Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 606 - What A Messy Circle (29)

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Chapter 606: What A Messy Circle (29)

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Ever since Ming Shu received the task of dominating the entertainment industry, she had set up several project teams. She hired the team members from outside and gave them the goal of buying other entertainment companies. As long as someone was willing to sell shares, money was not a problem.

One blockbuster after another was broadcast, which made the onlookers from both within and outside the circle feel dumbfounded.

Does such a unique operation really exist?

We’ve never seen such a willful person.

She buys the company as long as she likes it.

The Xu family was rich, but was it rich enough to afford such crazy expenditures? Why hadn’t her father beaten her up yet?

Father Xu did almost beat Ming Shu up, but Ming Shu promised again and again that she would earn more money back in three years, so Father Xu had to agree.

Luo Chuan made himself comfortable on the sofa with a cigarette in his mouth. He watched the interview in the news with interest and an evil rage flashed past his eyes.

The a.s.sistant stood beside him and said carefully, “Boss Luo, Beichen Entertainment’s shares are all worthless now. The newly established Ancient & Modern Entertainment is not like Beichen Entertainment and we have no way to intervene…”

Luo Chuan took the cigarette out of his mouth. “She did all of those things, but you didn’t even have a clue?”

He was planning to destroy Beichen Entertainment, but she was planning to buy other entertainment companies. Now Beichen Entertainment was indeed destroyed, but she had set up a new company.

How could such a huge project be accomplished overnight?

The a.s.sistant was sweating profusely. “Our people didn’t find she was in contact with anyone from those companies…”

Luo Chuan said, “She wasn’t, but can’t she ask someone else to do it? I told you to pay attention to any abnormality, but you didn’t find anything. You really surprised me.”

The a.s.sistant was very perturbed. He could never have expected such a provocative operation from that Boss Xu. It turned out she never cared about Beichen Entertainment since the very beginning.

Luo Chuan waved the a.s.sistant out.

The news on TV was still ongoing. Luo Chuan looked at the screen and seemed to have drifted away.

When the news was over, Luo Chuan blinked his eyes and murmured, “She can make so many people miss their targets, so she is really not ordinary.

“But what a pity…”

You couldn’t tell what he was feeling pity for. He laughed to himself after murmuring, and in his eyes were rays of lights, a spark of great interest.

Luo Chuan took the notebook from the desk with a finger and wrote on it with a pen. Then he put it into an envelope and even drew a small figure holding a gun in the envelope’s bottom right corner.

Luo Chuan pointed at the void with the same gesture neurotically. “Peng…”

It was noon the next day when Ming Shu received the letter.

On the screen in front of her was the news about Luo Chuan’s sudden death from illness. His photo was placed in the upper right corner. It was a different picture from the one Ming Shu had seen in person, with a stiffer face.

When the news moved on, Ming Shu opened the letter.

There were few words in the letter, and the handwriting was lively and vigorous like wild cursive.

—On a clear night with a bright moon, dreams walk into the winding corridor; and in the skyland with a scorching sun, cities will be slaughtered.

Ming Shu checked both sides of the letter paper and confirmed that there was only one line on it.

It was not some ancient poem, at least Ming Shu hadn’t seen such a kind of ancient poem. Luo Chuan left her with this poem-like thing, so what did he want to tell her?

Next time he sees me he’ll still kill me?

But wait…

Luo Chuan died. What about my Hatred Points?

WTF! Who let you die!

Ming Shu slapped the paper on the table and pulled the snack from the side. As the snack bag moved, Little Beastie rolled out of it onto the table and directly rolled off it.

Little Beastie was about to jump up and curse its p.o.o.p-picker, the door suddenly opened. Little Beastie darted behind the side cabinet swiftly.

“Boss Xu, General Manager Lin is waiting for you to attend the meeting.”

“Okay, I know.”

Little Beastie watched Ming Shu stand there for a while, then she swept all the snacks on the table into her arms and left the office.


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p.o.o.p-picker, won’t you leave some to me!

He stood up and walked over to Ming Shu. He held her shoulder and make her look at him directly, then said word by word, “Don’t trust anyone except me, including your family and your friends.”

Ming Shu tilted her head. “Why should I believe you?”

Lu Zhuo’s expression dimmed. There were things that he couldn’t say, and even if he wanted to tell her, the rules wouldn’t allow him to do that.

How should I tell her…

Lu Zhuo was silent for a while, then he put down his hands and spoke in a sincere tone. “I won’t harm you, never.”

“Lu Zhuo.”

Ming Shu suddenly called him seriously.

“Are you falling ill again?”

When normal people heard his inexplicable words, their first reaction was definitely that he was ill. Ming Shu thought there was nothing wrong with her reaction, so she stared at Lu Zhuo in a righteous way.

Lu Zhuo: “…”

Where is my knife!

Where is my knife!

WTF! He spoke to her so earnestly and affectionately, and she just answered with that? What was that supposed to mean? What does she want to do!

Do you think it’s easy for me to brew the emotion?!


The office door was slammed closed with a thundering noise when Lu Zhuo left. Little Beastie popped its head out of the corner, its black, gem-like eyes looking around quickly, and it grunted in the direction where Lu Zhuo had left from.

Ming Shu was actually very busy, so she just chuckled and started her work—but she ate a pizza before that.

She worked until the evening lights were turned on. The secretary and Lin Wenyue constantly communicated with her about the company affairs; meanwhile, Lin Wenyue thought that it was a mistake when he agreed to work for her in the beginning.

Why am I helping run the company now when I was just a manager back then?

Ming Shu patted him on the shoulder with a sweet smile. “Your talents have been hidden for so many years, and now is the time for you to show them. Mister Lin, go forth.”

Lin Wenyue: “…” I go forth? So whose company is this?!

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