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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 58 - Gorgeous Doctor (5)

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Chapter 58: Gorgeous Doctor (5)

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“Zhi Po, are you crazy?” Bai Yanran didn’t want to be disrespected in Lord Seven’s presence. She couldn’t suppress her anger, though. What’s wrong with this Zhi Po, seriously . It had only been a few days since last time they met. Why was she like a totally different person? Especially with her rude att.i.tude.

“I’m not crazy.” I’m doing very fine.

“What on earth do you want to do? Why did you let the spirit beast attack…” Bai Yanran lost her words all of a sudden and her beautiful eyes gradually filled with disbelief. “You, you can rein the beast?”

All the people present, including Lord Seven, turned to Ming Shu at the same time.

There were all kinds of professions on the Xuanyuan Continent. The most common was the spiritual master. Anyone could become a spiritual master as long as they had a spirit pulse. The difference was in the levels, which ranged from the lowest to the highest.

And besides the popular profession of spiritual master, there were other professions such as pharmacist, weapon refiner, master tactician, and beast-reining master.

Among them, the most respectable were the pharmacist and the beast-reining master.

It was not hard to understand that the pharmacist was of great importance. Who wouldn’t be sick or injured during their lifetime?

A beast-reining master, on the other hand, was able to rein in a spirit beast, making it easier for humans to tame. It was well known that taming a reined spirit beast was much easier than taming an un-reined one, with a 90% risk deduction.

The spirit beast was ferocious and brave. Once it was tamed, it would become a powerful weapon. The higher a spirit beast’s level was, the harder it was to tame. At this moment, the beast-reining master would play an import role.

“Reining in a beast?” Ming Shu’s smile widened. “This skill seems quite powerful, but I can’t.”

Clearly Bai Yanran didn’t believe her. “If you can’t rein in a beast, why did the spirit beast listen to you?” Only a beast-reining master could drive a beast. She must be capable of beast-reining.


The purpose of coming to the Windy Mountain Range of Demons this time was precisely to catch a strong spirit beast to tame. If she knew how to rein in a beast, wouldn’t it be easy for her to tame a powerful one? Bai Yanran was chuckling to herself in her heart.

If she had known that Ming Shu mastered the beast-reining method, she wouldn’t have treated her like that.

Why didn’t she tell her that she had this skill before? Now, in such a situation, does she want me to apologize to her in person? Bai Yanran pondered.

“Well, it just listened to me on its own. What could I do about that. You can ask it to follow you if you like.” Ming Shu tore off a piece of roasted meat, and the irresistible smell immediately floated into the air.

Bai Yanran was still struggling over whether to apologize or not when the woman who had been placed in the escort’s arms suddenly moaned. She seemed unconscious, scratching at her clothes and skin constantly. Within a short while, her fair skin was all scratched up, tiny streams of blood beginning to appear.

Ming Shu observed the messy scene on the other side as she chewed the delicious meat.

Lord Seven stood in the crowd with his hands behind his back. He didn’t seem panicked at all, not even changing his cold expression. Ming Shu licked her fingertips and asked, “Who’s he?”

Hui Xue looked over and followed Ming Shu’s gaze. “He is the Seventh Lord of the Royal Family, Feng Cheng. The sick woman is his future wife, Lady Seven Xiao Rufei.”

Xiao Rufei? The fake protagonist was called Xiao Rufeng… This Xiao Rufei seemed to be the legitimate Miss of the Xiao family, the formal female protagonist of this world. She should have lived a happy life with the male protagonist Feng Cheng.

But unfortunately, as Xiao Rufeng’s body was occupied by another person from another world, Xiao Rufei had to face a tough life. She was pressured by Xiao Rufeng in many ways, losing all kinds of opportunities. Furthermore, she ended up with a broken family and died bitterly.

The fake protagonist was too cruel.

I have to eat another spirit beast to calm down.

[Extension Task: Gain Hatred Points from Bai Yanran.]

From Bai Yanran? Isn’t that a piece of cake? This task is of no technical content at all, it won’t allow me to show off my real strength. Can I have another task?

[No. ] This is a serious task, how can you change to another casually?

Then… could you send a more challenging one?

[The task isn’t allowed to be sent unless it satisfies the conditions.] The Harmony System rejected her again. It was a system of principles, how could it compromise with the Guest’s sweet words? [Feng Cheng is a conditional extension task. You can offend him as many times as possible.]

Hey hey hey!

Didn’t you just say you wouldn’t compromise easily?

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[…] I didn’t say anything.

Ming Shu threw away the bones and took out a handkerchief to wipe her hands. “First, I didn’t sell myself to you. Second, I don’t owe you money. I have every right to reject you. So, may I ask you how I’m going too far?”

In fact, she didn’t have any obligation to save Xiao Rufei; even if she had, Death Valley saved people according to certain rules. No one was ent.i.tled to be saved.

Before, the Host was kind of stupid, maybe for the sake of the plot. Throughout the whole story, the Host tolerated Bai Yanran and was led by the nose by her.

This dramatic plot was truly amazing.

Snacks were needed to calm emotions right then.

Bai Yanran gritted her teeth. Glimpsing Feng Cheng coming this way, she instantly replaced her grim expression with an aggrieved face and tearful eyes. She said in a weeping voice, “Please, Zhi Po, just go take a look at Sister Fei’er. I know it was all my fault before. But Sister Fei’er is in danger now, go check on her, okay? I will pay you for the diagnosis.”


The whole Continent owes you an Oscar!

So good at acting, why don’t you enter s...o...b..z?

Feng Cheng approached with his escort, right on time to hear these words from Bai Yanran. He indifferently swept his gaze over Bai Yanran. Ming Shu wondered whether he caught their earlier conversation.

He kept silent. The escort looked at Ming Shu and held his fist in his other hand. “Miss Zhi Po, sorry to bother you, but could you take a look at Miss Xiao?”

Ming Shu turned her smiling eyes to Feng Cheng and pointed at Bai Yanran with her finger. “If you want me to see the patient, you have to order your people to beat her.”

“Zhi Po, you…” Bai Yanran was beyond shocked now. It was hard to express her new level of shock, so far above the original level.

Subtle changes were observed on Feng Chen’s face. The escort was completely stunned.

Was something wrong with his ears?

The escort covered his blunder and said, “With all due respect, Miss Zhi Po, weren’t you Miss Bai’s person before?”

“Do you want the diagnosis or not?”

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