Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 575 - Pleasing Her Majesty (30)

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Chapter 575: Pleasing Her Majesty (30)

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Since Meng Liang was caught, he had been locked in the dungeon. Junjue said he would handle him, so Ming Shu had never come to check.

Junjue used tools exchanged from the system to torture him and they couldn’t use the system’s antidote. Hence, at this time, Meng Liang’s condition could be described as extremely miserable.

But Meng Liang’s att.i.tude was even more arrogant than Ming Shu’s. “What are you doing here? I’ve told you everything.”

Ming Shu stood outside the cell. “What happened to Junjue?”

“Junjue?” Meng Liang looked up and let out an odd laugh. “What happened to him? He’s dying, just like me.”

“Like you?” Meng Liang glanced over Meng Liang’s body. She didn’t know why the plague on Meng Liang showed no sign of getting better, but those people outside had been cured…

Has Junjue also been infected with the plague?

“You don’t know?” Meng Liang sounded a little surprised.

Ming Shu left the dungeon. The sun shone on her body, but it still felt chilly, and the coldness seemed to come from inside.

After a while, Ming Shu moved her lips. “What a psycho.”

Lianxin didn’t hear it clearly and she asked cautiously, “What did you say, Your Majesty?”

“I want to eat chicken thighs for dinner.”


Lianxin scratched her head. Her Majesty still had the mood to eat chicken thighs at this time? Wasn’t she worried about the royal concubine?

In Changhuan Town…

The surrounded the officer soldier who stuck a paper on the board. It was an order for arrest.

“Who is this?”

“Oh my G.o.d, this guy kills people, sets fires, kidnapping, robbing… He commits all kinds of crimes. Isn’t it too scary?”

“But he looks like a gentleman, how can he do such things?”

The officer soldier pointed at the order of arrest on the board. “If anyone sees this guy, you must report.”

“Yes, yes, this kind of person must be chopped down. He’s so evil.”

“Right, right, officer…”

The people kept wandering around the board until it got dark. The street was quiet again, the peddlers went home, and a tall figure came out of the corner.

He wore a bamboo hat, with a black veil hanging down and blocking his face.

As he walked, the jade pendant in his waist shook back and forth, shining in the pale moonlight.

He stopped before the public board.

The most eye-catching on the board was the newly posted order of arrest.

She is a real psychopath.

She dares persecute me like this!

Killing people, setting fires, kidnapping, robbing… When have I done such things!

Didn’t she say she’ll favor me? In this way?

I should’ve stayed in the royal palace and disgusted her!

Junjue tore down the arrest warrant ferociously and turned to leave. He walked around several street corners, and finally walked into a yard.

He took off the bamboo hat, but there was another mask on his face, and his features were hidden.

Junjue didn’t want to see his own face now. I’ll die soon…

He lay back in the small bed and held the arrest warrant, staring at it. “The picture doesn’t even capture a bit of my beauty. This is ugly.”

[Lord Nine, why don’t you go back?]

Junjue put down the arrest warrant. “Don’t you think, in this way, she’ll definitely regret and be guilty when she finds out the truth? Perhaps she’ll fall in love with me.”

I won’t go back!

I’ve become so ugly now, if she dislikes me when I go back, what should I do? I can’t go back.


Junjue turned over and pressed the arrest warrant under his body. The moonlight was dim outside the window, and suddenly he felt a little cold. He missed her…

It’s said that the day has its thoughts and the night has its dreams, so Junjue dreamed of her the whole night.

If it weren’t for his strong conviction, Junjue would have gone back.

But he didn’t want to show her his shame.

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If it went well like in his hint, he would meet her again for sure.

He looked up to see her face, the face that appeared in his dreams every night.

“Your… Your Majesty. It’s been a while.” Junjue had to greet her a little awkwardly.

Ming Shu smiled, but she sounded calm. “So you know it’s been a while, I thought you didn’t realize.”

Junjue: “…”

Ming Shu reached out and tried to push aside the black veil, but Junjue blocked her hand. “Your… Your Majesty.”

“What, can’t I even see your face now? Do you charge a fee or something?” Ming Shu raised her eyebrows.

“I’m afraid it’ll scare you, Your Majesty,” Junjue said in a low voice.

He struggled upright.

Ming Shu pinched a corner of the black veil, but she didn’t force it aside. “When you provoked me before, weren’t you afraid to scare me?”

Junjue: “…” I was good-looking at that time.

Junjue looked behind Ming Shu. She brought some people. It looked like she was just here…

Why am I so unlucky to meet her as soon as she arrived.

Can’t you control your legs!

Can’t you control your legs!

“Come back to the palace.” Ming Shu put down the black veil.

Junjue took a step back. “Your Majesty, I won’t go back.”

“Oh.” Ming Shu smiled indifferently.

Junjue peeped at her secretly. Why does she look so indifferent? Junjue felt depressed again. She just responded like this?

WTH, why do I like such a psychopath?

Ming Shu smiled at him again and waved her hand. “Knock him out and take him away.”

Junjue: “…” WTF, this is not right!

Seeing the people over there coming to knock him out, Junjue said hurriedly, “I… I can walk myself.”

Ming Shu reached out to him with a smile, and Junjue swallowed, putting his hand into hers carefully.

The warmth in her palm seemed to be comfortable the whole time. He couldn’t help but hold it tight.

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