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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 574 - Pleasing Her Majesty (29)

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Chapter 574: Pleasing Her Majesty (29)

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Ming Shu’s mouth went up. “Why are you changing the topic? Do you feel guilty?”

Guilty for what? What do I have to be guilty about? Can you don’t anyhow use such words?

Junjue took a deep breath and replied calmly, “I am just concerned about you. Also, I am fine. It is just that I feel a bit cold due to the rain these two days.

Ming Shu smiled. “I have already called the royal physician over. Let him take a look at you.”

Junjue: “…” I am not sick! I will not see him!

Under Ming Shu’s eye smile, Junjue chose to — surrender.

Forget it, let’s just ask the system to cover it up for me. That bunch of lousy physicians would not notice anything too.

The royal physician came in and checked Junjue’s pulse. He frowned furiously and looked at Junjue weirdly for a few times.

Junjue: “…” Why are you looking at me like that?!

Did this lousy physician notice something?

After he finished examining Junjue, the royal physician’s expression turned even weirder. He kneeled at Ming Shu. “Your Majesty…”

Ming Shu held a bowl of porridge and was drinking it. “Just say it.”

The royal physician swallowed his saliva and said with much difficulty, “His Highness… seems… to be pregnant.”


Ming Shu quickly grabbed hold of her porridge bowl in a flurry and hurriedly swallowed the porridge in her mouth. “What? Can you say it louder?”

The royal physician was in despair too. He summoned up his courage and replied, “His Highness is pregnant.”

Preg… Pregnant?

Can a man give birth in this world?

This was not what was written in the script!

I, once again, refresh my world outlook.

Junjue just froze on the spot. What the h.e.l.l is the system doing!? Where did his pregnancy come from? I am a man. How will I get pregnant! How can I get pregnant!

Ming Shu’s gaze landed on Junjue’s stomach.

Junjue covered his stomach instinctively and tried to argue for himself. “Your Majesty, I am not pregnant. The royal physician made a mistake.”

Don’t look at me like that. I am not pregnant.

Ming Shu took two mouths of the porridge to calm herself down and ordered the royal physician, “Please check his pulse again.”

The royal physician felt that he didn’t make a mistake but since Ming Shu asked, he proceed to check Junjue’s pulse again. However, it was still the pulse for pregnancy…

“My lovely concubine.” Ming Shu put down her bowl of porridge. “Are you a female acting as a male?”

Junjue’s face turned black. He gritted his teeth and said, “Your Majesty, don’t you know the best if I am a male or a female?”

“Then why are you pregnant?” Androgyne?

Junjue was so angry he exploded on the spot.

How will he know?

He is very innocent too okay? If the words spread a man like him got pregnant, he will not be able to live!!

It must be that lousy physician… Junjue looked at the royal physician that was wiping his cold sweats furiously.

The royal physician: “…” He didn’t make the wrong diagnose.

Ming Shu also felt that it was a bit too strange and asked Lianxin to call a few more royal physicians over. However, no matter how many physicians they called, the conclusion was still the same — pregnant.

The Royal Concubine was pregnant.

Although the Purple Moon Nation was a nation where woman’s rights take the lead, giving birth was still done by the females.

As a man, how can the royal concubine get pregnant!

The royal physician cowered in fear. They were afraid that they would be killed to protect the secret. After all…. this thing was too weird.

Junjue knew that he could never be pregnant and it must be the system that was doing all these things. Yet, the system decided to ignore him now.

The sky started to get dark.

Ming Shu waved and asked the royal physicians to leave. There were only Ming Shu and Junjue left in the room. The dim lights jumped around and made their outlines seemed blurry.

Ming Shu got up and sat beside Junjue. She placed her hand on his abdomen. “Impressive, my lovely concubine.”

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Junjue hit her hand away. “I am not married.”

The rain had stopped. After the rain, the plague seemed to have ended miraculously. All those that were affected by the plague started healing.

“Your Majesty, Junjue is an unlucky person. The moment he is gone, the plague is gone too. Your Majesty, please abolish his status.”

“Your Majesty, this was a decision made by G.o.d. Please do not defy fate.”

“It must be fate that the royal concubine is mission now. Your Majesty, please abolish his status.”

“Please abolish the royal concubine, Your Highness.”

Voices like this started sounding in the imperial court. Prime minister Zhou stood calmly at the side and looked at the floor.

The officials around prime minister Zhou looked at the people that were saying their views and then looked at the Empress that was smiling on top. In the end, they decided to follow the prime minister.

Ming Shu smiled. “Do you all want to abolish me too?”

The officials kneeled down and shouted in fear, “We have no thoughts of doing that.”

“Unless I am not sitting on this throne, Junjue will forever be the royal concubine.” Ming Shu’s smile got deeper. “If you all want to abolish his status, rebel and ascend the throne first.”

The ministers: “…”

The last rebel happened only a few days ago.”

“However, your Majesty, the civilians are saying that the royal concubine…”

Ming Shu signaled the official to continue, “Carry on.”

“… they say that the royal concubine brings bad luck to the nation.

“So what they say must be the truth? If they say that gold will drop from the sky, will gold drop from the sky? Let me tell you, I don’t care if he brings bad luck. Even if he brings death to me, as long as I am on this throne, he is Your Highness, the royal concubine of the nation.” Ming Shu smiled lightly and swept the things on the table onto the ground. SHe brought her people and left the throne room.

Ming Shu walked so fast Lianxin had to run to catch up with her.

Is Her Majesty angry?

But the smile on her face didn’t change…

Ming Shu suddenly stopped. Lianxin almost b.u.mped into her. She quickly steadied herself. “Your Majesty?”

“To the prison.”

Lianxin was confused. Now?

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