Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 57 - Gorgeous Doctor (4)

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Chapter 57: Gorgeous Doctor (4)

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Ming Shu got up with a twig in her hand. To everyone’s surprise, she suddenly hit Bai Yanran on the back of her hand with the twig. “What she said is what I said. Did I allow you to point fingers at my people?”

Bai Yanran achingly exclaimed. Her fair hand turned into a red, swollen bun with visible speed. Bai Yanran covered the hand with a pair of fiery, angry eyes. “You dare to hit me.”

What happened to this woman? Before she would do anything she was told. How come this time she behaved so strangely.

“I hit you, so what?” Ming Shu chuckled. “Do you think you are a G.o.ddess that I don’t dare hit you?”

Before, Zhi Po could bear your willfulness, but I’m not that kind.

“Zhi Po, did you forget who you are?” She dared to laugh, though not a thing was funny.

Bai Yanran’s chest fluctuated rapidly. She was breathing heavily in her fury.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “Well, why don’t you tell me who I am?”

“You are here to protect me as a servant, what else could you be!” Bai Yanran seemed to have lost her mind with rage, saying this without thinking.

She felt a little regretful as well after finishing that sentence. But after thinking for a while, she convinced herself that she was right. Zhi Po indeed came to protect her, and she usually ordered her about like a servant, so wasn’t she a servant?

“Bai Yanran, are you out of your mind? Our Miss being your servant, do you think you are worthy?” Hui Xue was finally able to hold her head high. Bai Yanran really thought herself a big shot, wasn’t that amusing? If it weren’t for the Miss tolerating her before, she’d have been killed by Liu Feng many times over.

“I’m the dignified Miss of the Bai family. Why aren’t I worthy?” Bai Yanran said arrogantly with a straight back. “Zhi Po, I now order you to bring me back the beast.”

“You…” Hui Xue was shocked by Bai Yanran’s shameless behavior.

Ming Shu smiled at Bai Yanran and said softly, “Okay, wait here for me and don’t leave.”

“Miss!” Didn’t the Miss say she wouldn’t care about Bai Yanran anymore? How come she now listened to her again?

“You don’t need to follow. Watch the meat.” Ming Shu pointed at the roasting meat on the fire, which was already changing color with a tempting smell, and rolled up her sleeves as she walked into the gra.s.s, bypa.s.sing the crowd.

Bai Yanran disdainfully grunted at Hui Xue. “When she returns, I’ll let her punish you.”

To dare to talk back to me, this slave must be tired of living. I will teach her a lesson or she won’t realize who is the master here.

“All right, everyone. Don’t worry, Zhi Po will kill that spirit beast.” Bai Yanran turned around with great confidence and spoke to the others.

The crowd hesitated. Some people still chose to leave, and some die-hard fans of Bai Yanran stayed.

The earlier students seemed to not be on Bai Yanran’s side; they left as well with the half-dead Yang Shufeng dragging behind them.

A few other people stayed.

Among the remaining, there was a handsome man in black. He was very outstanding with his tall figure and unique style. You could tell immediately that he was non-human… To be serious, he was obviously not an ordinary person with just one look.

The man was surrounded by several escorts, one of which was holding a woman. That woman looked pale; she seemed to be seriously injured somewhere.

Bai Yanran’s eyes fell on the man; she felt her heart skip a beat. Until now she had been too angry to notice him.

She swiftly adjusted her hair and wore a shy, sweet smile on her face. Bai Yanran walked to him enchantingly and said in a tender tone, “Lord Seven, don’t worry. Zhi Po is kind of a doctor. When she comes back, I’ll let her take a look at Sister Fei’er.”

Bai Yanran’s eyes were full of affection. But as she glanced at the woman in the escort’s arm, a hidden hatred suddenly appeared in her eyes.

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“Is she?” the man responded indifferently. He continued in an alienated but polite voice, “Then we’ll rely on Miss Bai, if you please.”

Because of the flickering flames, the woman was bathed in soft light. She looked very gentle.

However, this woman did bring back a beast to attack them. And now, she was calmly sitting there to watch them, like she was enjoying a play.

Lord Seven’s eyes again rested on Ming Shu’s robe, the pattern on which was a little familiar to him. It seemed he had seen it before somewhere.

“Watch out, Lord!”

The spirit beast approached Lord Seven soundlessly. It opened its big mouth and was about to bite him.

Lord Seven frowned, raising his hand to block it. With his clothes floating, a strong air flow burst from his sleeve, directly hitting the beast in the belly. The spirit beast was thrown toward a distant trunk and fell down, groaning sorely.

Lord Seven’s expression distorted. Surging Qi was flowing fiercely through his body and his injury became worse. But he adjusted his breath, not losing his fighting vigor.

The beast’s animal intuition was telling it that it had better not p.i.s.s off this man.

The spirit beast howled at Ming Shu; the latter waved the branch in her hand and said, “Run, silly.”

Then the spirit beast belted out another howl and glared at Lord Seven for a moment before turning around to jump into the gra.s.s. It disappeared into the woods.

“Zhi Po, what’s wrong with you!” Bai Yanran got rid of the man holding her and rushed to Ming Shu, saying sharply, “Why did you bring the spirit beast back to attack us?”

Ming Shu smiled as she fiddled with the branch in her hand. “Would you please be reasonable? It’s you who asked me to bring it back, and you didn’t say you wanted it dead or alive. Wasn’t I doing what you asked? Speaking of what’s wrong with me, that’s what you should ask yourself, don’t you agree?”

“I…” When did she tell her to bring it back? Bai Yanran spluttered, “I told you to kill it, kill it, don’t you understand?”

“The silly little thing struggled to grow into a big spirit beast, how could I have the heart to kill it?”

The others’ eyes bulged speechlessly. Could you please put the roasted meat away before talking nonsense?

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