Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 590 - What A Messy Circle (13)

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Chapter 590: What A Messy Circle (13)

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Jiang Han was put down by Zhao Yang. She was in a dire situation. Her forehead was covered with cold sweat and she grabbed Zhao Yang’s elbow tightly. She didn’t even notice her fingernails digging into Zhao Yang’s skin.

Zhao Yang looked at Jiang Han in surprise. He looked at Ming Shu again and opened his mouth. However, no words came out.

“Miss Jiang Han, why don’t you want to take off the bracelet?” Ming Shu smiled slightly. “Is it because the bracelet is fake?”

Jiang Han’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t talk nonsense. Why would Zhao Yang give me a fake jade bracelet?”

“The one Zhao Yang gave you is definitely real.” Yangyang sneered. “But as for the one you broke, I am not so sure.”

Yangyang was not so patient. Jiang Han didn’t want to let them see the bracelet for so long so she just decided to take action. She tried to s.n.a.t.c.h the bracelet from Jiang Han.

Jiang Han was in a daze. Hence, when Yangyang came to s.n.a.t.c.h her bracelet, she was not on her guard. By the time she reacted, Yangyang had already grabbed hold of her hand.

Jiang Han raised her hand instinctively and made to hit Yangyang. However, her wrist was grabbed by someone. A white and slender finger pressed against her wrist. She couldn’t exert any force in her hand.

She looked up from the hand and saw a face filled with smiles. The eyes were filled with smiles too. A warm light seemed to spread out from her body and the surroundings started to seem gentle too.

Yangyang took the opportunity to force open her hand and the bracelet in her hand was exposed.

“Take a look at it, Fang Qi.” Yangyang gave a piece of the broken bracelet to Fang Qi. Fang Qi’s family ran a jewelry business. Even if he was just a playful kid, with the influence of his family, he could still do a simple verification.

Jiang Han regained her senses suddenly and wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the piece of jade back. However, it was already too late. The jade was already in Fang Qi’s hand.

Jiang Han’s heart palpitated furiously. Her mind was in a whirl and she couldn’t hear what the people in front of her were saying.


Zhao Yang shouted and caught the unconscious Jiang Han. He was still very worried. He ignored Fang Qi and took Jiang Han out immediately.

Fang Qi shrugged and waved the broken jade in his hand. “This is fake.”

“F**k!” Yangyang cursed.

Fang Qi exchanged glances with Ming Shu and then looked at Yidai silently and carefully.

“I will go back first.” Yidai’s voice was low. She lowered her eyes; they couldn’t see the emotions in her gaze.


Yidai smiled at them and left.

“What are you standing there for? Send Dai-er back!” Yangyang kicked Fang Qi’s leg. “Watch over her. Don’t let anything happen to her.”

Fang Qi give her an OK sign.

“What is so good about Jiang Han? How did she manage to captivate Zhao Yang? If her personality is good, I could forget about it. However, Jiang Han is just treating Zhao Yang like a spare wheel.”

“To Zhao Yang, everything about her is good.” Ming Shu smiled.

“Hey, which side do you stand on?”

Ming Shu shrugged. “What can we do about it?”

Yangyang clenched her fist. “We have to make Zhao Yang see her true self.”

Ming Shu’s mouth corners went up. “Don’t you think that Zhao Yang would hate you after he knew?”

Yangyang was surprised. “Why? I helped him see Jiang Han’s true self. Shouldn’t he thank me?”

Ming Shu raised her hand and stroked Yangyang’s head. “Why are you so innocent? Did you eat Sanlu when you were growing up?”

Zhao Yang loved Jiang Han so much, he already doesn’t listen to them. If they really exposed Jiang Han in front of him, he might just fall out with them.

Yangyang reacted after a few seconds. She pushed Ming Shu’s hand off. “You’re scolding me! If you’re my friend, you should help me. Sigh, I don’t care, you must help. I can’t see Dai-er being bullied like this.”


Relationships are complicated. Ming Shu didn’t really want to help.

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Luo Chuan came down his private lift with a few of his men. The people behind him looked really fierce, but Luo Chuan was casual like a hooligan. There seemed to be a strange flash of light coming from his eyes. It made him look seductive.

The corners of his mouth moved up. He looked as though he was in a good mood when he saw Ming Shu.

Ming Shu gave her standard smile. “No need.”

The entrance of this crazy person is really different. He brought so many people with him, I have to use some effort to fight all of them.

Let me eat more before I fight with them!

Luo Chuan raised his eyebrows and looked at the receptionist. “What does Boss Xu want?”

The receptionist suddenly got asked a question and her face turned red as she answered, “These two ladies wanted to know where a client is staying at.”

“Since Boss Xu requested it, how can we not satisfy her?” Luo Chuan raised his chin.

The receptionist was stunned for a moment before understanding what Luo Chuan meant. She looked down and pressed the keyboard. She said the room number clearly: “2522.”

Yangyang might be curious as to why Luo Chuan was acting as though he was a crazy person and only regained her senses when the receptionist said the room number. She grabbed Ming Shu and wanted to go up the elevator.

Luo Chuan reached out and blocked her. “Boss Xu, I just helped you, are you not going to even thank me? That is not cute.”

Ming Shu wanted to hit him, but due to the risk involved, she bore with it. “I did not ask you to help.”

You wanted to help me yourself. Why must I thank you?

I’ll anger you to death.

Luo Chuan clicked his tongue and retrieved his hand. He looked at her mockingly as though he was looking at some vivid, poisonous snake.

“If you don’t have a room card, you can’t go up. Boss Xu, are you sure that you don’t want to thank me?”

Most of the room cards in five-star hotels could only allow the guest to go to the level of their hotel room as well as public areas. They would not be able to go to any other floors.

Ming Shu smiled at him and then turned to say to the receptionist, “Please give me a room on the 25th floor.”

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