Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 578 - What A Messy Circle (1)

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Chapter 578: What A Messy Circle (1)

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#Entertainment Headline: Xu Bei Bans an Artist Whenever She Wants#

“Boss Xu? Boss Xu?”

Ming Shu’s vision cleared. A young lady dressed as a secretary stood in front of her and called her cautiously.

Ming Shu looked up. The people sitting along the big meeting table were all looking at her.

Why are you all looking at me!

I have no snacks!

“Boss Xu, are you unwell?” The secretary lady thoughtfully gave Ming Shu a way out.

Ming Shu took the chance and nodded her head. “Yes, I have a headache.”

I want to eat something.

The secretary immediately said, “Shall we push back the meeting?”

Of course. If I don’t push it back, how will I know what the meeting is about? Sharing opinions about snacks?

“I am sorry, everyone. Boss Xu is not feeling well. I will inform you of the new meeting time after Boss Xu confirms it.” The secretary stood up and apologized to everyone.

These people were unhappy and someone even said blatantly, “Boss Xu, we are very busy too. We came here early in the morning but you still leave us hanging. Are you playing with us?”

“I have a bunch of things to do too. Boss Xu, can you be more professional? Do you still want to operate this company?”

“Seriously, rich second-generation kids nowadays…”

The people in the meeting room left gradually. The secretary seemed slightly anxious. She glanced at Ming Shu secretly, but realized that she was not angry at all. She felt weird.

Once everyone left, Ming Shu placed her chin on her hand. “Buy some food for me.”

The secretary said, “Boss Xu, you are unwell. Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Ming Shu said casually, “I lied to them.”

The secretary: “…”

The secretary didn’t say anything else as if she was used to her being like this and left the meeting room in her high heels.

Once the secretary left, Miss started reviewing her memories.

The fake female protagonist was called Xia Lian, someone who traveled to a parallel world. This world was totally different from the other world. The people were still the same, but their lives were different.

Before she came over, Xia Lian was an orphan. She stepped into the harmful entertainment industry. Although she had the looks, she was unlucky. Besides acting a few small roles, she was not really popular.

In order to become popular, Xia Lian was willing to do anything. She climbed into the beds of producers and managed to get a few roles. She started getting popular.

However, she s.n.a.t.c.hed some powerful person’s role and was taken revenge on.

All her dark secrets were dug out and all kinds of obscene photos were posted online.

Under the stress of public opinion, she broke down and went on the path of no return—she started taking drugs. In the end, she died from an overdose.

When she came to the parallel world, Xia Lian became a rich family’s daughter. Her family was wealthy so although she was not very famous, she was clean.

Hence, Xia Lian entered the entertainment industry again and swore that she would reach the tip of the pyramid.

Although the two worlds seemed to be the same, they were not. But, Xia Lian still took revenge on the people that she hated in the other world.

The Host was called Xu Bei. She was an infamous rich second-generation kid who led a lavish life.

However, she was really popular with other people. Whether it was people of the same age or elders, she could entertain them well. She just couldn’t do anything serious.

In the other world, Xu Bei was an enemy to Xia Lian. Hence, even though they had no relationship in this world, Xia Lian still vented her hatred on Xu Bei.

The first time she met Xu Bei, she made her lose face.

Xu Bei felt strange. She didn’t provoke Xia Lian.

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However, Xu Bei was not a weak person, either. Since Xia Lian was targeting her, she would target Xia Lian too.Read the next chapter on our

How hopeless must she be to be willing to torture her face like this?

It must be difficult for those people to be calm when they look at such a face.

Knock knock…

The secretary knocked on the door and came in. She placed the food she just bought in front of Miss. “Boss Xu.”

Ming Shu smelled the fragrance from the food and didn’t want to bother with her weird face anymore.

Snacks are more important.

The secretary stood by the side for a while before asking, “Boss Xu, when do you want to inform them to start the meeting?”

“We will talk about it later.” I have not finished eating!

Anyway, I am a selfish rich person. There is nothing wrong with being even more selfish.

A villain should act like a villain.

The secretary wanted to say something, but stopped herself. She was afraid that she would provoke this airborne Boss Xu so the secretary decided to shut up.

Ming Shu finished her food and went back to her office.

This office…

Was really messy.

It was not because the secretary didn’t clean it up. It was because one hour after she cleaned the room up, Xu Bei would return it to its original state.

All kinds of alcohol bottles were laid out on the office table and the other side was filled with makeup from different brands.

Doc.u.ments only took up a small portion of the s.p.a.ce. They looked so sad.

Ming Shu touched her forehead. She took the makeup removal wipes and then waved her hand. “Clear all this up.”

They occupy so much s.p.a.ce, I don’t have anywhere to put my snacks!

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