Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 600 - What A Messy Circle (23)

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Chapter 600: What A Messy Circle (23)

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Ming Shu came out with her bread and noticed someone on the opposite side of the street.

The main thing was, it was hard for someone not to notice him because of his crazy aura.

Luo Chuan leaned against the flower pots on the other side of the street and looked at her. Among the cars and the crowd, Ming Shu could see the crazy smile on his face clearly.

Ming Shu got out her bread and took two bites. She asked the secretary to wait for her at the same place and walked toward the other side of the street.

Luo Chuan didn’t move. He waited for Ming Shu calmly.

After Ming Shu arrived, he lifted the corners of his mouth and exclaimed, “You are really lucky!”

Ming Shu lifted her leg and kicked him. Luo Chuan reacted quickly and dodged to the side with a strangely quick speed.

“Girls who are violent are not cute at all.”

Ming Shu smiled. “I will show you that girls that are violent are cute too.”

“Oh?” Luo Chuan was interested. “I really want to…”


Luo Chuan dodged Ming Shu’s attack again and continued his sentence. “Open my eyes. I hope that Boss Xu will not disappoint me.”

Ming Shu used her fist to answer him.

Luo Chuan was confident that he could deal with Ming Shu, but after a few rounds, he realized that it was getting difficult.

He got more serious and the two of them started fighting in the streets. They attracted a crowd and some of them even took out their phones to take pictures.

Through Luo Chuan’s moves, you could tell that he studied martial arts before. They were more accurate and precise. It was totally different Ming Shu’s attacks. However, there were benefits to self-taught attacks.

There was no way Luo Chuan could a.n.a.lyze Ming Shu’s attacks. Her attacks were smooth but there was no pattern to them.

Ming Shu saw a chance and when Luo Chuan was dodging, she broke a branch from the flower pot and aimed it at Luo Chuan’s waist.

Luo Chuan didn’t care about it at all. How much force could such a branch have?

However, when the branch touched him, he felt numbness on his waist and then pain shot through his entire body.

He bent over. The tree branch dropped down on him fervently and he had no chance to catch his breath.

Ming Shu kicked Luo Chuan’s abdomen and Luo Chuan fell back. He b.u.mped into a car on the road and the windows of the car broke. Broken shards of gla.s.s fell everywhere.

The image in front of Luo Chuan started to change. His back slammed into the broken shards of gla.s.s and they pierced into his skin. Blood oozed out and his clothes stuck to his skin. The painful feeling spread throughout his limbs.

After that, it was a one-sided beating.

When she finished beating him, Ming Shu stepped on his chest and caught her breath. Then, she looked down on him with an oppressive aura. “Are you disappointed? Do you think that I am cuter now?” F**k, how dare a crazy person like you act arrogant in front of me.

When I was being arrogant, you were still playing with dirt.

Luo Chuan was in a strange kind of daze. After Ming Shu finished her sentence, he had already adjusted his emotions and hid them well inside his crazy smile.

“Boss Xu is definitely someone different. You have not disappointed me.”

Ming Shu glanced at him and didn’t ask much. It was not clear where this person came from, but he was definitely not the original Luo Chuan.

It was better for her to not expose herself too much now…

Ming Shu took her branch and patted Luo Chuan’s face with it. “I am curious. Why are you targeting me?”

“I have no grudge against you, why would I target you?” Luo Chuan didn’t answer her and pushed the question back to Ming Shu.

If I knew, why would I ask you?

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Ming Shu lifted her lips and gave a perfect smile. “Who knows? Maybe you admire my beauty or my talent.”

“Half an hour ago, an explosion happened at Jinshui Road. We are not sure if there are any more bombs around but the special forces blocked off the toad and dispersed the people around the area. Please do not head toward Jinshui Road… Let us look at a live broadcast now.”

Huo Ting turned off the television and threw the remote control away with a dark face. “I asked you all to teach her a lesson, not to create such a huge commotion.”

The person standing beside him lowered his head and wiped off the cold sweat on his face. “Mister Huo, I am not clear about this explosion, either.”

He just followed Huo Ting’s orders and asked people to create a car accident to scare her. Who knew that an explosion would occur? He only learned about this after he saw the news himself.

“Is Xu Bei dead?”

The person swallowed. “Someone saw her at the scene. She seems fine.”

Huo Ting’s face got darker. “Clean up everything. Don’t let anyone find out about it.”

There was a difference between a car accident and an explosion. The special forces and the city bureau would definitely step in. If they found out anything, he would face some trouble too.

“Don’t worry, Mister Huo.”

“Investigate this issue. The explosion would not just happen so coincidentally.”


As the owner of the car that exploded, Ming Shu was invited to the police station since she left the car coincidentally when it exploded.

However, she was really innocent so she was released once she delivered her testimony.

If Luo Chuan dared to appear so blatantly at the scene, he must have prepared everything beforehand and wouldn’t get caught.

However, the other party… Are they Huo Ting’s men or Xia Lian’s men?

Either way, it is the same. Whoever they are, I will just dump the blame on my little baby Xia Lian.

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