Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 598 - What A Messy Circle (21)

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Chapter 598: What A Messy Circle (21)

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After many takes, the scene was finally completed. The director probably wanted to calm down so he let everyone take a break.

Xia Lian heaved a sigh of relief after Lu Zhuo left.

What was happening to her…

Xia Lian thought of Huo Ting. It was all because of him. He caused her to be low-spirited these last few days. If not, her condition would not be so bad.

“Is that the president of Beichen Entertainment?

“She seems to be here to find Lu Zhuo. Do they really have that kind of relationship?”

“If they don’t have that kind of relationship, would she come and see Lu Zhuo? Lu Zhuo was so popular one year ago because of Beichen Entertainment, but he just disappeared for one year. I heard that he was held up because he didn’t want to sleep with the president.”

“Then is he sleeping with her now?”

“Boss Xu is quite pretty and she is rich. If it were me, I would be willing to sleep with her.”

“Forget it. Look at your face. Do you think that she’d like you?”

Xia Lian heard Ming Shu’s name and looked in the direction those people were looking at.

The girl was sitting in an artist resting chair and hugging a few bags of colorful snacks. Her face was filled with smiles and her surroundings grew warm because of it. You would never be able to link her with the status of a president.

“Miss Xia Lian, are you happy to see me?” Ming Shu shouted in their direction.

Ming Shu’s sudden greeting scared everyone and they immediately kept quiet, not daring to gossip anymore.

Xia Lian just immediately rolled her eyes in anger. How can I be happy to see you? Whenever I see you, I will remember the time I was beaten.

She would even have nightmares occasionally.


“So handsome. Is he a celebrity?”

A commotion suddenly arose outside. Xia Lian looked over in that direction. Huo Ting was escorted by his bodyguards as he walked in. Xia Lian’s mood instantly got better. She looked at Ming Shu provokingly.

The latter just smiled gently and looked in the direction Huo Ting was at.

What should she do to gain Hatred Points later?

[Guest, you complain that Huo Ting had forsaken and abandoned you and your child as he gets lovey dovey with his mistress over there.]

Ming Shu’s mouth corners twitched. Tell me, where did my child come from? As.e.xual reporduction? Why don’t I know that I have such an amazing ability?

[You were so angry you had a miscarriage. I can help you make the evidence.] The Harmony System was quite excited. [Guest, is my idea good? Xia Lian would definitely hate you after this.]

Harmony System, be truthful. You are here to destroy me, right?

[Guest, sometimes, we need to make sacrifices for the sake of Hatred Points,] the Harmony System said reasonably.

“Get away!”

Take your stupid ideas and get as far away from me as you can!

[…] Isn’t the idea good? What a realistic idea it is! Do you not understand it!

Lu Zhuo wanted to go over at first, but when Huo Ting came in, he changed his mind and left.

This was not the first time Huo Ting visited. The crew knew that he was here to look for Xia Lian. All kinds of envious gazes landed on Xia Lian.

“Why are you here?” Ming Shu was standing on the path between Huo Ting and Xia Lian. Huo Ting needed to pa.s.s by her in order to reach Xia Lian. As long as he was not blind, he would be able to see her.

Ming Shu stuffed two potato chips in her mouth to calm her heart that almost suffered an attack due to the Harmony System. “Why can’t I be here? Did you buy this place?”

Huo Ting said with a cold face, “Xu Bei, Xia Lian doesn’t know anything. If you feel any anger, direct it at me.”

“I’m sorry.” Ming Shu shook her head and rejected him firmly. “You do not fulfil the criteria.”

I have my principles too.

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Huo Ting choked. He didn’t know what to say.

Huo Ting’s face turned dark. He sneered and left with Xia Lian without even saying goodbye.

“Isn’t it anger-pacifying?” Lu Zhuo closed in on Ming Shu.

His aura engulfed her. It seemed familiar yet unfamiliar. Ming Shu stepped back. “Even if that is the case, I will not sleep with you. Give up.”

I can handle that bunch of little demons myself. Did I ask you to come out! You are affecting my performance!

“No worries. As long as the internet feels that we are together, it’s fine.” He could slowly make this rumor into a reality. I don’t believe that I can’t woo a crazy person like you!

Ming Shu: “…” Young man, do you not want your character profile anymore?

After Xia Lian and Huo Ting left, Ming Shu left with her flowers as well. However, not long after she left, the topic of Lu Zhuo giving her flowers started trending on the internet.

Lu Zhuo was really popular now. His fanbase was slowly recovering. When his fans saw their “husband” giving flowers to someone else, and the person was the president that wanted to sleep with him…

His wife fans couldn’t let it go. They ran to Ming Shu’s blog and commented on her blog.

Their husband was so pure. How could he be stained by someone else?

Someone even called everyone to pool money together so that they could raise their husband by themselves.

Ming Shu sighed with emotion. Why didn’t she have such fangirls?!

If everyone pools some money to buy snacks for me, why would I still be the president!

However, no matter how trending the topic was online, it would die down after a few days when the affected parties didn’t say anything.

Lu Zhuo continued filming his drama and Ming Shu would occasionally visit the production set. There were many people in the production site so Ming Shu didn’t have the time to gain Hatred Points. Also, Huo Ting seemed to be eyeing Ming Shu now. Whenever she went to the production site, Huo Ting would be there too.

Everytime she went, there would always be surprises: flowers, diamonds, and many more. This caused much jealousy among some people such as Huo Ting’s admirers.

Without doing anything, Ming Shu caused Xia Lian to feel unhappy.

Ming Shu just needed to carry the blame and add some oil to the fire and her Hatred Points would be there waiting for her.

Ming Shu felt that she found an effortless and convenient way to gain Hatred Points.

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