Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 596 - What A Messy Circle (19)

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Chapter 596: What A Messy Circle (19)

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Ming Shu promised Father Xu and Mother Xu again and again that she was totally fine. Even if Huo Ting had an imperial harem of three thousand concubines, it had nothing to do with her.

Father Xu was still angry.

Ming Shu was also helpless. The heated discussion about the rumors concerning her and Lu Zhuo was still ongoing. If you took it seriously, she was actually the same kind of sc.u.m as Huo Ting, who was too close to call.

Surely the parents in the world favored their own kids.

Ming Shu made great efforts to comfort and send off Father Xu and Mother Xu, then she turned around to see Xia Lian.

She was no longer wearing a piteous look on her face like just now; instead she looked at Ming Shu with hateful eyes.

Xia Lian walked over to her and there was some pride in her eyes. “Xu Bei, you’ll lose everything someday.”

She couldn’t help the excitement in her heart and wanted to show off in front of Ming Shu.

In this life, she was the final winner.

“I’m looking forward to that.” Ming Shu smiled lightly. “But, I need to talk to you about a very important thing.”

Xia Lian frowned and looked at her alertly. “What is it?”

Ming Shu suddenly reached out to catch Xia Lian’s wrist and pulled her toward the nearby corner where there was no others.

Xia Lian was surprised, mixed with anger and some unnoticeable nervousness. “What are you doing, let go of me!”

Ming Shu pushed Xia Lian into the corner and beat her up.

What to do when your Hatred Points are not enough? Give a beating!

Still not enough? Change posture and continue the beating!

“You crazy…” Xia Lian leaned against the wall and couldn’t stand. She squeezed a few words out of her mouth and glared at Ming Shu ferociously.

That’s right, hate me!

Having gained the Hatred Points, Ming Shu sounded even more tender. “I’m eager to be crazy for you. You’re my moon, my faith.” And my snacks coupon.

It was a sweet sentence. But hearing it from Ming Shu only made Xia Lian feel horrible.

“Let’s do this again next time.” I need some food now.

Ming Shu rolled down her sleeves and smiled at Xia Lian. “It seems I need to work out more.”

Xia Lian: “…”

“Are you not afraid that I’ll call the police?” Xia Lian’s expression became a little ugly.

“Go ahead. You call the police once, and I’ll beat you up once.” Ming Shu didn’t care. “You should call the police more often.”

Xia Lian was just slightly injured and the wounds would heal using some common medicine. Even if she called the police, what could they do to her?

She would still be here when she was released.

Xia Lian: “…”

Ming Shu hummed and left the place. She bought herself some snacks, then slowly walked outside.

Xia Lian happened to walk around the corner. She wore a mask and, talking on the phone while walking toward the road.

Ming Shu swept across the streets in a glance and saw a white car was following Xia Lian slowly. Xia Lian seemed to be trying to cross the road.


Ming Shu stuffed the snacks into her pocket and ran toward Xia Lian.

Xia Lian had come to the roadside. But she was suddenly pulled back by someone and lost her balance, falling to the ground.

A gust of wind flew past, and the white car drove past, almost running over her feet. The smell of gas surged to her face, dust dancing around.

“Xia Lian?”

Huo Ting’s voice sounded and Xia Lian came back to herself then. She gasped heavily.

She looked at the man supporting her and her lips trembled, then she called with difficulty, “Huo Ting…”

Huo Ting patted her back and comforted her with a low voice. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Xia Lian calmed herself down. “Did you pull me back just now?”

Huo Ting shook his head. “I saw you and you were like this. What happened?”

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Xia Lian felt a little strange. Who pulled me just now?

This was also what Lin Wenyue thought was amazing. He watched Lu Zhuo’s former works, and no matter what role it was, he could play it well. No wonder Beichen Entertainment valued him that much in that time.

But it was also probably why he had a split personality…

“Lu Zhuo…” Lin Wenyue organized his thoughts. “I suggest we should plan a type for Lu Zhuo, and get him more roles of the same type in the future.”

The doctor said Lu Zhuo had been healed, but the split personality… Lin Wenyue thought it’d be better to take preventions so as to avoid a second incident.

Ming Shu and Lin Wenyue discussed the details and finally decided on a script for Lu Zhuo.

Ming Shu asked the crew only to learn that the male protagonist role was still empty, so she stuffed Lu Zhuo in through her interpersonal network and money.

Lu Zhuo just finished shooting for the variety show, and before he had a chance to even look at Ming Shu, he had to prepare for the new role.

One word could be used to describe his condition—busy.

Ming Shu’s life was also not easy. In order to dominate the s...o...b..z, she had sacrificed much of her beloved snack time.

The secretary reported to Ming Shu. “Boss Xu, Vast Sceneries is going to be finished. This movie was intended to be shown during the winter holidays. But something happened and the crew delayed the process, and it may not be shown then.”

The movie that Xia Lian was in?

Ming Shu came alive all at once. “Since it can’t be shown during winter holidays, change it to summer holidays. Go replace that Xia Lian.”

The secretary was full of question marks in her brain.

What do you mean, go replace that Xia Lian?

The shooting was going to finish now, how should they replace her? Doesn’t that require them to reshoot it all?

Ming Shu smiled. “I mean the literal meaning as what you understand.”

The secretary’s mouth corners twitched. “Boss Xu, Xia Lian is the third female and has quite a few parts in the movie. If we replace her, I’m afraid our budget won’t be enough. And if we need to reshoot, the other stars wouldn’t necessarily have the running schedule. It’s troublesome to coordinate, and it might offend some people.”

The glamorous male and female protagonists were big shots and their schedule had been arranged until several years later.

Boss Xu, please don’t be willful!

Ming Shu was like a willful child, though. “I’m going to replace her anyway and p.i.s.s her off.”

The secretary: “…”

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