Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 581 - What A Messy Circle (4)

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Chapter 581: What A Messy Circle (4)

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Xia Lian saw Ming Shu too. Why is she here?

In her world, this girl kept suppressing her due to the love from Huo Ting.

In this world, Huo Ting’s ident.i.ty was different but he was still a man with power. She wanted to let her have a taste of what it was like to lose everything.

“Boss Huo, the medicine is here.” The door of the dessert shop opened and Huo Ting’s a.s.sistant ran in. The a.s.sistant didn’t seem to notice the strange atmosphere in the shop.

Huo Ting retracted her gaze and ordered the a.s.sistant, “Apply the medicine for Miss Xia.”

Xia Lian thought that Huo Ting would apply the medicine for her personally, so when she heard his words, she fumed. “No need.”

The a.s.sistant looked at Huo Ting, bewildered. He then looked at Xia Lian again.

Xia Lian s.n.a.t.c.hed the medicine from the a.s.sistant and applied it on her twisted ankle herself. Then, she stuffed the medicine back into the a.s.sistant’s hands. She looked up. “Thanks, Mister Huo, hope to never see you again!”

Xia Lian limped out of the dessert shop. She stood outside and turned back to take a look. Huo Ting was walking toward Ming Shu.

Huo Ting looked down at the girl sitting by the window. His voice seemed indifferent. “Let me send you back.”

“Mister, do I know you?” Ming Shu placed her chin on her hand and smiled lightly.

“Huo Ting.”

“I don’t know you.”


Huo Ting felt that that it was impossible for her to not know him. The Xu family would have told her about it. He came back this time so that they could have their engagement soon.

Ming Shu smiled brightly. “Mister, don’t strike a conversation with someone random in the middle of the night. Be careful. You might meet a ghost.”

Ming Shu walked out. It’s better for me to find Xia Lian now.

Hatred Points, here I come.

“Xu Bei,” Huo Ting called with a frown.

The latter pretended she didn’t hear him and walked straight out of the dessert shop.

Huo Ting chased her out and blocked her at the door of the shop. “It’s late and you’re alone. Let me send you back.”

“Mister, I don’t know you. Why must you send me back? What do you want to do!” There is always someone who wants to s.n.a.t.c.h my snacks.

“You will know me soon.”

“I don’t want to know you.” Go and find your little white lotus, stop preventing me from sucking in the essence of the sun and moon!

A tyrant boss should be paired with a little white lotus. Why are you talking to me?

Huo Ting gave a cold face. “Get in the car.”

A black Bentley stopped beside Ming Shu.

Ming Shu’s mouth corners twitched. Is this boss stupid? Should I beat him up to wake him up or should I beat him up to wake him up?

Ming Shu didn’t move. Huo Ting decided to use force and made to drag Ming Shu into the car.

A hand pressed against Huo Ting’s shoulder and stopped him. “Mister, this girl said that she doesn’t know you.”

Ming Shu and Huo Ting looked at the person at the same time. They were wearing a suit, but they didn’t b.u.t.ton it. The shirt inside had two unb.u.t.toned slots and you could see their collar bones.

Compared to the prim and proper Huo Ting, this man was much more casual and even seemed a bit roguish.

There were quite a few people behind him. It seemed as though he came from the club beside the dessert shop.

“Mister Luo, this has nothing to do with you.” Huo Ting brushed the hand off his shoulder and sounded even colder than before.

“I am just lending a helping hand where there is a need to. This cute girl needs my help now, right?” Luo Chuan blinked at Ming Shu. He seemed even more roguish now.

Ming Shu smiled brightly and said lightly, “I don’t need it.”

She broke free from Huo Ting’s grip and, right in front of Luo Chuan, grabbed Huo Ting’s wrist and flipped him over her shoulder.


The surroundings suddenly became quiet. Even the honking of the cars seemed to disappear.

After she finished acting cool, Ming Shu clapped her hands calmly and flagged a taxi. Before Huo Ting could react, she had already run away.

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If she didn’t run away now, should she stand there and wait for Huo Ting to get up and then call the bodyguards to beat her?

Ming Shu took out a bag of snacks from her pocket and started eating. The people opposite her looked at her in surprise. The secretary felt embarra.s.sed but she still kept her smile on her face.

“Boss Xu, be aware of your image…” The secretary reminded her softly.

“I am hungry.” Ming Shu felt wronged. “I came because you said that there was something to eat.”

The secretary: “…”

“Boss Xu, is there any issues?” the other party asked Ming Shu. “If you think that there are any issues, we can discuss it again.”

Ming Shu immediately regained her strength. “Let me treat you all a meal!”

Everyone: “…”

They had not finished discussing the contract, why did she suddenly talk about eating?

“So much time has pa.s.sed. If Boss Xu is hungry, we can discuss while we eat.” They were people from a big company, so when they met a difficult situation like Ming Shu’s, they didn’t lose their composure.

Many contracts were signed over a meal. There was nothing strange about that.

“Let’s go over, then. Boss Xu, please.”

The other party invited Ming Shu to leave the meeting room with them.

“Boss Luo.”

“Boss Luo.”

An orderly sound came from in front of them. Luo Chuan was surrounded by people as he walked over. There was no change in his image. He was still as casual and roguish as before.

If it was not for his handsome face, he would seem like a hooligan from the way he wore his suit.

Luo Chuan glanced over and suddenly stopped in his tracks. he raised his eyebrows and asked, “Where are you all going?”

The person standing nearest to him reported to him softly.

“I have not eaten, either. Let’s go to eat together.” Luo Chuan looked at Ming Shu who was at the back. “Boss Xu, you won’t mind, right?”

Ming Shu gave him a smile. “I mind.”

If there are more people, I will have less food. Of course I mind.

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