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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 595 - : What A Messy Circle (18)

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Chapter 595: What A Messy Circle (18)

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On the weekend…

Ming Shu arrived at the location right on time, according to the address on the invitation letter. The waiter led her into the box where Father Xu and a man of similar age with him sat on top, talking in low voices.

Mother Xu was also chatting with a gentlewoman. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

Except for the parents, there were also some other people present, including younger generations as well as the older generation. Are you sure they came to negotiate the engagement, not directly execute the engagement?

“Mom, Dad, Uncle Huo, Aunt Huo.”

“Ai, Little Bei is here.” Mother Huo stood up with a full smile. “How come Huo Ting didn’t come with you?”

“I don’t know.” It’s unknown what bad things your son is doing. Why would he come with me.

“This kid… Come come come, take a seat first.” Mother Huo warmly greeted Ming Shu and then told someone beside her to call Huo Ting.

Ming Shu sat beside Mother Xu. Mother Xu asked about her recent situation and spontaneously the topic changed to the entertainment news on the Internet in the end.

“Kid, you’re going to be engaged to Huo Ting now. In the future, you shouldn’t do something like that. The Huo family and our family both have our reputations, and we can’t let others mock us, don’t you know?”

Ming Shu nodded her head obediently. She received the warning, but whether she listened to the warning was another matter.

“I watched Huo Ting, this kid, grow up and we know him and his family very well. Your father and I will rest a.s.sured to see you get married…” Mother Xu talked to Ming Shu in all earnestness, meanwhile Mother Huo would also break in with a few sentences. She seemed very satisfied with this “daughter-in-law.”

Ming Shu smiled and remained silent. She just drank her tea calmly.

About ten minutes later, the box’s door was pushed open and Huo Ting walked in from outside.

“My son, you’re here.” Mother Huo beamed with delight. But soon her smile stiffened, because behind Huo Ting followed a girl.

The girl struggled but was held fast in Huo Ting’s hands and had no chance to get away. She was forced to come into the box.


Ming Shu put down the teacup and leaned back slightly against the chair. She looked in the door’s direction. “Mister Huo, you told me not to be late, I thought you would be punctual.”

Huo Ting looked over with cold eyes. The coldness covered his entire person, which made him look like an emperor at the edge of losing his temper. The whole room fell into silence.

Mother Huo looked at Ming Shu, then at her son. “Who’s… Who’s this?”

Mother Huo thought the girl looked familiar, but she couldn’t recall who she was.

“Aunt Huo, hi, I’m Mister Huo’s friend.” Xia Lian explained and she hissed at Huo Ting in a low voice, “Let go of me!”

Friends need to hold each other like this?

Mother Huo’s expression became a little unhappy. But due to the many people present, she had to hold back her anger. “Oh, Huo Ting’s friend. Then come in and take a seat.”

But Huo Ting pulled Xia Lian into his arms. “Mother, she’s my girlfriend.”

Mother Huo’s eyes widened.


What girlfriend?

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Father Huo hit the table and stood up. “Your fiancé is Little Bei, you were engaged since childhood. What girlfriend are you speaking of!”

Mother Xu and Father Xu’s expressions became a little stiff.

Today they were going to discuss the engagement, but they didn’t expect the male party to bring a girlfriend here. Where did they put our daughter?

“I won’t be engaged to Xu Bei.” Huo Ting confronted Father Huo fearlessly with a strong and hard att.i.tude.

“You…” Father Huo pointed at Huo Ting and was angered to the point of speechlessness.

“You’re saying that like I want to be engaged to you.” Compared to the shocked people in the room, Ming Shu looked more casual. She took a handful of nuts and began to crack them open.

As she spoke, the air suddenly quieted down, and the room was left with only the noises of her handling the nuts.

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The others in the room didn’t even dare breathe freely.

Everyone looked to Ming Shu, who began to clap her hands.

Why does she applaud at this time? Is she crazy?

Ming Shu blinked and applauded a little longer calmly, then praised while putting her hands down. “Miss Xia, excellent acting.”

Everyone: “…”

Xia Lian gave a glance to Ming Shu; the latter was looking at her with a smile. Xia Lian inexplicably panicked in her heart. She lowered her head quickly and explained to Mother Huo, “Aunt Huo, I really have nothing to do with Mister Huo. Mister Huo, I know you don’t want to be engaged, but don’t drag me into this.”

Hearing Xia Lian speak like this, Huo Ting slightly narrowed his eyes, and his imposing manner looked even more dangerous than before.

“You kissed each other, is that called having no relation? Then what is having a relation?” Ming Shu looked at Xia Lian with a faint smile.

“It was an accident…” Xia Lian explained in a low voice, “If Miss Xu misunderstood it, I can only apologize to you.”

“Why are you apologizing to her.” Huo Ting pulled Xia Lian up and declared to everyone present, “My girlfriend and fiancé will only be Xia Lian.”

Ming Shu applauded again. “So touching.”

Huo Ting shouted, “Don’t act like that, Xu Bei.”

Ming Shu revealed an innocent smile. “I’m only praising you, I can’t even praise you? Do you think you’re the mighty emperor of one thousand years? You scare me a lot, Your Majesty.”

Ming Shu patted her chest exaggeratedly. Her face was filled with teasing and showed no sign of terror.

The smile was too dazzling.

Xia Lian gathered strong hatred inside. She suddenly broke free from Huo Ting and raised her voice. “Mister Huo, don’t embarra.s.s me again. Our Xia family is not a match for your Huo family, but we won’t allow ourselves to be bullied and humiliated by you like this.”

As she finished the sentence, Xia Lian turned around and ran out.

Huo Ting wanted to chase her but was pulled back by Mother Huo.

Ming Shu held Mother Xu’s arm and led her out. “The engagement will be cancelled then. Both Mister Huo and I are not willing to go through with it, so it won’t end well. Father, let’s go. Are you waiting for a goodbye dinner?”

Father Xu: “…” I haven’t vented out my anger!

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