Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 603 - What A Messy Circle (26)

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Chapter 603: What A Messy Circle (26)

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“Boss Xu, something happened.”

“Boss Xu, something happened.”

The secretary pushed open the door and walked in, and almost at the same time, Lin Wenyue’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

Ming Shu looked up at the fl.u.s.tered secretary, then spoke into the phone. “What happened?”

Lin Wenyue answered with only one sentence. “Watch the entertainment news.”

The secretary also rushed over. “Boss Xu, someone exposed that Lu Zhuo is mentally ill.”

Ming Shu was as calm as always. “Who doesn’t get ill? What’s the fuss about that? He’s well now.”

The secretary directly shoved the tablet before Ming Shu.

The news said Lu Zhuo was mentally ill, and one year ago, Beichen Entertainment bought off the journalists to cover the fact that Lu Zhuo almost killed a person so the journalists didn’t disclose the details.

The article used the content to accuse Beichen Entertainment of cheating the public, and it gave Beichen Entertainment and Lu Zhuo the t.i.tle of liars.

#Lu Zhuo mental disease#

#Lu Zhuo murdered people#

#Beichen Entertainment cheating#

The hot search climbed to the headline list quickly and heated discussion began to spread very fast.

Lu Zhuo was attending an activity where there were quite a few journalists present. The news exploded and he hadn’t gotten the time to retreat, so he was circled by the journalists now.

“Mister Lu Zhuo, can you tell us why you stopped shooting one year ago, was it because of the mental illness?”

“Mister Lu Zhuo, please tell us, is it true that you killed people?”

“Mister Lu Zhuo …”

The flashing lights gave Lu Zhuo a headache. But the a.s.sistant kept reminding him not to talk, and that the most important thing was to get out of here.

Lu Zhuo’s a.s.sistant couldn’t push away these journalists and could only work hard to protect him. In the confusion of the crowd, a sudden cry of surprise sounded from behind them.

Then the journalists group was scattered a little.

A group of bodyguards came in from behind them and with uncommon momentum. They seemed a bit different from ordinary bodyguards.

The bodyguards forced a path with their bare hands from the outer circle and made Lu Zhuo pa.s.s through safely. But these journalists were experienced soldiers and wouldn’t be frightened by this so easily. They continued to chase after Lu Zhuo.

“Hey, hey… Don’t squeeze, people. My bodyguards are wearing suits of a limited type. If you destroy them, you’ll have to pay for them.”

Someone shouted with a loud-speaker suddenly, which managed to quiet down the chaotic scene.

Everyone looked to the sound’s source. They saw a car parked not far, and there was a woman sitting on the car’s roof holding a red loud-speaker. Clearly she said the above sentences.

Limited type?

The journalists had seen things and they could naturally recognize whether the bodyguards were wearing limited types or not.

These clothes looked no different in color, but each one of them seemed different. There were precious gems decorating the cuff and collar, and the workmanship and tailoring stood out at a glance. From head to toe, they all wore famous brand clothes…

No wonder these bodyguards looked different.

WTF? Bodyguards in these brand clothes! Are they here to blackmail us?!

The loud-speaker sounded again. “Oh, right, my bodyguards all have pinhole cameras in them, so don’t worry, just squeeze them. I promise you won’t be neglected and I’ll sue you to the end.”

The reporters were sure now these people were here to blackmail them.

The bodyguards took Lu Zhuo out of the journalists’ circle. Those journalists wanted to rush up again, but fearing that they might destroy the glorious luxury clothes on the bodyguards, they were frightened.

Lu Zhuo was escorted to Ming Shu’s car, then Ming Shu jumped down from the car roof. “What are you looking at, get in the car.”

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Lu Zhuo got into the car obediently. Ming Shu also got in from the other side, and the car soon drove away from this chaotic place.

“It’s not a big deal. I can fix it.” Ming Shu was very confident.


“Of course. When did I lie to you and pretend?”

Yangyang pondered for a while and probably she thought Ming Shu made sense. “Okay then. But if you need anything, just ask. We’re all your backup. If anyone dares bully you, we’ll beat them up.”

“Beibei, be careful.” Fang Qi also warned Ming Shu. “Call us if anything happens.”

Ming Shu said she knew and then sent them out of the company.

After Yangyang and Fang Qi, Mother Xu and Father Xu also called separately to ask if she needed any help. Ming Shu just said no.

Mother Xu and Father Xu were much more verbose.

As early as the beginning, they held the att.i.tude that it was fine even if Beichen Entertainment got out of business. As long as it didn’t endanger her personal safety, they thought, their daughter needed to experience some things and grow up.

But now that something really happened, they were very worried.

Mother Xu specially asked about Lu Zhuo. She asked if Ming Shu liked Lu Zhuo and if he really had a mental illness.

Ming Shu exerted great effort to wind Mother Xu up.

Ming Shu asked the secretary to take the data a year ago.

Lu Zhuo suddenly started a fight against a person in the crew a year ago. He stabbed the man twice, but fortunately didn’t hit anything vital.

Lu Zhuo’s former agent was Brother Duan. Brother Duan discovered there was something not right about Lu Zhuo earlier. He found that Lu Zhuo was sometimes talkative, like a sunshine boy, but sometimes he was like a killer, full of rage. The process didn’t last long, though. He might recover in just an instant.

At that time, there was a character Lu Zhuo was playing in the drama similar to his status, and Brother Duan thought he was just adapting to the role, so he didn’t take it seriously.

Until after that incident, Lu Zhuo was diagnosed with a personality disorder.

In order to reduce the negative news brought to the company by this matter, Beichen Entertainment settled it with the victim out of court, and they paid to silence everyone present at the time.

So someone behind this knew Lu Zhuo had a mental illness and was very familiar with what happened a year ago.

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