Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 589 - What A Messy Circle (12)

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Chapter 589: What A Messy Circle (12)

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#Lu Zhuo appeared at a cafe and explained his hardships about being shelved#

#Lu Zhuo returns#

#The king of agents Lin Wenyue signed under Beichen#

These three t.i.tles trended really quickly. Lu Zhuo was a big shot one year ago while Lin Wenyue was the big shot five years ago.

Even Brother Duan could not be compared to Lin Wenyue. The number of movie kings and queens Lin Wenyue brought up was insane.

He had a good relationship with the kings and queens of the entertainment industry now.

Last time, some people said that it was a waste for Lin Wenyue to become an agent. With his image, he would become really popular even if he became a celebrity.

Now, Lin Wenyue came back again and signed under Beichen Entertainment. The first artist he would be bringing up would be Lu Zhuo who was really popular one year ago.

How can such explosive news not attract anyone’s attention?

Besides Lin Wenyue, there were many other people who came into Beichen. They were all people with abilities and some were even brought over from other companies. There were some that they never heard of, but their abilities were up to par too.

Before this, they thought that their useless president was busying herself with nothing. They could never find her in her office. Who knew that she was secretly finding people to replace them.

Isn’t it going too far!

So angry!

The people that were rea.s.signed in the company became more and more. No one dared to slack anymore. They were all afraid that they would be next.

Faced with such a big restructuring, the entire company needed some time to get used to it.

Also, Lu Zhuo was watched over by Lin Wenyue and he had no time to pester her. Thus, Ming Shu started enjoying her life with Yangyang and Fang Qi again.

Lu Zhuo was frustrated.

However, when he tried to create a presence in front of Ming Shu before all he talked about was getting an agent.

Even if he regretted it now, he could only swallow his regret.

He dug this hole himself. Even if he had to crawl, he would have to reach the end of this path himself.

I want to go home.

“Why did you come wearing this?” Yangyang pulled at Ming Shu’s pants with disdain. “You should at least wear a dress. Your taste for makeup came back, but your taste for clothes is gone.”

“A president can’t just wear a dress like this.” A dress prevents me from displaying my abilities.

“Yes yes yes, you are Boss Xu now. Your status is honorable. I can’t provoke you.” Yangyang showed more signs of disapproval. She looked at her surroundings. “Dai-er and Fang Qi already went in. Let’s go in and find them.”

Yangyang linked hands with Ming Shu and walked in. Ming Shu was dragged along by Yangyang to attend this dinner party. She didn’t even know who the main host of this dinner party was.

This kind of dinner party was not so serious. Most of the people would bring their friends along and the main aim was to meet more people and expand their network. They did not have to know the organizer of the party.

Yangyang only found Fang Qi and his friends. She didn’t find Yidai.

“Dai-er said that she went to the restroom. She should be back by now.” Fang Qi was puzzled and worried. “I will go find her.”

“Let’s go together.” Yangyang pulled Ming Shu along and followed Fang Qi.

“Beibei, your company is really amazing now. I heard about everything.” Fang Qi inched toward Ming Shu. “How did you manage to invite Lin Wenyue?”

“That should be credited to me.” Yangyang hummed. “Beibei, you must thank me properly.”

Ming Shu decided to be generous. “I will treat you to drumsticks.”

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“F**k. Do you want to repay me with drumsticks? I’m unfriending you for a minute!”

“Did you see it?” Ming Shu’s gaze landed on Jiang Han’s hand. She saw a hint of green in her hand. “Did you see it personally or did she tell you?”

Jiang Han turned anxious and said hurriedly, “Zhao Yang, forget it. It’s not a big issue. I was careless.”

Ming Shu smiled brightly. “I remember that the bracelet Zhao Yang gave you was made using the jade that he got from gambling stone when we went to Myanmar. The retail price of it is around a million. How can we just forget about it? If Dai-er really broke it, I will compensate you.”

Yidai looked at Ming Shu. She didn’t say anything. She trusted Ming Shu.

Yangyang seemed to have realized something. When she saw Jiang Han’s anxious expression, she immediately supported Ming Shu. “Yes, let us look at the broken bracelet. If Dai-er really broke it, we will compensate you.”

Although one million was a lot to them, if they split it among them, it was not a lot. They could just buy fewer things and play less.

“No, no… no need.” Jiang Han shook her head.

“Hanhan? Let Beibei and Yangyang take a look.” Zhao Yang was confused.

“Zhao Yang, I…” Jiang Han’s back was covered with cold sweat. She was frustrated. She thought of an idea and suddenly fell into Zhao Yang’s arms. She said weakly, “Zhao Yang, my head hurts.”

“Hanhan, what happened?” Zhao Yang held her up anxiously. “Did you drink just now? I asked you not to drink any alcohol. Let me take you to have a rest.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Yangyang: “…”

Fang Qi: “…”

Ming Shu always felt that those blind moments in the stories were written because the storyline needed them. However, from the looks of it now, if you really love a person until you lose yourself, you would seriously not notice anything.

Yangyang was not as easy to fool as Zhao Yang. “Jiang Han, why don’t you want to let us see the bracelet? Are you trying to fool us?”

“Yangyang, Hanhan is not well. We will talk about this later.”

Yangyang was furious. “She is faking it. Can’t you tell? F**k, Zhao Yang, did you feed your intelligence to the G.o.ds! No way, I need to call the police.”

Ming Shu’s voice was much gentler. It was like a gentle brush of wind, calming down the frustration in people’s hearts. “We will just take a look at the bracelet. It will not take much time. Miss Jiang Han, you just need to give your hand to me.”

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