Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 602 - What A Messy Circle (25)

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Chapter 602: What A Messy Circle (25)

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No matter what Lu Zhuo said, Ming Shu just remained unmoved like a mountain and never admitted that she liked him.

Lu Zhuo was busy with shooting, so he could only text Ming Shu every day, ranging from the morning, afternoon, to the evening.

— It was raining today, and the director actually made me shoot the part in the rain first. I was thrown in the rain for three hours.

— The crew’s food is terrible. I have a stomach ache now.

Ming Shu looked at her own lunch, then read the message on the phone. She called Lin Wenyue and asked him to deliver lunch to Lu Zhuo.

Lin Wenyue had to put away his things at hand to deliver the lunch. There were other artists under him besides Lu Zhuo now, and he was quite busy.

“Boss Xu, don’t you think I should have a raise in salary?”

“Take good care of him and raising your salary won’t be a problem.”

“Boss Xu, since you care about him so much, why don’t you just tell him? I think Lu Zhuo also likes you.” Lin Wenyue sounded confused.

“He’ll be a ready source of money for the company. Taking good care of him is my duty as the boss.”

“…” Keep pretending then!

Later Lin Wenyue hired a sweet a.s.sistant for Lu Zhuo. Anything Ming Shu ordered him to do, he would order the small a.s.sistant to do instead.

There was no follow-up to the explosion. The police failed to find any leads, so the matter ended up going nowhere.

Luo Chuan had been missing for some time and Ming Shu didn’t see him anywhere. Ming Shu was also too lazy to look for him. The one she searched out was just the Luo Chuan in this world, which was useless.

Huo Ting and Xia Lian began to appear in public together in high profile. Everyone knew now that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

The Huo family seemed to have indulged Huo Ting’s behavior.

Ming Shu had unilaterally blocked Xia Lian in her Beichen Entertainment. But Xia Lian got Huo Ting behind her, and Huo Ting couldn’t directly take Beichen Entertainment out, so the situation in the s...o...b..z was like this—

Beichen Entertainment: Block Xia Lian.

Zhishang Entertainment: Use Xia Lian.

Beichen Entertainment: Block Xia Lian.

Zhishang Entertainment: Use Xia Lian.

Everyone in the business: “…” So are we going to use her or not? Director, say something!

Director: “…” Looks like it’s suitable for keeping in good health recently.

Such a wonderful event happened in the entertainment circle, so naturally many gossip lovers joined the party.

Onlooker 1: “To be honest, I’m very surprised that Beichen Entertainment hasn’t gone out of business with this foppish boss.”

Onlooker 2: “She has the Xu family behind her, how will it be easy to destroy the company? But isn’t the most important thing why she always targets Xia Lian?”

Onlooker 3: “Reliable news, it’s said Xu Bei and Huo Ting were supposed to be engaged to each other, but later Huo Ting and Xia Lian got together. This is hatred emerging from love! Women’s jealousy.”

Onlooker 4: “Really? Where did you hear that? Xu Bei likes Huo Ting?”

Onlooker 5: “If she doesn’t like Huo Ting, why does she always target Xia Lian? Or perhaps she likes Xia Lian? The circle is so messy.”

Onlooker 6: “The circle is so messy +1.”

Little Princess Lu Zhuo V: Boss Xu likes me, don’t you talk nonsense.

Xu Bei: I like Xia Lian, why not?

Ming Shu and Lu Zhuo posted their replies almost at the same time. The onlookers online were very happy to see this. Lu Zhuo was smacked in the face right away.

Those who loved watching disputes began to @ Xia Lian, who received the boss’s love confession one after another below Ming Shu’s post.

Xia Lian didn’t dare reply at all.

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In the end, the play changed to a fierce war of words featuring Xia Lian, Ming Shu, and Lu Zhuo’s fans.

Brother Duan never expected that she provided the resources by herself.

“Boss Xu, you’re Beichen Entertainment’s boss, shouldn’t you consider the whole company?”

“Mister Duan, I don’t think you’re suitable for the company. Perhaps you can turn to another company where you are allowed to question your boss’s decisions. My temple is big and we can’t hold such a small buddha like you.”

Brother Duan’s eyes widened. “Are you firing me?”

He was Beichen Entertainment Company’s senior employee, and with so many years of service, he could even be counted as one of Beichen’s most important employees. But now she is actually firing me.

“I wanted to fire you last time.” Ming Shu smiled and p.i.s.sed him off even more.

“Good, good, good…” Brother Duan may have been angered to madness. “I hope you won’t regret it, Boss Xu.”

Ming Shu nodded her head seriously. “Rest a.s.sured, I won’t.”

Blue veins appeared fiercely on Brother Duan’s forehead. He snorted and straightened up to walk out of the office. Soon he finished the separation procedures and left. The others in the company felt strange, but they didn’t dare ask much as the atmosphere didn’t seem to be right.

The secretary walked in carefully after Brother Duan left. “Boss Xu…”

“Do we have a cooperative journalist in the company?”


“Tell him to come and see me.”


Brother Duan left but it didn’t much influence the company. Lin Wenyue dispatched the artists under Brother Duan to other agents in the company, but some of the artists who were close to Brother Duan requested to break off the contract with the company and leave with him.

One of them could be counted at Beichen Entertainment’s leading light.

But Ming Shu was casual about this. She didn’t retain them and just let them go.

Those artists were direct and simple, and they canceled the contract, then left. Meanwhile Brother Duan soon found his next employer, together with his artists, and they signed up with Zhishang Entertainment.

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