Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 588 - What A Messy Circle (11)

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Chapter 588: What A Messy Circle (11)

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Ming Shu thought for a while and then put Luo Chuan at the back of her mind. She left her workplace and went to eat with Yangyang.

The employees in the company: “…” With such an irresponsible president, they did not have to worry about the company going bankrupt.

While Ming Shu and Yangyang went to eat, Fang Qi had come to take Lu Zhuo away.

Ming Shu only discovered now that Fang Qi and Lu Zhuo were cousins.

Lu Zhuo’s mother was Fang Qi’s father’s sister.

Even Yangyang didn’t know that. Fang Qi never revealed his relationship with Lu Zhuo before.

Of course, Ming Shu was not in Beichen Entertainment then. Although their circle had some connection with the entertainment industry, it was just a small connection. It was not deep.

Since Huo Ting stepped in to suppress the issue regarding Xia Lian, it was replaced by other entertainment news really quickly.

Xia Lian became well-behaved after this and didn’t create any trouble anymore. She filmed her show obediently and the entire Vast Sceneries team was harmonious.

Ming Shu was really busy too. She needed to work hard to become the leader of the entertainment industry.

However, there was someone that kept nagging at her and following her around like her shadow.

“When are you going to find an agent for me? My condition is very good now. I can start acting. When are you finding an agent for me? I want to act…”

Ming Shu turned around and waved her hand furiously. “Shut up! Stop following me!

Lu Zhuo stepped back instinctively. “Hitting people is against the law. I can sue you.”

Ming Shu was indifferent. “Go ahead. If you win, I can just compensate you.”

I have the money!

Lu Zhuo: “…”

Ming Shu stared at Lu Zhuo. He puffed up his cheeks and then started nagging again. “I have a contract with Beichen. I am okay now so you should find an agent for me. If you don’t find an agent for me, you are violating the contract.”

Ming Shu replied calmly, “You did not create any profits for the company for one year. It is already benevolent of me to not hold you accountable for that.”

“That’s due to uncontrollable factors. I’m fine now. I can continue to earn money for the company.” Lu Zhuo straightened his back. “Do you want to give up on such a good money tree?”

When he saw no reaction from Ming Shu, Money Tree Lu Zhuo continued, “Even if you don’t believe it, you should at least give me a chance to try. If I could become popular three years ago, I can become popular now.”


Ming Shu just left him with that little laugh and then entered a cafe at the side.

“Do you have a reservation?”


The attendant brought Ming Shu into the private room. Lu Zhuo was left behind. He was only wearing a pair of The moment he went in, he heard a scream.

Lu Zhuo was instantly surrounded by a few girls that were preparing to leave.

“It’s Lu Zhuo. Lu Zhuo… OMG, I finally saw Lu Zhuo.”

“Lu Zhuo, can I have your signature?”

“Lu Zhuo, do you still act? I really like you. You must continue acting. You haven’t had any new shows this entire year. I felt as though my life had no meaning anymore.”

“Yes, you must continue acting. We will always support you.”

Lu Zhuo signed for the few girls and then smiled and revealed his two canine teeth. “I’m sorry. I am not sure if I can continue acting. The company’s president has decided to shelve me.”

“Ah… why? You are so good, why do they want to shelve you?”

Lu Zhuo said innocently, “Because she wants to sleep with me but I refuse. Hence, she shelved me to force me to agree with her.”

The girls opened their mouths wide.

Lu Zhuo lifted his finger and placed it on his lips. “Don’t tell anyone. If not, I won’t be able to act for a long time. Then, you won’t be able to see me again.”

Ming Shu leaned against the psychopath’s door and smiled at the attendant. “Bring that crazy person in. Don’t let him hara.s.s civilians.”

Look at the way he bulls.h.i.ts about me.

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Besides a crazy person, who else can he be?

Ming Shu pushed the two contracts in front of the man. The man looked at the contracts and sighed after a while. He took the pen and signed his name.

Smiles appeared in Ming Shu’s eyes. “Mister Lin, I will get my secretary to contact you about your appointment doc.u.ments. He will follow you from now on.”

Ming Shu pointed at Lu Zhuo, who was beside her.

Lu Zhuo: “…”

Who is this!

When did I say I want other people to be my agent!

Can you not link me up with just anyone!

I am not doing this anymore!

Lin Wenyue nodded his head. “Send me a copy of his information. Also, I need other information too. I have not been in touch with this circle for a long time…”

After Lin Wenyue left, Lu Zhuo exploded. “Why did you give me such a random person? Who is he? Did you ask for my opinion? What if he had any evil intentions?”

Ming Shu: “…” Aren’t you adding too many scenes for yourself?

“Look at how skinny you are. You won’t be able to fetch a good price anyway. Don’t worry.”

“I don’t want him.”

Ming Shu shrugged and gave an evil smile. “You wanted an agent. I gave you one. Now, you don’t want the agent. Why don’t we just terminate the contract, then? I have money anyway. Or, I can just continue shelving you. Choose one.”

Lu Zhuo: “…”

I just want to find an opportunity to get close to you. Who wants an agent.

Why is it so hard to woo you!

Where is my knife!

Calm down, calm down!

I need to continue acting. Must continue acting. Continue acting.

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