lu Zhuo instantly changed from a suspected murderer to a little wretch.

“Brother Lin, did you make him?” Lu Zhuo came to Lin Wenyue with his phone.

But Lin Wenyue also just saw the article and was in confusion. He had originally thought of a good countermeasure to solve the matter, but before he took any action, Brother Duan should admitted the mistake directly…

This means looked like something his boss would take.

Thinking of Ming Shu as a stubborn, tough boss, Lin Wenyue feared that if he spilled the beans, she would definitely pay a special visit to diss him.

So Lin Wenyue skillfully avoided the topic. “It’s better to settle this matter as soon as possible. You have a new play coming up soon, and too much negative news is not good for your image. As it’s settled well now, the crew may need you to help publicize, so watch your diet in recent days.”

Lu Zhuo looked suspiciously at Lin Wenyue more than several times, but he didn’t ask more.

Lu Zhuo’s new play was on, which was not far from his last show; plus what had happened recently, Lu Zhuo now became extremely popular.

Compared to his last show, the current one’s ratings were even higher.

When Lu Zhuo’s career continued booming, Brother Duan was drunk in his own living room, with some pictures scattered in front of him. They were not some indecent pictures, but which were worse than that.

A few years ago, he was dragged down by an artist and tried drugs. Because he was usually more restrained, his addiction was not very big, but every once in a while he still needed them.

However, he didn’t expect to be photoed…

He was just an agent, not an artist, who would pay much attention to him? With that in mind, he would be careful when taking drugs but not as cautious as an artist.

Lu Zhuo… An psycho. Why does that Xu Bei like him?

Everything went wrong since Lu Zhuo was taken back.

When Brother Duan worked with Lu Zhuo at first, he almost lost the position as the operation director because of the latter. But Brother Duan didn’t expect that he lost it anyway after Lu Zhuo returned.

He was driven out of Beichen Entertainment in that way, and he was p.i.s.sed off. After staying at Beichen Entertainment for so many years, he knew it very well from inside out, and he thought he would be able to put the company in danger.

Who knew that Beichen Entertainment directly announced bankruptcy. She set up a new entertainment company right away and combined several entertainment companies together in the s...o...b..z.

Is this the destiny?

Pah! He didn’t believe in that s.h.i.t. Lu Zhuo sold his own body to get the young girl do everything for him.

Brother Duan took two swigs of wine and his heart was filled with hatred.

He thought the other party would let him off as long as he clarified the matter as what he was told, but he didn’t expect that this stuff was delivered to Zhishang.

An agent with drug addiction might cause an artist with the same. So Zhishang Entertainment didn’t dare keep him.

The news was also spread out by too many mouths, so now Zhishang Entertainment didn’t want him, nor the other small entertainment companies.



The phone vibrated on the table. Brother Duan just drank hard and didn’t plan to answer it. But the phone kept calling, as if if he didn’t answer, the other side would never give up.

Brother Duan was so annoyed by the noise, so he picked up the phone and shouted at it. “Who is it!”


The phone was still vibrating.

Brother Duan stared at it for ten seconds in that way. After recovering a little from the alcohol, he pressed the speaking key. “Who is it?”

“Do you want revenge? Do you want to see Lu Zhuo and Xu Bei lose all reputation?”

The voice from the other end of the phone sounded not male or female, but Brother Duan heard every word clearly.

He became a little sober, tightened the grip on his phone. “Who is that?”

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The person said, “You don’t need to know who I am, just answer me, do you want that or not?”

So he didn’t want to stay in the crew.

Shooting what play!

Do I come for the shooting?

“Missing me is nothing useful.”

Lu Zhuo suddenly leaned forward to hold her, with his chin on her shoulder and his warm breath in her ears. “Xu Bei, let’s go on a date.”

“Are you sure you can make it three meters alive?” Won’t those crazy fans rip him off?

Thinking about the b.l.o.o.d.y scene, Ming Shu only wanted a couple of snacks to calm down.

“Let’s go to your house then, I haven’t been there yet,” Lu Zhuo said. “I want to stay with you today anyway.”

Ming Shu didn’t agree and didn’t refuse, either. “Let go of me.”


“I need to drive.”

“I’m not stopping you from that.”

“…” You held me like this, so it’s not called hindering?

Finally, Lu Zhuo quietly sat down in the seat. Ming Shu was originally to go out and meet a boss, but now she could only let the secretary make some temporary arrangements and she brought Lu Zhuo home.

Upon entering the house, Lu Zhuo looked everywhere and finally sat down beside Ming Shu. “Do you think it’s too big for you to live alone? I should move in and live with you.”

Ming Shu kept a distance away from little demon Lu with snacks in her arms. “Don’t press your luck.”

Little demon Lu continued to approach Ming Shu. “If there’s a someone living with you, you can talk and accompany each other. You’re alone all the time, how lonely!”

Ming Shu gave a fake smile.

Not really.

I have snacks.

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