Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 604 - What A Messy Circle (27)

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Chapter 604: What A Messy Circle (27)

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The rumors online fermented faster. From Lu Zhuo having a mental illness and killing people, to Lu Zhuo deliberately murdering people and shirking responsibility by claiming psychosis while Beichen Entertainment protected him, it only took one night.

What worsened the situation was that several artists proposed to rescind the contract with the company at the same time.

The staff in the company were anxious like crazy ants, but Ming Shu stepped into the company leisurely, eating ice cream.

The secretary: “Boss Xu, it’s the third artist who proposes to cancel the contract. They propose it at this time, Boss Xu, someone must be instigating them to do this.”

“Oh.” Ming Shu drank the yogurt.

“Boss Xu!”

Ming Shu put down the yogurt. “Tell them to come here.”

The secretary thought Ming Shu was going to talk to them so she obediently went to call them. But when she saw those artists come out of the meeting room with a letter of cancellation in their hands, her entire person was stunned.

These people are Beichen Entertainment’s most important artists!

Boss Xu, do you know how much resources the company used to advertise and create these artists?

You just let them go?!

“Go and ask if there’s anyone else who wants to cancel the contract. Tell them to be quick because I’m very busy.”

The secretary: “…” Will Boss Xu be happy after she drives all the artists out?

Some new artists may have sensed something wrong, and also instigated by their other colleagues, they began to cancel their contracts as well.

Ming Shu was very generous and handled the formalities according to procedure.

Lu Zhuo came to Ming Shu and almost forgot his character profile. He grabbed her shoulder. “Are you out of your mind? You let so many people leave, don’t you want to operate the company?”

Ming Shu brushed off his hand. “Do you want to leave?”

Lu Zhuo choked and almost lost his breath. “Me, leave? What about your company if I leave?”

“I’ll go home and inherit the family fortune.”


Is it great to be rich!

Lu Zhuo calmed down slightly. She wasn’t worried at all. If the company was gone, then it was gone, but she had family fortune to inherit. So what was he worried about?

He was just meddling in other people’s business.

Lu Zhuo sat opposite Ming Shu. “Are you really not worried?”

Ming Shu leaned back against the chair and relaxed her body. “If worrying works, why does the world need so many competent people?”

Lu Zhuo held back his anxiety. “But you must have a solution?”

Ming Foppish Shu: “Wait for bankruptcy.”

Lu Zhuo: “…”

Why is it so tiring to talk to her!

I can never guess what she is thinking and what exactly she wants to do. She just looks the same even if faced with imminent death.

Okay, I don’t care about her any more, she should just do whatever she likes!

Beichen Entertainment didn’t respond to the rumors that Lu Zhuo deliberately hurt people, and many artists left Beichen Entertainment.

Most of these artists went to join Zhishang Entertainment, including Brother Duan.

And also at this time, a drama that Xia Lian acted in became popular. It seemed all the luck gathered around Zhishang Entertainment.

At the annual awards ceremony…

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Ming Shu showed up with Lu Zhuo.

The skinny monkey was significantly more effective than other journalists. “Boss Xu, you talked about a different concept. If it’s true that Lu Zhuo hurt someone, we’re trying to seek justice for the victim.”

“Then just call the police. You’re all journalists but do the police’s job. Does the police station pay you for that?”

The skinny monkey continued aggressively. “So are you admitting that Lu Zhuo hurt people, Boss Xu?”

Ming Shu smiled as calmly as always. “So are you admitting that you’re a cop?”

The skinny monkey: “…”

If ordinary people were questioned like this, they would panic, and then they might make mistakes.

The security staff came over right at this time. They had blocked the way for too long and there were many people waiting out there to come in.

Lu Zhuo needed to accept the prize so his seat was arranged in the front, in the same row as the director. Ming Shu’s seat was separate from Lu Zhuo’s, and happened to be next to Huo Ting’s.

Huo Ting was nowhere to see, but Xia Lian sat next to his seat.

She gave an arrogant glance at Ming Shu and you could see the irony from her face. She was likely celebrating that Ming Shu was about to go bankrupt.

Ming Shu smiled at her. “Miss Xia, I haven’t gone bankrupt yet, so don’t feel happy this early.”

Without waiting for Xia Lian to pick the topic, Ming Shu continued, “Even if I’m bankrupt, I’ll still be the Xu family’s young miss.”

Xia Lian’s expression distorted and her hands resting on her legs clenched the chiffon skirt.

Ming Shu seemed to see Hatred Points fly toward her and her eyes shone. The warm and yellow lights fell on her, making her whole person look tender and soft.

Come on, little baby, just hate me!

We’re the true lovers.

“Xu Bei!”

Huo Ting suddenly came back to his seat and sat right between them, preventing Ming Shu and Xia Lian from communicating further with a cold expression.

Ming Shu sighed. My rival in love has arrived.

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