Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 586 - What A Messy Circle (9)

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Chapter 586: What A Messy Circle (9)

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Ming Shu had no intention of focusing on Lu Zhuo anymore but Lu Zhuo didn’t have a clear estimation of himself. He kept asking Ming Shu who would be managing him from now on.

Ming Shu couldn’t even eat her snacks in peace. Why isn’t Fang Qi back yet?

“When can I start acting again?

“Can you say something?”

“Why are you not talking. You have been eating ever since you came in. Are you not full yet? How can you maintain your figure even after eating so much? Why are you not talking to me? Talk to me…”

Ming Shu squeezed her bag of snacks. “Can you keep quiet?”

I just want to eat my snacks in peace. Why is that so difficult!

“Why must I keep quiet? People need to interact to maintain relationships.”

“If you don’t keep quiet, I will hit you.” Who wants to have any relationship with you? Crazy.

Lu Zhuo: “…”

Maybe he was frightened because Lu Zhuo finally went quiet. He stood in the office and looked at the posters of those popular young boys.

The secretary brought Lu Zhuo’s contract over and placed it in front of Ming Shu carefully. Then she left hurriedly.

Lu Zhuo was under Beichen Entertainment ever since he debuted. Beichen Entertainment made him famous. His agent was the most impressive agent, Brother Duan, and he had the best resources given to him. If he still didn’t become famous like this, it would be intolerable.

Ming Shu flipped through the doc.u.ment and closed the file. Her gaze landed on the figure standing in her office.

He was standing in front of the window and looking intently at the posters outside. In that instant, he seemed a bit lonely.

[Hidden Task: The next star. Hint: Please suppress all the other entertainment companies and become the leader of the entertainment industry.]

Ming Shu: “…”

Are you urging me to compete with the other companies unfairly?

[Guest, what do you mean by unfair compet.i.tion? This is a normal compet.i.tion. If you don’t climb to the top, someone else will be at the top. Someone has to be the leader in the entertainment industry so why can’t it be you? You can just take it as leveling up by killing monsters. You just need to be the max-level guru. All the best!]

The Harmony System brainwashed her and Ming Shu almost believed it.

Am I that kind of person?

[As long as you have Hatred Points, you will have snacks. Make the decision yourself.] The Harmony System suddenly became cold.

I am that kind of person!

In simple terms, this task was asking her to become an enemy of everyone in the entertainment industry.

I am very good at gaining Hatred Points.

It seemed really exhilarating to become an enemy of the entire entertainment industry.

Ming Shu pressed the intercom. “Inform the people in the office. We will be having a meeting one hour from now.”

The secretary was confused. Before, when they asked her to have a meeting, they would have to urge and persuade her many times. Sometimes, they even had to entice her with snacks before she came to the meeting. Why is she calling for a meeting now?

Did the sun rise from the west?

Ming Shu hung up and looked around her table. She took out some papers from beneath the snacks.

One hour later…

All those that could come, came. There were people that didn’t come too. After all, there were still some people who didn’t bother to give her any face. Ming Shu didn’t care about them, either, and took out the proposal that she drew up within that hour. She started giving them hopeless hopes.

Everyone: “…”

What the f**k, are we not awake yet? Why did the useless president start daydreaming seriously?

“All the departments will undergo reorganizing and I want to see results within a week.” Ming Shu put down her proposal and took out a piece of bread. She took a bite and rested for a moment before continuing, “Those people that are not doing their job, I hope that you all will rea.s.sign them. If I notice anything, the supervisor will be punished too.”

All the supervisors at the meeting: “…”

Someone raised his hand. “Boss Xu, the things that you said just now, are you sure that you are not letting your imagination run wild?”

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The most powerful entertainment company now was Zhishang Entertainment. Their useless president wanted to overtake Zhishang Entertainment? What joke was this?

The secretary’s mouth corners twitched. “The news about Xia Lian getting injured at the filming scene went on the headlines just now. It says that… you were the one who instigated it.”


The secretary: “…”

Did she express it wrongly? Or did Boss Xu not hear it properly?

Now, the entire internet was filled with opinions about her bullying people due to her power and even Beichen was affected.

Ming Shu took out the tablet from the snack pile and logged in to a blog. The number one trending was about Beichen’s president bullying other people with her power.

Xia Lian didn’t explode after being bullied for so long so she had a lot of evidence in hand now. The pretty girl that Ming Shu helped in the filming team was really smart and made herself blameless. Ming Shu, on the other hand, became the mastermind.

The comments were all trampling on Beichen and Ming Shu, but they all seemed to be normal accounts. They didn’t look like ghostwriter accounts.

“Where can you buy these ghostwriters?” Ming Shu raised her head and asked the secretary. “Let’s buy some too. Seems really professional.”

“Boss Xu…” Is this the time to care about this?

Ming Shu smiled. “I was sitting with the director when she got hurt. What does it have to do with me?”

The secretary said, “This is just your side of the story. Now, the entire internet believes that you instigated everything. Also, there is evidence of you bullying her. Even though they’re all small issues and don’t seem like much on their own, when you combine them, it’s enough to make the people on the internet believe her. Even if you can prove that you had nothing to do with her injury next time, your reputation and the reputation of the company would still be affected.”

The secretary finished speaking and saw Ming Shu lowering her head and typing something. Her eyes twitched and she immediately went to stop her. “Boss Xu, don’t say something just like that.”

However, she was still one moment too late.

Ming Shu had already posted it.

There were not many fans of her account and she didn’t even have any verifications. After all, she was not a celebrity. However, since everyone was taking notice of this issue, her post was noticed by many people and many people reposted it.

Xu Bei: Pardon me for being direct. If you are not convinced, you can come and talk to me. Don’t go and buy oranges. They have risen in price recently.

The secretary: “…”

Can I just die?

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