Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 571 - Pleasing Her Majesty (26)

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Chapter 571: Pleasing Her Majesty (26)

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When Ning Furong saw Ming Shu, the scene that time appeared before her eyes again. She never wanted to experience it ever again.

Meng Liang was much calmer. “Why not we have a deal with you?”

What deal?

I am not doing it.

Meng Liang grabbed the axe in the courtyard and wielded it at Meng Liang.


The axe hit Meng Liang’s sword and made a buzzing sound.

“Meng Liang, kill her!”

Ning Furong shouted at Meng Liang. She just wanted to kill her now. Kill her…

Kill this monster.

Meng Liang took a step back and didn’t care about Ning Furong’s scream. “Your Majesty, don’t you want to save the world?”

The sound of the axe wielding through the air gave Meng Liang her answer.

“If I tell you that I can help you solve this plague…”

“Aiyo, if you are so powerful, why don’t you go to heaven!” Ming Shu’s soft tone cut off his sentence.

Meng Liang didn’t have to talk anymore. He was forced into a corner by Ming Shu’s axe. He had no choice but to use all his strength to fight with her.

Ming Shu’s axe struck the sword and the sword suddenly broke.

Meng Liang looked at Ming Shu with a strange expression.

Ming Shu smiled. “are you amazed? Are you shock?”

Meng Liang leapt backwards. He felt danger… however, his clothes were grabbed and he couldn’t control his body. He moved backward. the scene in front of him changed and he felt pain on his back.

Someone stepped on his chest and placed the axe next to his throat. “We can talk now.”

“Dongqing, go and die!”

Ning Furong had entered the house. She was carrying a b.l.o.o.d.y knife as she attakced Ming Shu.

Ming Shu tilted her body and dodged the attack. She raised her hand and patted Ning Furong on the shoulder. Ning Furong fell forwards and instinctively struck the ground with her sword to balance herself.

Swoosh –

The sword stabbed into Meng Liang’s body. Meng Liang sucked in a gasp of cold air.

Ning Furong didn’t know that she would stab Meng Liang. She released the sword and stepped back with a pale face. “I… I…”

“It was her.” Ning Furong pointed at Meng Liang. There was fear in her eyes. “She pushed me, Meng Liang. It wasn’t my fault.”

Meng Liang looked at the blood on the knife and his worse got darker. He raised his hand and pulled the knife out.

The moment he pulled the knife out, blood gushed out and the entire floor was filled with bloodstains.

Ming Shu put down Ning Furong first and then pinned Meng Liang on the ground again. Her eyes were filled with smiles. “I have some things to ask you.”

Meng Liang bore with the pain in his body and forced himself to calm down.

“Where are you from?”

Meng Liang’s head exploded. He looked at Meng Liang fearfully.

Then, he thought about it and realized that something was wrong. He retracted his emotions. “Have you lost your memory, Your Majesty. I am from the Meng family.”

“You know what I am asking.” Ming Shu said in a happy tone. Her voice was soft and it sounded really nice. “You are not from this world. Where did you come from? Who ask you to come? Why do you have to woo me, or rather… kill me?”

Meng Liang’s character changed too much and if you thought about the way he brought Ning Furong away, Ming Shu couldn’t help but suspect him.

“I don’t understand what you are saying.” Meng Liang looked away.

Meng Liang seemed calmed but her was actually stunned and shocked at the same time.


Meng Liang’s expression turned hideous. His body started cramping. Pain and fear showed in his eyes and he seemed to be experiencing something dreadful.

He looked into the eyes that were filled with smiles. He had never felt so worried before.

“I don’t know.” Meng Liang gritted his teeth.

No matter what Meng Liang did, Meng Liang just say that he didn’t know anything. It looked as though Ming Shu was making trouble out of nothing.

“Okay, let me change the question. Why not you tell me who Junjue is.”

Every single nerve of Meng Liang was hurting and he squeezed the words out of his teeth, “The Emperor from the past dynasty.”

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Ming Shu didn’t think that Meng Liang was a tough person but if he still didn’t say anything now…

Which mean person did this!

Ming Shu looked at the direction of the explosion. A few shadows flew down among the dust and landed in the middle of the courtyard.

Two shadows entered the room they were at before and the rest of them looked at her fiercely.

Ming Shu: “…”

They quickly brought the lady that was in the room out. They had covered her up. They exchanged glances and prepared to leave.


What the f**k. How dare you all just run away like this after dirtying my food.

Ming Shu shouted with so much aura the people stopped and turned to look at Ming Shu.

Someone threatened her, “Mind your own business!”

Ming Shu blew the dust away from her snacks. She hesitated for a while before deciding to just eat it.

“Mind my own business?” Ming Shu clapped her hands and stood up. “You dirtied my food. How can I just ignore it?”


The few shadows looked at each other with puzzled eyes. They didn’t understand what Ming Shu was saying.

“Compensat my food. If not, don’t think about getting out of here.”


What is this?

The few of them didn’t care about Ming Shu and prepared to leave again.


The axe flew through the air and landed on the wall that they were planning to leave from. The axe wedged itself in the wall.

The shadows froze on the spot.

Ming Shu retracted her hand. “I am a resonable person. Compensate my snacks and you all can leave.

Everyone: “…”


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