Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 587 - What A Messy Circle (10)

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Chapter 587: What A Messy Circle (10)

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Internet pal A: What is this? How can you be so blatant even after you bully someone? Do you know what shame is?

Internet pal B: Although I don’t know who Xia Lian is, she seems really pitiful. She was even provoked by some people. How did the president of Beichen get her position?

Internet pal C: She is a rich second-generation. A useless and rich person. She just bullies people because she is rich.

Internet pal D: Am I the only one who feels that Boss Xu has some personality? At least she dares to be open about it. Some people just hide what they did.

Internet pal E: The one on top, is there something wrong with your moral values? She is just bullying people because she is more powerful. She doesn’t have any upbringing and she is still a president. Is this how a president should be?

Internet pal F: I also think that she is quite good. She dares to admit what she did.

I don’t know G: Calm down, everyone. We are not sure what is the truth behind this issue. Who knows if the things that were said is the truth? Don’t just listen to what other people say.

The internet was split into three groups.

One group felt that Xia Lian was innocent and she was bullied by rich people.

One group felt that Ming Shu dared to admit what she did and she was different from all those pretentious people in the entertainment industry.

The last group was neutral.

Ming Shu received Yangyang’s call after a short while. “Beibei, what are you doing? Do you plan to subdue the internet trolls?”

Ming Shu said eloquently, “A human need to be ambitious.”

“Beibei, can you speak like a human?”

“I want to be the leader of the entertainment industry.”


What does this have to do with you becoming the leader of the entertainment industry?

Yangyang did not really understand what Ming Shu was thinking. She was not alone. Those people that listened to Ming Shu’s proposal didn’t understand her, either.

Didn’t you say that you want to be the leader of the entertainment industry? Is this how you do it?

The company would collapse soon.

The emergency public relations of Beichen Entertainment couldn’t do anything about it. Ming Shu’s post was too savage. Although some people felt that she was honest and frank, it was only a minority.

As for Zhishang Entertainment, they would not let go of this chance, either, and wanted Ming Shu to apologize to their artist. If not, they would investigate everything properly.

However, not long after this statement was released, it was retracted. The debates online were deleted too and accounts were suspended. The trending news was also suppressed.

“Did you ask someone to do this?”

The secretary shook her head. She would not dare to do anything without Ming Shu’s agreement.

“Go and investigate it.” Which b.i.t.c.h wants to stop me from earning my snacks?

“Boss Xu, this is a good thing for us…”

“Good? My snacks…” Ming Shu waved her hand. “Go and investigate it now.”

The secretary hesitated before leaving the meeting room in a hurry.

At the hospital…

Xia Lian’s head was wrapped in a bandage and she looked at the person who came in. She was unhappy. “Mister Huo, what are you doing here?”

Huo Ting placed the fresh flowers beside her. “How are you?”

“Thanks to you, I’m not dead.” Xia Lian looked at the fresh flowers. They were normal flowers. There was nothing special about them. “It’s better if you don’t appear here just in case we cause rumors.”

Huo Ting’s big hand landed on Xia Lian’s head. “So angry.”

Xia Lian dodged Huo Ting and said angrily, “If it was not for your pursuer, I would not be here.”

Huo Ting kept quiet for a few seconds. “I have asked people to suppress the debates online. My a.s.sistant will talk to you about your compensation.”

Xia Lian looked at Huo Ting in disbelief. She said righteously, “Mister Huo, what kind of person do you think I am? The Xia family doesn’t lack compensation money. I just want justice.”

Huo Ting said calmly, “If this issue gets big, there is nothing for you to gain, either. If the other side does anything extreme, you will lose even more…”

Xia Lian suddenly felt wrong. “Did I get injured for nothing?”

Huo Ting looked straight at her. He said each word clearly and even seemed to be complimenting her. ” Xia Lian, you are a smart girl.”

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Xia Lian appeared to be angry. She looked like a weak girl that was bullied by the powerful and finally was convinced by Huo Ting.


The vibration of the cellphone interrupted their conversation. The screen lit up. Ming Shu glanced at it. It was a stranger’s number.


“Boss Xu.” Luo Chuan’s casual voice sounded. He sounded as though he just woke up.

“Boss Luo, is there anything I can help you with?” This idiot even managed to get my phone number.

“Nothing, I just wanted to ask if you are having a good time recently.”

Ming Shu remained silent for a second and suddenly opened her mouth, “Did you do it?”

If you carefully thought about Xia Lian’s issue, you would find that something seemed wrong.

The person that Xia Lian wanted to target should have been the pretty girl, the litter sister. Why was attention suddenly brought to her? Also, there was too much evidence. Xia Lian couldn’t have collected so much evidence.

Luo Chuan laughed like a crazy person. “You are really smart. However, it is not good to be smart. It isn’t cute at all.”

“Compared to Boss Luo, I feel that I am already very cute.” This crazy person should go for a check-up at the mental hospital.

Luo Chuan stopped laughing. He dragged his words. “Be careful, Boss Xu.”

Ming Shu could almost imagine how irritating he looked like at this moment.

Ming Shu smiled. “Don’t let me see you.”

I’ll beat you to death.

Without waiting for a reply, Ming Shu hung up.

Yangyang inched over. “Who was it?”

Ming Shu put down her phone. “Are you close with Luo Chuan?”

“Luo Chuan? The second master of the Luo family? Why are you asking about him?”

“Just curious.”

Yangyang acknowledged her answer and thought for a while. “Luo Chuan does not really mix with the people in the circle. He keeps his chast.i.ty and speaks very little. He’s the kind of guy that’s handsome and serious. The kind that will suppress your desires. Beibei, do you like this kind of man?”

Ming Shu: “…” She couldn’t see which part of him was serious. He was like a crazy person.

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