Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 593 - What A Messy Circle (16)

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Chapter 593: What A Messy Circle (16)

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Ming Shu waited for someone to fetch Lu Zhuo before she went back and continued eating. By the time she reached her house, it was near midnight.

A black car was parked outside her house. Ming Shu was hugging her snacks as she looked at the car. Just as she was about to look away, the car door opened.

A pair of long legs stepped out of the car. The leather shoes were polished so brightly they could almost serve as a mirror.

Under the dim light, Ming Shu saw the person in the car clearly.

Huo Ting!

Huo Ting called her impatiently: “Xu Bei.”

“… What?” Ming Shu hugged her snacks and stepped back. Appearing here in the middle of the night, are you trying to kill me to get my snacks?

Huo Ting walked toward her. He was holding an invitation card between his fingers. “Come to this place this weekend. Our families want to discuss our engagement.”

Ming Shu felt that she didn’t hear him properly. “What did you say?”

Huo Ting said concisely, “Engagement.”

Ming Shu clicked her tongue. “You and I?”

Huo Ting placed the invitation card on her snacks. “If not me, who do you want to be engaged to? Xu Bei, our engagement was planned by our families. I don’t care if you are willing to do it or not, I just hope that you would not do anything drastic.”

Ming Shu was so amused. They were not engaged and he had already started caring about her.

“For example?”

“Going out with an artist in the middle of the night.”

Going out with an artist in the middle of the night? Is he talking about Lu Zhuo?

Huo Ting continued, “I don’t want to see any negative news about you on the entertainment news.”

Huo Ting didn’t stay any longer. He turned around and went up to his car after finishing his sentence. He looked at Ming Shu before the car door closed. “Don’t be late.”

Ming Shu smiled. Her voice carried through the night and landed clearly in Huo Ting’s ears. “I will definitely not be late.”

Huo Ting froze for a moment. He felt that something was amiss, but he didn’t think much and closed the car door. He asked the driver to leave.

He had waited here for too long and wasted too much time.

Ming Shu returned home and opened the invitation. The location and time of the meal were written on the invitation. The Xu family just called for the engagement without informing her, the main lead of the show?

Have I agreed?

Have my snacks agreed?

Ming Shu took out her phone and realized that it was turned off. She charged her phone and turned it on. Father Xu’s missed calls started popping up one after another.

In the end, he might have given up calling her and sent a message to her to tell her about the engagement. The time was not long after she got off from work.


The phone suddenly vibrated. Ming Shu got a shock.

Ming Shu answered the call. “Why are you not sleeping in the middle of the night? Why are you sleep-calling me?”

The secretary’s voice was hoa.r.s.e. She seemed to have just woken up. “Boss Xu, some paparazzi took photos of Lu Zhuo and you. General Manager Lin is asking me how should I settle this.”

“What photos?” Lu Zhuo and her didn’t go to open a room. What photos were there to take of them?

The secretary said, “I have already emailed you the photos.”

Ming Shu could only open her email. The photos were taken in the carpark. First, Lu Zhuo appeared. She was leaning against the car door and Lu Zhuo had one hand on the car door. Under the dim light, the position seemed ambiguous.

After that, it was a photo of her pressing Lu Zhuo onto the ground…

The angle was just great. It didn’t look like a fight but looked more like she was trying to do something to…

“Suppress it first…” Ming Shu changed her words instantly, “Let them send it out. You all will add oil to the fire and make this issue as big as possible.”

Didn’t Huo Ting say that he didn’t want to see me on the entertainment news?

I will make sure that he sees me every day.

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Lu Zhuo wanted to maintain his character profile, but how could she let him have his way?

Internet pal C: Lu Zhuo is not a clean person either. Look at the photo, he didn’t even retaliate. Maybe he did it on his own will. He’s been off the scene for a year and if he wants to get resources, he needs to climb onto people’s bed. If not, why would they make him famous?

Ming Shu saw this comment.


Because he got a good life!

Ming Shu refuted all these people and gained herself some Hatred Points.

After scrolling through her blog, Ming Shu got up slowly and went to her company building. Lu Zhuo didn’t come at all. Lin Wenyue asked Ming Shu about how they should settle the news now.

“Let them some popularity from us. I don’t mind.” I am a generous person.

Lin Wenyue: “…” Do you call this popularity? No artist would want to have this kind of popularity!

“Right,” Ming Shu suddenly said, “as for the variety show, change it for him.”

Lin Wenyue frowned. “Do you feel that there is something wrong with the show?”

Ming Shu couldn’t say that the little demon didn’t like it, right? I still want my dignity!

She thought of a reason. “I saw a trickster this morning and he said that our company is not fated with this show.”

Lin Wenyue felt awkward. “You already said that it’s a trickster. Why do you still believe what he says?”

“It is better to believe than not to.” Ming Shu nodded. “It is decided then. You will find an excuse to tell Lu Zhuo. Don’t let him know that I changed the show for him.”

Lin Wenyue: “…”

Lin Wenyue really wanted to scold his new president. He wanted to create a bright and sunny image for Lu Zhuo.

However, his new president showed no intention of speaking up for Lu Zhuo. Lu Zhuo’s reaction was even more infuriating. He actually seemed quite happy. If he didn’t stop him, he might have run around and shouted that he was being taken advantage of… Are they trying to destroy each other?

They really know how to play.

Ming Shu returned to her office in a good mood. When her mood was good, her efficiency increased. The secretary was at a loss. Why was their president in a good mood when there was such news about her?

She didn’t understand what her boss was thinking.

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