Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 583 - What A Messy Circle (6)

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Chapter 583: What A Messy Circle (6)

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“Wow, there’s no need to make such a big salute. I won’t go easy on you even if you beg me. You may rest a.s.sured that I’m a woman of principles.”

Xia Lian felt a sudden pain in her knees, and hearing this, her face immediately darkened.

Who’s begging her!

Rest a.s.sured of what!

Xia Lian looked up and gritted her teeth. “Xu Bei, don’t go too far.”

She’s Beichen Entertainment’s boss, but I’m not n.o.body, either.

“Are you angry? That’s right, the angrier, the prettier. Remember to be angry more often.” Ming Shu began to roll up her sleeves.

The secretary saw her boss act like she was going to kick someone to death and intended to stop her. But Ming Shu gave a smiling look to her, and the secretary was frightened away.

She witnessed her boss beat up Xia Lian.

After the beating, Ming Shu left the washroom and asked the secretary, “What is Xia Lian doing here?”

The secretary choked. “Miss Xia Lian is the third female lead in the drama.”

You didn’t know anything and just beat her up?

I need to go back and handle the PR issues now so as to avoid being sued by Xia Lian.

“Who casted her?”

If the secretary still couldn’t see that her boss disliked Xia Lian, she might as well just go home and quit her job.

“The director picked her personally,” the secretary answered. “The director is not one of us. He wanted to add an actress and we had no reason to decline it.”

Ming Shu sounded bossy. “Change the director, then.”

The secretary choked again and she tried to persuade Ming Shu with kind words. “Boss Xu, the director is a real big figure in the industry, we can’t just replace him.”

Do you think he’s a utility man?

The reason why this drama could attract so many superstars was because of the director. If they replaced him, the drama would be dead.

We only came here to attend the ceremony, then we’re leaving.

Boss Xu, please don’t look for trouble.

[Guest, you can uncover a scandal and kick Xia Lian out for a proper reason.] The Harmony System began to offer stupid ideas again after being quiet for a long time.

Ming Shu sneered. Didn’t you read the storyline? It said Xia Lian in this world was as pure as snow and except for being noteless, what stain can you find on her?

[We can make up something, Guest, don’t think so narrowly.]

Ming Shu: “…” What the h.e.l.l wouldn’t you do for Hatred Points?

Am I that kind of person?

Don’t instigate me here!

Ming Shu refused the Harmony System’s proposal and didn’t yell to change the director, either. At the ceremony, she was as quiet as a chicken eating her snacks, not causing trouble.

Xia Lian was the third female lead, but as the actress personally chosen by the director, she also had her shot. After introducing the several leading roles, the director specially mentioned Xia Lian, and Xia Lian stepped forward with a smile.


Followed by quick and countless shuttering sounds.

Ming Shu looked up from her snacks and glanced aside. Xia Lian fell to the stage in a messy posture. The director seemed unhappy, but due to the formal occasion, he didn’t say anything and just averted his gaze.

Ming Shu didn’t care about the face issues, though. Pu—

Who did this!

Insane, great job.

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I’ll give 101 points for this, one extra for his pride.

“Boss Xu, are you not busy?” the director couldn’t help but ask as he saw the foppish boss eating ice cream nearby.

Ming Foppish Boss Shu: “Not at all.”

Director: “…” Did your company go out of business?

“What’s going on?” The director suddenly exploded.

Over there, Xia Lian sat on the floor, covering her forehead. Blood streamed down from her fingertips, while the little sister looked at the others a little perplexedly. “I didn’t use a lot of force.”

In the play, Xia Lian was supposed to be pushed down and smack onto the table, but it was by no means meant to be so real as this.

Some people went to help Xia Lian up, but the blood didn’t stop.

The director hurriedly made some staff send Xia Lian to hospital, without trying to figure out what really happened.

Lately Xia Lian had been getting on well with the crew’s staff, and Xia Lian would purposely make them see when she was targeted. So right now, there were quite a few people looking at the little sister with disapproving gazes.

The little sister was depressed inside. She didn’t use any force at all, and it was directed and acted by Xia Lian herself.


“Shoot the male protagonist’s part first.” The director got Xia Lian in the crew, but he didn’t treat her very specially.

Now that Xia Lian was injured, the director only asked a few questions and then began to shout at the staff.

The little sister walked over with great anger. Ming Shu sat there cross-legged and uttered as she walked past, “Get your lawyers ready, Xia Lian is going to slander you.”

The little sister looked at Ming Shu confusedly.

Ming Shu smiled. “You’re welcome.”

The little sister: “…”

The director went to his machines after yelling around. Ming Shu finished the ice cream and was ready to leave. The director hung up the phone and, seeing Ming Shu leaving, he hurriedly came to see her off.

Finally she is leaving.

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