Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 605 - What A Messy Circle (28)

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Chapter 605: What A Messy Circle (28)

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The appearance of Huo Ting may have made Xia Lian feel that her backer was here, so she straightened up and didn’t lose her imposing manner before Ming Shu.

Even if she is the Xu family’s young miss, so what? As long as I have Huo Ting, the Xu family will become the past someday.

I will be the final winner.

“Mister Huo, did you intend to beat me dead or disable me last time?”

Ming Shu started a conversation with astonishing words.

Huo Ting looked aside slightly. The girl sat in a grandiose manner next to him, and there was a beaming smile on her pretty face, like bright peach blossoms in March’s spring wind.

The stage lights flashed and pa.s.sed by her inky eyes. Within an instant, the broken lights seemed to be reflected into the abyss.

He was above the abyss and felt the wind blowing past fiercely. His body couldn’t help but fall down.

Huo Ting came back to himself with a rush and was surprised.

But when he took a closer look, the girl was still wearing a faint smile and was as innocent and simple as a young child.

He calmed himself down. “Xu Bei, what are you talking about?”

“What I’m talking about, Mister Huo, I’m sure you understand.” Ming Shu smiled slightly. “Are you very disappointed to see that I’m okay?”

Huo Ting held Xia Lian in his arms and said in a cold voice, from which you couldn’t tell his emotion, “I’m not disappointed.”

Ming Shu didn’t seem to hear his words and smiled again. “That’s okay, because you’ll be even more disappointed in the future.”

Huo Ting: “…” Was she listening to me?

At the awards ceremony, Lu Zhuo got two prizes even though he was inundated with all kinds of negative news. Xia Lian had a drama which was being shown, but she didn’t get any award.

When Lu Zhuo came to the stage, probably fearing that the reporters would raise harsh questions, the part for reporters to raise questions was saved for later and the process jumped straight to the acceptance speech.

Black didn’t suit Lu Zhuo, so Lin Wenyue chose a white suit for him. Right now Lu Zhuo stood on the glittering stage and was glittering himself, which made anyone who rested eyes on him unable to move their eyes away.

Lu Zhuo was still in a talkative mode, and he talked endlessly for a long time. But in the end, he paused and continued in a more serious tone, “Finally, I have something to tell a person who is very important to me.”

The host picked up the topic with a smile. “Oh? I’m wondering, who is this very important person?”

Probably Lu Zhuo had revealed his intentions to the responsible people ahead of time, and now a beam of light fell on Ming Shu’s seat.

Lu Zhuo looked over along the light. “Maybe I’m not the best, but I’ll be the one who treats you the best.”

After Lu Zhuo finished this sentence, the host thought he might have some more words to say so she didn’t immediately continue to talk. But after waiting for several seconds, Lu Zhuo didn’t say anything more. The host then reacted quickly and applauded.

Lu Zhuo nodded toward the Host and then walked off the stage with the trophy.

The host: “…” Usually, shouldn’t you be asking that person something now? Why did you just leave the stage…

The host was stunned, and she didn’t remember to continue reading the following lines until the director reminded her several times from over there.

How would Lu Zhuo dare ask Ming Shu. She would probably reply, “Who do you think you are that are good enough to pursue me,” then what could he do?

It was even so brain-consuming to make a love confession, Lu Zhuo felt he was very bitter himself.

When I go back, I’ll surely apply for compensation.

After the awards ceremony was over, and because the audience was still present, they needed to leave from another direction. Ming Shu lagged behind; she wanted to exchange some words with Xia Lian.

But Xia Lian was smart now. She had people with her the whole time and followed closely after Huo Ting.

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Ming Shu followed behind her, which made Xia Lian feel like there was a wolf following her, and the wolf would rush up to bite her neck at any time.

They even surmised that she bought the prizes for Lu Zhuo.

Ming Shu laughed. Why would she pay for something not edible?

Has these people’s brain been kicked by a donkey?

The man who stabbed Lu Zhuo was soon caught. He said he was p.i.s.sed off because his girlfriend broke up with him because of Lu Zhuo, so he planned the attack.

“You’re actually in the mood to eat my apple here? Beichen Entertainment is going to go bankrupt.” Lu Zhuo leaned on the sickbed and looked aside at the person beside. He was really annoyed that he couldn’t turn iron into steel bar.

The h.e.l.l had been broken loose outside, but she was eating and eating and eating again here.

“Haste makes waste, and it takes time.”

“I think you’re doomed.” Lu Zhuo burst out without thinking.

He reacted soon after he finished the sentence and immediately shut up.

But Ming Shu didn’t seem to notice it. She concentrated on eating the apple.

That is my apple! I’m a patient, but she doesn’t even show any mercy for a patient, what a monster!

Lin Wenyue knocked in. He took a glance at his artist first, and then said, “Boss Xu, all ready.”

Ming Shu put down the knife and stood up. She casually touched Lu Zhuo’s head. “Keep wound well. I need to go back and prepare for applying for bankruptcy, then go home to inherit the family property.”

Lu Zhuo: “…”

Lu Zhuo thought Ming Shu was talking nonsense. But later he saw the news which said Beichen Entertainment had announced the bankruptcy. WTH? She was really meaning it!?

But meanwhile, the business news said Ming Shu signed new agreements with several entertainment companies.

She bought several other powerful entertainment companies in the s...o...b..z, excluding Zhishang Entertainment. These several entertainment companies were mergered and they were given a new name as Ancient and Modern Entertainment.

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